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Hi, I am looking for files like Greek columns, greek ships, roman columns, roman soldiers etc but I need columns I can could use as molds, in other words I need a column with the inside hollow for me to be able to pour silicone liquid.
How much would you charge me for the stl files i am looking for? Im looking for other green designs as well,
Thank you.

No problem!

Have you seen the Lazy Shoe Helper? It looks a lot like the shoe horn you have with an extra clip on the back to hold itself in the shoe while putting it on.

Merci en premier temps de partager ce modèle de hulk que je trouve vraiment terrible
En suite je voulais savoir si en impression filament pla tu utilises des supports ou tu imprimes sans support
Et peut on utiliser les supports typé arbre comme tu as pu mettre pour l'impression filament ?
Encore merci beaucoup pour ton fichier

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

No problem if you honor the licenses, of course you can.


Waaw You must have a pretty Nice scanner

No problem if you honor the licenses, of course you can.

Is it possible to get a license to sell prints of your models?

Hi, all models have licenses with them so if they are allowed for commercial use - no problem. Just check the license of each model.

Is this a generic eagle? Or what type of eagle is it? I am kind of looking for a bald eagle to print.

Hellow can i sell that eagle?

No problem if you honor the licenses, of course you can.

tambien pague esta figura y no me llego el link de descarga

pague esta figura y no me aparece el link para descargarla me llego el mail de confirmacion de pedido

gracias por crear tan bellas figuras

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@FORAGEANDFORGE At the moment I personally use a Shining3D Einscan-SE.

what do you use for your scans?


Personnages très sympathiques et très bien faits.
Félicitations et merci

Se puede poner algo específico en el??

Hi, you can use 3D Builder in Windows to open that file. Then you can fix it automatically and save it as STL.

Hello, the bust is basically a remix with an added Batman logo. So you have a complete figure in FBX format?


I like so much your bust of 1989 batman, but i´m looking for the complete figure to print it. Have you think of make one? I have a figure on .FBX format but I don´t have the skills to transform it into STL, I can give it to you to try if its possible to use it as a base.


Best regards.