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Bone Finger Aktualisiert

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

Aktualisiert mit einer neuen längeren drei Knöchel Finger. Er hat auch dünnere Seitenwände an der Basis. Du kannst jetzt vier dieser längeren Finger ausdrucken. Und das Original als Daumen verwenden. Es gibt nur eine Fingergröße für jeden Knöchelstil. Diese wurden mit großen Händen im Sinn oder auf Handschuhen getragen werden, wenn Sie möchten, um Ihren Finger passen würde ich sie auf 80%, dass ein guter Ausgangspunkt ist skalieren. Sie müssen mehrere Male drucken. Ich finde, dass die Verwendung von Klebeschaum auf der Innenseite, um die Größe der Finger entsprechend hilft. Die Fingerlöcher sind überdimensioniert. Sie sollten also den meisten Menschen passen, aber es gibt keine Garantie. Alle Modelle sind in zwei Hälften geteilt, um das Drucken zu erleichtern. Sie müssen zusammengeklebt werden Link zum Zusammenbau-Video https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBaI1zFDL3f/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Ich habe mit einer Schichthöhe von 0,1 gedruckt, man kann aber auch mit einer Schichthöhe von 0,2 und 25% Füllung drucken. Ich benutze den Rand nicht notwendig, je nachdem, wie gut Ihre Bett-Haftung ist. Aber ich empfehle Stützen... Sie können jedes Teil einzeln drucken oder einfach die gesamte Platte ausdrucken, die alle Teile enthält, die Sie für einen Finger benötigen.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • 3 knuc bone mid1.stl
    • 3 knuc bone mid2.stl
    • 3 knuc bone base.stl
    • 3 knuc bone bot mid1.stl
    • 3 knuc bone bot mid2.stl
    • 3 knuc bone pin side1.stl
    • 3 knuc bone pin side2.stl
    • 3 knuc bone tip1.stl
    • 3 knuc bone tip2.stl
    • 3 knuc long bone full plate .stl
    • Bone finger Full plate1 good.stl
    • Tip1 bone finger.stl
    • Tip2 bone finger.stl
    • bone side 1.stl
    • bone side 2stl.stl
    • knuc bone finger.stl
    • mid1 bone finger.stl
    • mid2 bone finger.stl
    • new bone 5 pins.stl
    • side knuc bone finger.stl

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  • Letzte Aktualisierung: 2020/06/15 03:07
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/02/10 05:09





Boring 9 to 5 job by day. Self-taught3D artist by night. I love to create fun and challenging( for me) 3D models In my free time to share with the world.
If you happen to download one of my models, please share a picture of make with me.

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Would this work on a resin printer?

I wouldn't see why not. personally it feels like a waste of resin. The difference in quality at this size would be unnoticeable after painting or smoothing when in use. I might also argue that resin printing these would add to weight, which may work in your favor or not...? The fun thing about 3d printing is it's your world. If you want them resin printed, you can make that way. My opinion but I'd say not needed.

It's expressed that these are for large hands but I have large hands and they don't scale well. The issue is the taper that happens mid finger length is to tight or the ring part is massively to big. It needs to be a uniform wall thickness for the fingered section all the way down or the rimg needs adjustment. At 100% is ridiculous even with gloves on large hands. No way to scale cause of the wall thickness issue.

I'm sorry you're having issues scaling down the fingers. It is hard to make something one-size-fits-all off out of rigid plastic. I have personally scaled them down to 75% to fit my daughter's hand without a problem. email me directly and I'll see if I can help you out with your issue. There are few different tricks you can do to make them fit your fingers better

I am having good results scaling them slightly for each finger.

I ran into the same issue. The problem is that if one scales so the base fits nicely you cannot get your finger all the way into the next bone segment (as OP pointed out, it tapers). And if you try to scale pieces individually (there goes printing the whole plate at once) you risk the joint breaking because of the size differential putting pressure on those 2 pieces you glued to the sides of the base (wondering why they're separate?). I think the solution is to scale for the finger piece and then print the whole plate and pad the base. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE your work! These are AWESOME!!

Any suggestions on filament? what did you use

I there is a way to have a list of each finger's "print list" of parts that are needed to print the hand? I am having trouble figuring out which parts to print for each of the fingers...

Can you print the new 3 knuckle version as a 2 knuckle option or does this not work? Like the slimmer design of the new update but the shorter feel of the older two knuckle version

Now I've successfully printed a few fingers I can see why others were asking for a backplate - is there one available for this print? Thanks!


Hi, this design is great, I can't wait to try it. Could you explain the print settings though, I'm a little confused about what "I printed out at a point 1" means in terms of settings?

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Thank you for your support it means a lot to me . point one means layer height. If this is your first time finding the fingers I recommend printing the full plate if you have the ability. Set it up with the supports and I would use a Brim for security. Also these were designed for large hands wearing gloves I tell most people to scale everything down to 80% and it's a good place to start see how they fit your fingers . Again I recommend the full plate could you can scale all the parts at one time . If you do not have the bed space you do a full plate you have to print each part at least one time and then you should end up with one. Finger and one full thumb. If you get stuck I have an assembly video posted on Instagram.

