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Hey there, just wanted to let you know that your dragon ( is beeing produced and sold by "Drachenlord" a wannabe influencer on TikTok..

here is his tiktok:

PS: he is a german internet beggar and very much hated in multiple countries.. so just know that you probably will get very many messages.

BR from Austria

So beautifull models, i already print 4 of them and just discover it's all yours !
Really fine, thanks !

How could someone contact you to pay you? I love your design for Ivy and wish I could download the male counterpart on the left of her in a separate design.

Hello do you have any recommendation on the paint brush holder file? The hooks keep snapping off for me

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

Hi Petgreen,
where can I get the WorldTree Map as dxf-file?
Thanks for your answer.

sorry... dfx-file


pour le bouchon faut rajouter 2.5 mm au diamètres
pour que le vissage sois parfait


Hi, I was wondering if you sell commercial licenses of your designs to sell products in person and online. I'm starting a small business of accessories and home decor and would like to include some of your designs.

Hello. In many of your decorative designs, you wrote in the description, "Wall mounting can be done using wall_mounting." Is this a reference to a specific 3D print design called "wall_mounting," or were you just generally referring to the need for some kind of wall mount?

Amazing work, so so cool. Thanks for sharing for free too!

Hey the miter saw protractor printed great thanks! I'm running into an issue with the dails illustrator file. Its showing empty for my in inkscape and vectornator, any way to get this in another format?

Hey - you're work is 200% dope!

hello if i buy the 2 fingers from you can i sell cuts on my e-shop ?
thank you

hey bro, I'm in need of an art like iron man but with another drawing would you be willing to do it I would pay

My wife totally love your drop earrings. I've tried printing them on my Ender 3 V2 after slicing with the latest version of Ultimaker Cura. I am unable to get the smooth design that is illustrated in your pictures, instead there appears to be some type of design on the the face of the earrings. I've tried a 0.2 mm nozzle, multiple heat settings and print speeds, but cannot get a decent surface. Is it possible to get an stl file for the smooth surface earrings as is shown in your photos? John in Massachusetts.

you are doing it great. can you make a whippet?

sounds good to me, cheers Gary

Great designs, just wondering if you ever give permission to sell items made from your designs, NOT the files and NOT selling online...I think they would sell well at our local country markets. I understand if the answer is no...keep up the great work cheers Gary from Australia

Hi, Gary.
You can make products according to my sketches in small editions. If you manage to sell it, just thank me with a tip of the size at your discretion.
With best regards

Bonjour très jolie modèle mais le fichier 1 et 2 sont les mêmes.

oui, sur thingiverse déjà corrigé. Ici, les conceptions sont simplement clonées. C'est bien de te le rappeler.

Bonjour, très jolie modèle mais le fichier 1 et 2 sont les mêmes.

hello, being a fan of your creations and design and wanting to make a gift to my wife, could you tell me what technique and software you use to make your design with the lines. Is it possible to do it from a photo. thank you anyway for your contributions. best regards

I don't have a ready-made template for making designs. It's almost always something new. And it's not that easy. But I can definitely say that I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Inkscape, Fusion 360.

I really like your Batsoapdish design. Is there any way you could do it using the Dark Knight Rises logo?

it seems to me that this logo is too angular. it is unlikely that it will be suitable for the design of a soap dish

Hi I was wondering if I can use your "WOLF" design for commercial purposes, would it be ok?

You can make products according to my sketches in small editions. If you manage to sell it, just thank me with a tip of the size at your discretion.
With best regards

Hi I am a part of I was wondering if you are interested in somehow partnering or growing this niche?

(401) 218-9575 text is fine

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