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💳 Best 3D print models of Wallets

Find here a selection of wallets STL & OBJ files that can be made with 3D printing.

Download 3D models for 3D printer of wallets and card holders

Thanks to your 3D printer you will be able to create your own decorative objects but also everyday objects. The famous wallet that is always in your pocket is an excellent example of what 3D printing is now capable of!

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Discover our selection of the best 3D wallet and card holder files for 3D printer. All these STL, OBJ, 3MF, CAD files are perfectly 3D printable, so just download them, start your 3D printer and choose your colors and filament materials. This collection was made by selecting the best creations from the 3D print file download site Cults.

You will find in this collection various styles of wallets and card holders, there is the classic one that folds in half to fit in your bag or your back pocket of jeans, but there is also the very simple card holder or the wallet with a mechanism that allows cards to go up. In short, there is something for everyone and for every need. Once you have selected the format and size of your wallet, simply choose the most beautiful color among all your filaments for 3D printers and get started!

3D printing a wallet also means making the most of your printer, as you will be able to use flexible filaments to obtain a wallet that can adapt to the quantity of cards you will need to put in it. If you don't have flexible filament, this is not a problem, the 3D designers who offer their STL models on Cults have the solution with 3D files that will be flexible once printed.

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