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about to buy the historical anal love knife of priests and pharaohs of ancient egypt any way i can get the forms for casting?

Thanks for the reply. I need to look into silicone for casting in moulds i think.
I will give the TPU a try as i have some and then decide what to try next depending on the outcome!

TPU plastics are all different, they differ from manufacturer and characteristics. These are plastics for a more technical purpose. Better for making Use medical silicone filament or a mixture of Flex TBE + ABS filament. If we talk about pure TPU with unknown parameters - I think that the average optimal filling value is 30-40% with a wall thickness of no more than 3 layers, provided that the layers are sufficiently sintered.

Hi there,
I just bought your mst-05 design!
How much infill should i use? Any tips on Cura settings? I'm going to print in TPU.

Thanks for you answer, will give a try!

Hi! The easiest way not to alter the model itself is to use the scaling command in Cura or Repieter-Host or any else before printing -> to the required proportion and size. The model will slightly increase and the size of the hole will increase accordingly. usually the size of the nipples is 5-8 mm (30-40% prop). The model can be stretched along the required coordinate if the nipples are shaped.

hello, i've bought you two things and i'm really happy!
for this one: Female Nipple Clamps Fetish Nipple Teasers Breast Clit Sensual Bondage Nipple Clips Boobs Bondage Female Restraints fbn-07 3d print cnc
how can i modify the size of the hole for nipple please?