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Hi Mark

Yeah I've just created a modified file, if you put you email address below I will send it over to you :)

Cheers Jon


I bought the Geodesic lamp and I have a lamp socket of 48mm i'm wanting to use.
Could you modify the hole part for me please?

With Kind Regards,
Mark Kuiken

Hello Michael!

Thank you for your message!
We are in the process of opening our shop and selling our designs so unfortunately we cannot authorise the selling of our designs by others. Thank you again!

I came across your beautiful lamp and water bottle holder designs! I run a 3d printing business and would love to work something out with you to print and sell and print your water bottle design as one of our products. We print and sell creative and functional 3d designs for people who do not own their own 3d printer.

I hope to hear back you! Thanks!

Unfortunately the Geodesic Sphere Lamp Shade is a hanging light, there isn't a version for a wall light.

Hola tienes una vesrión de la lampara geodesica para pared?