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🛠️ Collection • 3D files for 3D printing to organize your pegboard

Here is a selection of the best 3D printable STL files for 3D printer to organize your pegboard

Download 3D files for your pegboard

Discover our selection of super useful and very well thought-out 3D files to perfectly organize your pegboard. Each model will be able to adapt to the variety of your tools and objects to be stored on your pegboard, whether it is in your workshop, your office or your bedroom.

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Latest 3D models of the collection, printed by the makers

Here is our selection of the best files for 3D printers allowing to organize your perforated board, all these creations are issued from the STL file library Cults and are very easy to 3D print.

This collection gathers free and paid 3D files of pegboard elements. Pegboards, also known as perforated boards, are a must-have for both your decoration and your organization. They are modular and can be adapted to suit your needs. Indeed, these boards are very graphic and will be the best effect in your decoration. You will be able to store all kinds of objects above your desk (pens, sheets, post-it notes...), in your dressing room (ties, jewelry, watches, bracelets) or in your kitchen (spices, utensils, knives, herbs).

But pegboards are above all super useful in your garage or workshop to store all your tools. It's really the ultimate way to quickly and easily access everything you need when you're tinkering. It is also a small piece of furniture perfectly adapted to store everything related to your 3D printer (USB keys, spatulas, cables, PLA or ABS filament reels, etc). Cults' designers have competed in ingenuity to make pegboards even more modular thanks to 3D printing.