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I have a shop and I would like to sell your designs. Is this possible?
Thank you.

Hello, could you please describe it into more details? How exactly do you want to use them? Which designs?

Sure. I want to print the designs and then sell them in my little shop. I want to sell the cookie cutters and not the stl file.

hello ,
Just bought same cutters but the Christmas gift file is missing , can you please check the problem? Thank you

ok thanks for the fix :)

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Hola, deseaba consultarte si puedo imprimirlo en varias capas de colores con los distintos colores con un solo extrusor. Veo que tengo las diferentes alturas de capa, ahí tendría que ir pausando la impresión y cambiar filamento?. Gracias. Erica

Hi I just printed this file, I'm using them for halloween cookies but its too thin for cookies (works great with fondant) but is there a way for me to make it taller? for thicker cookies?

Hello, your cutter - TEDDY WITH HEART COOKIE CUTTER, is not good. When you slice it, perimeter is ok, but the stamp part is higher.

Hi Guy, many compliments for your designs.
Just a quick question, i'm allowed to sell printed objects of your designs (not original files of course)?