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If I were to purchase this file, could I just print it at 200% and make the model twice as big or will it not scale up that way? Thank you

Hello, sorry but I see your message in the main page and can't see what model are you talking about (probably the pit droid). Personally I didn't try but screws dimensions are not exactly linear so probably the holes for screws and nuts will not fit properly, you'll have to drill them larger or glue them in

hello, i am interested in buying a file for the pit droid, i was just curious what printer you'd recommend for this build. because I'm just rocking an ender 3 pro, do you think I'd be able to print all the parts for the pit droid?

Hello, personally I used 2 prusa mini so every printer with the same building area or bigger should be fine. I decided to do the "eye" lens and the antennas with resin to reduce the sanding work before painting but you could print everything with an FDM printer, it would just need more post processing work

Hello, the links for the other parts are in the description. If you use smars in this configuration, there is no space for connecting other modules. Anyway if you need a connector you can find it here

I'm in the process of printing the SMARS Zero, I believe there is a piece missing from the files. Specifically the element with the mounting point for either a shovel or any other sensors. Would you be able to upload this part or confirm in which other model I will be able to find this part?
Many thanks.

Sorry, it is in fact the zero V4 I am printing, not the standard zero.

hi, I have purchased the smars4 Lite, sorry but where can I find the schemetic wireing ?

Hello, I just uploaded the schematics and a demo code, hope they will help you. Many thanks for your support, Kevin

Thank you Kevin, will be my first arduino build, lets hope that it work :-)
on the Smars4 Lite page the link to the matrix led is missing, what kind do I have to orde?

is it possible to use bearings for the wheels?

Hello, about what design are you talking about?

I am talking about the Smars 4.0 design.

That model can't mount directly bearings. You can use the "pro tracks" mod, it's gives more grip and a smoother ride thanks to rubber tracks and bearing rollers

Hello, I hope you're doing well! I love your work and have purchased the Pit Droid model to assemble at home. I was wondering if you allow sales of physical prints (not your files) based on your design. Please let me know if there is a royalty fee, I am happy to discuss :) Thank you for your amazing work!

Hello, many thanks for your feedback and purchase! I really appreciate them. For this specific model is possible to sell physical prints, please buy the design again every 5 printed models.

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thank you so much! i will purchase a second one just in case we get 10 sales (right now I only predict 3 or 4, but i would rather be safe).

it won't let me buy the same item twice on the same account, so i will make a purchase for another model just to make sure you get paid twice.

My bad, I thought it was possible. Well, if you are going to make more of them, you can directly send the money to my Paypal ( Thank you for your honesty and respect

Hi, how are you? Is possible increase the speed? Can control the SMARS V4 using a Control Remote? Thx

Hi, I'm fine thanks. Yes you can increase the speed using some motors with higher speed (rpm value), but I suggest to choose to use wheels instead of tracks, with higher speed you have less torque and it may not be enough to move the tracks. The remote control is possible, you can use IR remote, Bluetooth or a wifi solution (I usually use blynk ). I don't have a guide for that but you can find a lot of tutorials about this kind of Arduino projects

Hello! Thank you for your amazing SMARS mods. I am building some of them for my sons. I really like the pro tracks you designed but I am confused - the pro tracks page says it's for SMARS v4, but the pictures show a SMARS Zero - can you confirm that these are for the smaller zero bot?

If they are for the zero, do you have recommended print orientations for the SMARS Zero pieces? In particular the holding board model seems to not have a great orientation, although standing up straight (90 degrees around vertical axis from how it shows up when imported) seems like it might be best.

Thank you very much!

Hey how's it going. Just downloaded your file, I'll let you know how I make out.

Hi, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

He comprado tus productos y me parecen geniales. Te animo a que sigas haciendo cosas para SMARS. Estoy creando una mision a Marte con tus creaciones y lo estoy pasando muy bien. Como idea, me encantaria que crearas un camion para transportar la arena y alguna herramienta para cavar para el SMARS.


my name is tom and I have a question. Which new fancy wheels you used for your loader dlc?

Can I maybe get this design for my own SMARS?

Buenas tardes:
me ha encantado el trabajo realizado con SMARS, de hecho, estoy haciendo un invernadero inteligente y no he podido aguantar el deseo de hacer el trabajo de apoyo con esos robots tan monos.
He leido la nota sobre sus piezas de pago y me pareece indignante que la gente se aproveche asi del trabajo de otros. Yo estoy empezando ahora y los trabajos hechos por diseñadores como usted me inspiran.
Un saludo y gracias por compartir su trabajo.

I purchased the Smars V4 here (I found you have it listed cheaper somewhere else right after lol) anyways that's not what this message is about.

I'm printing the one with the cover first I think it's the V4_a but there is a part for which I can't find an STL file for, it is the connector part that holds the sensor in the front.

Hi, which version of smars are you building?


Just downloaded the SMARS, is there some print files missing? Don't seem to have the picked components. The frame is there, but not the cage for the pi or the to hold down brackets shown on the picked.pdf?

Hi Tuitxy
I need you to help me with my smars robot, I don't know how connect the components.
Can you explain me more please?, I bought your DLC DRAWING TOOL FOR SMARTS but i can't connect alls tools, because i need the electronic design for instalation of all components.

Bonjour, oui c'est possible. Le hardware est capable de le faire, c'est juste une question de programmation

Je suis intéressé par l achat du SMARS V4
je voudrais savoir si on peut le piloter avec une manette type PS, Microsoft, radio commande.....
Pour ce prix, si j ai bien compris tous les fichiers sont fournis prêt à être imprimé, j ai juste à acheter les composants électroniques.

Ok merci pour la réponse je vais essayé d'aller voir ça

Bonsoir. Pour le moment, il n'y a que des tutoriels sur YouTube en français pour la version "track"e de smars, en plus des instructions de la documentation. Pour le quad mod, seuls les tutoriels en anglais sont disponibles sur et dans la communauté.


J'aimerais beaucoup imprimer le Robot modulaire SMARS et SMARS QUAD MOD.

Est ce qu'il y a un tuto en français pour le montage et la programmation de ces petits robots ??


Hi, unfortunately I'll not. I live in Switzerland and the flight is quite expensive