Ah! I assumed 0.2 was the layer height so that was why I was confused! Thank you for the extra detail. I have set up several of the knuckle stl at different percentages ready to print, to check what size I need, but I have quite small hands so I might need to go lower than 80%!

What print time are you getting for the full plate stl? I'm looking at around an 11 hour print at a 0.2 layer height on my Ender 3, just wondering if that seems about right?

I'd like to try and print this in fewer parts on my resin printer. Can you add the half's as an unsplit piece? That way I can hollow it out and reduce the weight.

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Some people have told me they used to used a large diameter weed wacker string to join the fingers together on resin models. I have not personally tried this, but in theory it sounds like it would work I hope this helps

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Any suggestions for pin replacement on resin printer? Resin doesn't melt like filament, so you can't flatten out the ends with a lighter

I just purchased this and printed the first full finger. Great work!
I looked through some of the comments and saw that a while ago, people were inquiring about a back plate and you responded that you were working on something for it. Any chance you know when this will be available? Very interested in getting this to add more stability. Thanks!

Will you be adding the updated finger part to all you hand designs?

On most things I use an enamel primer first coat. That usually let's just about anything that I paint on after work stick

What paints work well on your prints? I'm finding that some don't adhere very well to the PLA... Any help is much appreciated. Your work is beautiful!

Can you provide in .gcode format?

Hi Mushee
This is the first time I've heard that someone was unable to print them properly. If you would like to email directly littletupp@gmail.com could help you troubleshoot if you like. Good bed adhesion is key that's why I prefer brims and supports also the full plate set up by provided are the best orientation where the parts to fit together correctly. I orientated the plates so if peoples printers are not calibrated they will fit together anyway. I hope some of these tips helped and if not Please email me and I'll help in any way I can thank you.

Bought these and never got them to print properly..

please make a video of assembly

If anyone is making these to sale hit me up I'm looking to get a set

These have been one of my favorite 3d printed thing. If the assembly is making you think twice - don't - it's actually really easy.

Do you ever make them to sale ?

I just purchased these and was wondering if I can get the original 2 knuckle design as it fits more with my costume design. Sent you a message about it. Thank you

Bought and printed, can't wait for the backplate to stabilize the base knuckles.

@Gerhard: There's a part list and instructional walkthrough in the images above.

aaaaand bought. :-D Can you explain me the part names? how many times do i need to print a part for a 3 knuckle finger? A part list would be nice or a number in the file name like "3 knuc bone mid1_3x-stl" or so.

I will try and get it out this weekend thanks guys appreciate it

ill wait for the backplate, too :-D Great Work

Standing by for the back plate. Love your work.

Is there a thumb V2 like with the dragon set?

I'm working on it currently I'm just printing the the back hand of the Dragon claw 2.0

Awesome print.
You wouldn't happen to have something for the back of the hand?

Printing the bars at 1.5mm thickness made the finger operate much more smoothly and easily.

Now to endure the long slog to print out the pieces for the other five.

Abumaia, I had the same problem, sanding the inside part of the fingers solved this. Also, the base part has to be tight on your fingers, if it's wobbly it makes extending the fingers much harder

I just successfully finished my first 3-knuckle finger. Flexing it is no problem, but I find it is rather tight and stiff when trying to re-extend it. I'm afraid my finger muscles are stronger in the gripping direction, not so much in the opening direction. I'm thinking of reprinting the two bars to be a little thinner, so they don't rub so much on the inside of the finger sections.

Hi Driagan
First thank you for downloading them I'm glad you like them. Yes I'll see what I can do about making a regular bone finger tip option in the future. As far as resizing the holes I found that the 1.75 filament is kind of the breaking point on the joints and raising the diameter a little bit along with printing them strengthen them up. And lastly as far as the holes on the bottom of the fingers the three knuckle updated version of the finger already has the holes. The two knuckle version does not have the holes maybe I will see what I can do about going in and slimming it down to better fit in between the fingers and adding a hole. I do also recommend using one-sided stick foam layered on the inside to better form to your fingers. I am so thankful to everyone in the community for downloading these and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

These look great, but I have three requests:
1. As someone else said, could the model use 1.75mm holes so that we can just use filament instead of having to print pins?
2. Could you also create human finger bone tips that could be used in place of the claw tips?
3. Could you add holes to the top back of the fingers that could be attached to a wristband with string or something to prevent the fingers from falling/sliding off?

Could you also upload the uncut files? Thanks

Any chance the model can be modified so the holes for the pins are 1.75mm so a section of filament can be used instead of printing pins?

can you post an assembly diagram or something?

Hey, thanks for making this!
I just downloaded the STLs, do you have a readme file that explains which parts to print?
For example when would I use mid1 vs mid2? What are all the parts I would need to make one 3 knuckle finger?

Hi blastin
It should . The longest piece is 111 millimeters. But I haven't tried it on my Photon yet due to the fact. The pins are set up to be made out of. PLA OR ABS. And have to be melted. To make like a riveting system to hold the finger together. You would have to come up with another solution. To put it together.

would the individual sections fit on an Ancubic Photon s Resin printer?

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