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Participate in the Halloween's design and 3D printing contest organized by Cults!

Halloween's design and 3D printing challenge.

What is the brief?

🎃 Get ready for a spooktacular celebration with our Halloween 3D Printing Contest! 🎃

Are you a creative spirit with a passion for 3D printing? Join us in crafting the most eerie and enchanting designs to bring Halloween to life like never before! 🧟‍♀️🦇🕷️

Why 3D Printing for Halloween?

Unleash your imagination and explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing to make this Halloween a truly unique experience. Create decorations, costumes, and props that will leave everyone in awe.

Here are some bewitching ideas for your 3D designs:

  • Spooky Jack-O'-Lanterns: Carve out your own virtual pumpkins and print them in eerie shapes.
  • Witchy Accessories: Brew up some 3D-printed broomsticks, hats, and cauldrons.
  • Haunted House Decor: Design intricate miniature haunted houses or ghostly candleholders.
  • Skeleton Crew: Craft articulated skeletons for a bone-chilling atmosphere.
  • Ghastly Masks: Print masks that'll give you a truly ghoulish makeover.
  • Candy Dispensers: Create playful candy dispensers that trick or treaters will love.
  • Bat Winged Accessories: Accessorize with 3D-printed bat wings for a mysterious look.
  • Spine-Tingling Jewelry: Design spooky jewelry, like spider-shaped earrings or skull pendants.
  • Zombie Action Figures: Make your own zombie action figures for a spooky playtime.

Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your 3D printing skills and win frighteningly fantastic prizes! Join the Halloween 3D Printing Contest and bring your designs to life in the spookiest way possible. 🧛‍♂️🧙‍♀️👻

If you are looking for inspiration you can definitely refer to the Cults special Halloween collection.

How long does the contest run?

The contest will run from September 15th, 2023 to November 15th, 2023.

What are the prizes?

In order to reward the best achievements, Cults offers you 1500 USD to spend as you wish, enough to cover some of your needs in 3D printing material for example :) See the payment terms by bank transfer in the rules.

  • 1st prize : 750 USD
  • 2nd prize: 500 USD
  • 3rd prize: 250 USD

How to enter the contest?

  • Publish one or more new (never published on Cults before) and original 3D printable models (designs of your own making) related to the contest theme.
  • Mention in the description of your design the hashtag #HALLOWEENXCULTS
  • Submit your free 3D model on Cults.
  • Share your design with others to get the most visibility and increase your chances of winning.

How will the winners be selected?

Participants will be judged by the Cults team according to the following criteria:

  • Originality of the 3D model: 10 points
  • Usefulness and ingenuity of the creation: 10 points
  • Quality and photographic staging: 5 points
  • Popularity of the model (number of likes, downloads, views, etc.): 5 points

For more information, see contest rules.

How to enter the contest?

Participate by uploading a Easter-related 3D model to Cults and don't forget to add the contest hashtag #HALLOWEENXCULTS in the 3D file description.

I participate to the contest!

To see all the creations that are already participating in the contest and to compare yourself to the others, click on the button below:

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