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Netherforged Iron Jailer (28mm/32mm scale)

3D model description

"Designed by the dwarves to (somewhat humanely) capture elves infiltrating their mountain stronghold, the iron jailers now wander the empty halls, imprisoning any unfortunate enough to cross their path." You can find the full range of Netherforged models to date here in this growing collection. The model prints without support, though you'll need to glue the arms in place. (No need to glue the cage, as you'll want to be able to put your miniatures in there, plus it can be used as a terrain piece.) The variant shown in the second picture is a "pinfolder" (a version built by wizards who stole the Netherforged schematics), and is a Patreon-exlusive model, though I'm including the 5e rules PDF here as it'll work for the Iron Jailer as well. Also, if you want a good model to go into the cage, this one ought to do the trick.

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  • 3D model format: STL



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