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🛸 Best Rick and Morty 3D printer files

Download Rick and Morty STL files to Get Schwifty

Show you love to Rick and Morty with your 3D printer

Now season 3 is over, you'll have to wait a year to watch more Rick and Morty's adventures. When you'll get bored of shitposting on the Reddit thread /r/rickandmorty, you can spend time 3D printing these 3D printable 3D models from Rick and Morty.

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This collection includes Rick & Morty's best STL files. This brilliant animated show created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon is known for its incredible universe. Each episode has its own set of jokes, funny details, references and side stories.

Fans of 3D printing seem to love the 3D models linked to this show. You will find in this collection many Free 3D files of characters like Morty, Rick Sanchez, Jerry or Beth. But you will also discover secondary characters that are perfectly printable in 3D such as Pickle Rick, Mr Meeseeks, Squanchy, Noob Noob, Cromulon, and so on.

Rick and Morty's universe would not be complete without the 3D printed replica guns. There is a whole collection of them and the result of 3D printing is really impressive. You will find, for example, light bulbs or functional NERF pistols!

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