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Hi,i have bought your design " dualtron wheel washer " awesome design👍👍, but can u level the small sides of the middle piece so it can be printed " as in use " on that side without needing the bed suports! It will be more rigid and stiff, thanks!

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Hello, i take note i will modify the design

Hello can this fit the victor? thank you

Hello, i can't see the link of the model on this message, can you send me an email at with the link?

hello, could you make dualtron 2 LIMITED 2cm deck riser ? Id be happy to pay extra if you could design asap. I look forward to your reply, thank you.

Hello, yes it's possible but curently i only made a 3D model of the DT raptor/new deck riser, it's the same but shorter and i need some dimension to make it. you can contact me by e-mail (

Will it fit the Dualtron Spider ???

Hello, i can't see on this post wich 3D model you are talking about, this is the footrest?

Will it fit the Dualtron Spider ???

I am interested if it is adjustable to all dualtron line I have the eagle pro Thanks?

just the one model sir the one that fits in the swing arm

hi sir may i ask first before i buy this if i can test mounting first ? i want a trial fitting first and my friends already gave me a go signal .. just waiting for the mounting if it can fit theyre scoots :)

hi can i sell here in the philippines the printed parts ?