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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Do you have a Patreon? your models are the best I've ever seen and would love to subscribe to you. if not then i will be buying models on here and was wondering if once purchased if could sell the physical made model? also wanting to send you a pic to see if you could design it for me and what is your cost?

@ show photos to email

show photos to email

Is this piece flat, not requiring supports?

flat all models

Good morning Vadim, i need a few models on order.
How can i send you the pictures for you?
Hou much are you charging per model?


hola buenos dias. ¿tienes diseños de ciclistas o running?

@DIEGOLOPEZ hello no sorry

Hi, Would I be able to sell the physical print upon purchase of your files?

yes ready product in material you can sell

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I am interested in the Indian motorcycle logo. I had an idea of using it to apply to my gas tank. is there a way to mirror the face and headress without mirroring the word Indian?

Не принимает карты российских банков. Как можно приобрести стл пчелы?

@MISER dont know sorry

Congratulations on your works of art

@BALLA00 thank you

Beautiful Work, I wanted to ask if you could design something I want to buy the slt file could you give me your email so I can send you a picture of what I would to get done? thanks

write pls to
for more info

Can you make bath bomb molds too?

write pls to
for more info

hope you are doing well. I downloaded the Skull-Raven to 3D print and I was really disappointed to find out its a flat piece. do you by chance have a full skull with a raven sitting on it? please let me know if you can help because I paid almost $12 for this file and it is not what I expected.

kind regards.

@PJUSAFARM good afternoon. The photo clearly shows the model from different angles. and there is even a video where you can twist the model

I really hope you keep these flat and are making a lot more of them. I'm stuck I'm looking for a variety of these Frozen, jason, myers, leather face, Miraculous Ladybug so on. just need info on what i need to do for orders and pricing thank you

@Thesweetguy answered to email

Your pricing is amazing I will start buying them up in a week or two or as soon as my printer shows up Fantastic work


will this file work on my cnc router, I have v-carve pro
want to put it on a sign for my friend.

yes work with vcarve

I purchased a dragon-fly model but the print STL has super rough geometry, to the point where it wont print on my resin machine. I was wondering if this is just part of the stl print conversion and if you may have some potential work arounds I could try. Regardless, amazing design!

@JEREMYDAVID this is for a 3d printer so as not to weigh a lot

Gorgeous body of work! It makes me happy just to see these items.

@GSNYDER thank you

Hi, Thank you for the amazing work! I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I contact you privately to discuss ordering custom work directly from you?
  2. If a 3D model I bought from you is used in a unique new design such as a coin that carries many other features in digital form, would it be ok to sell on my digital store?

Thank you!

@WEIS4 no in digital form you cant use my design / only for ready product in material

Ok. How can I contact you privately to discuss ordering custom work directly from you?

Hello, I sell soaps. Can I create molds from your designs and sell the soaps? I will not be selling the design or molds, just the soaps I make from it. Thank you :)

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@LAUREN7 yes of course ready product you can sell

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your welcome

I love your totem set and want to paint 3d printed ones to sell at flea markets as refrigerator magnets. Can I do that? Live long and prosper!

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yes ready product you can sell
thank you

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I love your totem set and want to paint 3d printed ones and sell them at flea markets as refrigerator magnets. Can I do that? Live long and prosper!

yes ready product you can sell
thank you

hlw i need this model plz whatsaap 8439401644 me

@SATISH5 here buy

I did see the copyright on your item but I was wondering if I could get permission to sell your flag in stone as a 3dprint to help veteran charities like the valhalla project and get a higher awareness for helping with veterans dealing with suicide. I'm not looking to gain anything from this but to help our military veterans get the help they need. If you say no I fully understand. Thank you.

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@REAPER1011 ready product in material you can sell without problem


Thank you very much.

@REAPER1011 your welcome

sir actually i want a swan 3d logo which recrestits a alphabet "S".
so can you design me for that tyte of logo.
please reply me asap.

to my email

i want SWAN image in coraldraw format or pdf format
can you provide me in these formats please reply me ASAP.
My contact Number is +91 7999390305, If Possible contact me on this Number.

@SANJAYSINGHKTE no only stl format