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With Anycubic, take part in the 3D modeling and 3D printing garden contest!

The contest is now judged. For the results, you can see here the 3 winners of the contest.


To participate in this original competition, all you have to do is to design and 3D print an original 3D model that is useful in the garden. The garden offers many design possibilities, there are so many things to create. Your creation can be a planter or even a green wall to help flowers, plants or mosses. You can also imagine tools or stakes for your vegetable garden or greenhouse. The garden is also full of many animals like birds, hedgehogs, bees and many insects, so you can create shelters or supports to feed them. It's simple, sit on your balcony or in your garden, look around and imagine designs that could make it even cooler!

It is according to your inspiration and the needs of your garden! For the 3D model to be eligible for the jury's votes, it must be 3D printable beforehand and a photo of the 3D printing on the page is strongly recommended to ensure printability!

garden contest 1

Whether you are artist, designer, maker or handyman, you can all participate in this free contest and show how 3D printing is an incredible innovation useful to enchant our daily life!

Please note that Anycubic will have the right to commercially use the 3D models participating in the contest and to 3D print them.

The competition will run from 5th June 2021 to 5th August 2021.

What are the presents?

In order to reward the best achievements, the following prizes will be offered by Anycubic:

Anycubic vyper

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The Anycubic Vyper 3D printer will launch a pre-order at June 10th! Pre-order price $359

More info about the The Anycubic Vyper pre-order

How to participate?

  • Publish one or more 3D models related to the garden theme of the contest and upload if possible a photo of the mode once 3D printed or a photo of the 3D rendering if you don't have a 3D printer. The model can be divided into several parts. The object must be beautiful, easy to print and original

  • Mention in the description of your creation the hashtag: #ANYCUBICGARDEN

  • Submit your 3D model for free on Cults with the Creative Common CC-BY License. Anycubic reserves the right to use the photos of the model, the 3D model and to 3D print it.

  • Share your creation around you in order to get the maximum of "Likes" on your page (only the real "Likes" will be taken into account).

garden contest 2

How will the winners be selected?

Participants will be judged on the creativity of their 3D file, on the quality of the 3D printing, on the originality of their photographic staging and on the number of Likes they receive on their Cults page.

  • Creativity and beauty of the 3D model: 10 points
  • 3D printing quality : 10 points
  • Photographic staging : 5 points
  • Popularity / number of Likes : 5 points

A jury will select the 3 winners. The jury is composed of:

  • Sam Prentice YouTuber & Content Creator, Robotics Builder for Film & TV – Largely working in the 3D printing space. Educating, practical awareness or products.
  • Fabrice Jean-Pierre French designer and member of the Cults community.
  • David Gewirtz ZDNet Columnist.
  • Ted Needleman Reviewer at ReviewGeek.

For more information, see the contest rules.

garden contest 3

Come on, let's go! Say no more, game on!

Participate by uploading a 3D model on the theme of garden and add #ANYCUBICGARDEN to the description of the 3D file.

I'm in the contest!

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