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hlw i need this model plz whatsaap 8439401644 me

@SATISH5 here buy

I did see the copyright on your item but I was wondering if I could get permission to sell your flag in stone as a 3dprint to help veteran charities like the valhalla project and get a higher awareness for helping with veterans dealing with suicide. I'm not looking to gain anything from this but to help our military veterans get the help they need. If you say no I fully understand. Thank you.

@REAPER1011 ready product in material you can sell without problem

Thank you very much.

@REAPER1011 your welcome

sir actually i want a swan 3d logo which recrestits a alphabet "S".
so can you design me for that tyte of logo.
please reply me asap.

to my email

i want SWAN image in coraldraw format or pdf format
can you provide me in these formats please reply me ASAP.
My contact Number is +91 7999390305, If Possible contact me on this Number.

@SANJAYSINGHKTE no only stl format

@DANIELCODO good day. great idea. unfortunately I don’t make color models. I can't help you here ((thanks

Hi there. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for your models. They are really amazing! :-) I've purchased the "pirate octopus" with the intent to use it as a decorative piece that will go in the wall right above the door of a small "tree house" that I'll build for my kids with the pirates theme. How does that sound? My idea is to paint it with the best colors and quality possible to make a really awesome decoration. And that's my main question to you: would you have a suggestion of how I should paint it? Do you have a color version of that model for me to use as the basis for this painting work? Again, congrats for your work and thank you very much! Cheers! Daniel

@COLORLINE To email write thank you

Добрый день.
Ваши модели возможно печатать на 3Д принтере, пласиком ПЛА?

Hello, I would like to contact you privately if possible, thank you.

Hello, I would like to quote the 3D modeling of a coat of arms of Ecuador, please reply to

How much do you charge to make a model?

I like you 3D's very much. Do you have the Indian Head with "Indian" on it, looking to the right side ?
I want them on my Indian motorcycle tank.

tout est vendu comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photo. retravailler le prix est bien plus élevé (plusieurs fois le minimum)

Bonjour. Pouvez vous répondre ??

Emblème superbe. Mais..... Comment faites vous pour que les plumes de la coiffe soient lisses ...?

product in material you can sell without problem thank you


I purchased your design of the Indian Motorcycle head logo without the name. You did a fabulous job and I’m just finishing up cutting it in a piece of cherry wood as a birthday gift. I am really impressed how it is turning out and would like to make signs for sale. Would I be able to have your permission to sell the finished products (no digital files of course)?

Thanks for your time,


I would like to get a quote from you for two custom pieces. How can I get in touch with you directly?

Wanting to put your indian Motorcycle Warbonnet art on my gas tank but I see you only have the left side. Do you have the right side too and would you cut a deal on both. Also emailed you on ETSY but did not see this design on there. Thanks

Respectfully Dan

@NISHANKSINGH99 hello. reay product in material yes you can makeand sell thank you

Hey, appreciate your work.
Can I download and manufacture your 3d models or is there any issue. Can I manufacture any 3d model from cults3d, both free and purchased.

@PIPPEN Aspire,Vcarve, artcam(carveco) 100%

I'm new to this..Wil this work on wood in Vectric Vcarve? Thanks

@EWALL430 to do ready product in material? yes

once purchased and dowloaded do i have an automatic commercial licence. Many thanks

@HUFFY100908 yes you can make molds for my models thank you

@MATPARKER hello if you buy models yes you can use model where you need

@SAMUEL3627 i write to email thank you

@FLORIDABEACHPORTRAITS hello. need to see what changes you need

@LUISFEBARCENAS hello . i make and custom work. for custom work need to see photo. thank you

@VONKRUMM hello i put only stl files its highpoly model

@BISHOP0404AB yes i put and you buy already thank you

@JDJDIAZ Los diseños 3D no se conectan, cada uno hecho por separado.

