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Free 3D file Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War), Byambaa
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Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War)

3D model description

Can't wait for the upcoming Avengers movie? Well at least you can print Thanos in super high quality (and i think it's the most accurate version to the released trailer at this time). The model height is 30cm, but you can scale it down of course, if your printer does not allow this size. But keep in mind, bigger = better looking. I choose some design decision in favor of 3D printing, instead of better looking, for example the top facing flat area at the bottom (i saw, printers can't handle well textured flat area facing up). There could be some design improvements, maybe you can suggest, if you have some. I did not pay big attention to the armor, which has an unimpressive design and was not worth to recreate for me. So, sorry if you aren't satisfied with it. I myself did not test it, but from my experience, it should not have any problem. The mesh is created from scratch, water tight and a single object. Please keep in mind, this design is non-commercial and specially non-derivative. Happy printing.

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Needs support.

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