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3D printing model Clean & Minimal Google Home Mini Outlet Mount, idmadj
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Clean & Minimal Google Home Mini Outlet Mount

3D model description

Elegant and modern, this Google Home Mini outlet mount puts all cables and connectors out of sight, all in a beautiful enclosure.

The footprint is minimal and won't block surrounding outlets and switches. The microphone switch also remains accessible and usable.

Uses the original USB charger for power. No tools or extra hardware required, just print and mount.

Super simple to assemble:
- Pass the USB connector through the USB hole;
- Connect the USB connector to the Google Home Mini;
- Secure the Home Mini into the mount by slotting the USB connector into the hole;
- Pass the USB cable through the slit above the round plug space;
- Coil all extra cable around the winding post;
- Insert the power plug into the round plug space and push until it clips, making sure that the cable is aligned with the slit.

3D printing settings

Print with 20-25% density supports, back face down. Autogenerated supports should do fine (make sure to select the 'Everywhere' option in your slicer). The inside of the mount should be mostly filled.

Infill 10% or more.

Preferably 3 perimeters (~1mm shell thickness)

  • 3D model format: STL



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This seems to be the issue. Flashprint doesn't allow vertical separation for linear supports, meaning that they are welded solid to the model. From what I see you are definitely not alone having a hard time removing them. Other slicers leave a small gap between the supports and model (they "skip" a layer) making removal easier.

Cura does a great job with supports, but from my understanding Flashforge printers aren't compatible with it, which only leaves Simplify3D.

Let me know if you can try Simplify3D. We'll figure out something else if that's not a possibility.

Linear support
Overhang threshold 60
Pillar size 1,5mm
Touch platform only: is on
Shell count 3
Infill 20%

I'm terribly sorry to hear that. Have you tried using needle nose pliers? Just grab the supports and twist, they should come right off.

Also, what vertical separation setting have you used for the supports?

Cant get the support cleaned out. It looks terrably any tip? I use flashprint with auto support.
Mvh Mattias