@FRANTZFOAMWORKS need to see photo to look thank you


I don’t always see the answers here

Hola estimado, me han gustado un par de diseños y me gustaría saber si es posible combinarlos para obtener un único diseño. De esta forma quisiera obtener el nuevo diseño en formato STL (3D) y otro simple en (2D).

Agradezco mucho tu ayuda y quedo a la espera de la respuesta.

Hi, i love many of your designs. Do you take commissions for bespoke designs.
Thank you

Good evening sir your work is incredible i am contacting you in rearguards to doing a dragon head comission for one of our community members blasters
as a muzzle break.

Do you have one of the Indian motorcycle with the words going the other way

any tips for using your files in CAD/CAM programs (i.e. Fusion360) as an object file or .obj?
the 1 million size meshes are difficult to work with, for anything other than 3D printing (i.e. stl file)

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to get in touch with you because I produce ornaments in different metals and I see that your work adapts perfectly to my needs. My request would be if you could give me a standard price for modeling pieces with the same amount of detail as your current work, in approximate sizes of H:7cm W:5cm. I would provide you with images of reference, all with different thematics. Thank you

hey man !
I have a company that make ecigarettes. we are located in denmark.
all my stuff is made with 3d print, laser, and cnc.
im looking for a logo that can be cnc'ed, and you work would be perfect.
Im wondering if you could make something specially for my company.

best regards

Mohammad Al Nachar
Madtech Industries

can you contact me regarding a custom model?


My name is Mathew Parker and I work for a company who create gambling slot games. I was quite interested in purchasing your Set Totem Models, not to print but to use (modified our side) as symbols within a game. Under the Cults License the models are unavailable for commercial use. For me to purchase the models I would need consent first from yourself as the designer to allow them to be used in-game as symbols (modified) as commercial use. Would you be able to give me permission to do this?

super fichier j'ai hâte de voir le rendu sur un plexi glacé

Hi I absolutely love your work. I am interested in buying quite a few designs from you. Am I able to form these into moulds for my business? Please let me know as I would like to regularly work with you.

I need quite a few files modeled how can I send one to you and see if you are able to model it

Hello ,
your models are fantastic ,
there is 3 or 4 i would like to purchase , but before i do , the dragon sheild , would it be too expensive to have something IN the sheild

I purchased a file that came in .STL , I am trying to convert to .SVG. Can you let me know if that is possible and if so how too.


I purchased your "3D MODELS INDIAN" model. GREAT MODEL! I am using it to make an emblem for my motorcycle gas tank. Could you make a second one with the Indian facing the opposite direction? IE< looking to the right, instead of the left? Looking to put one on each side of the tank. Since the model is sculpted on one side, I can't just mirror it for the opposite direction. Also, I can't mirror the word, as it would then be backwords. I think you would sell a lot of these in pairs as people are always looking for these.


Hi, do you have a second 3D MODELS INDIAN facing the opposite direction? (One for each side of a motorcycle)

Is it possible to either clean up a graphic to use as a high res.2d graphic or ideally as a 3D .stl file? If so can I have an email address to send it to you?

an you help me< I need to turn a 2d image into a 3d.stl file image to bas relief carve on a CnC machine

I am having trouble uploading the set of tikis. Each time I try and import, I get an error message invalid or corrupt file. I use a carvewright system. The two single tikis I download imported fine. I cant get any in the set though.

Hi, I love your work. Do you do custom work? Or could I buy one of your models permanently for my business use?


wuao hombre que grandes diseños tengo una duda que sofware manejas?

please look again i have added a second file for 3d printer
thank you


i just bought your "3D MODELS COAT OF ARMS" and when i load it into Simplify3d the model is not showing correct so i can't print it.

Could you please help me?

i think the price its little
have a good day

hey is there anyway that I can get your ace of spades for a cheaper price plz cause I'm broke af and rly want to print as a Christmas present for a friend who loves cards and cuz its a rly nice design.

thx hope u hav a nice day