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Mise à jour de la version 2.0 de Articulated Dragon Claws.

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Description du modèle 3D

Griffes de dragon entièrement articulées 2.0 mises à jour pour un meilleur ajustement, nouveau look ! 3 doigts articulés 2.0 et (le pouce 2.0 est de retour) devraient s'adapter à la plupart des doigts des gens. Mais aucune garantie.

Vous pouvez également utiliser de la mousse collante à l'intérieur pour réduire le diamètre du trou. Ou coller un gant à l'intérieur pour mieux le tenir à la main.

Quant au montage, je l'ai assuré. Quelques photos pour vous guider. Ce modèle peut être assemblé à l'aide de broches imprimées en 3D.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Les modèles sont divisés en deux. Et prêtes à être imprimées. Vous aurez besoin de soutien. Et d'un remplissage d'au moins 20 %. Je recommande une triple paroi. Pour la solidité, mais ce n'est pas nécessaire.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL
  • Dernière mise à jour : 2020/02/17 à 2h49
  • Date de publication : 2020/02/04 à 6h54





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Boring 9 to 5 job by day. Self-taught3D artist by night. I love to create fun and challenging( for me) 3D models In my free time to share with the world.
If you happen to download one of my models, please share a picture of make with me.

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how well does it work? and how hard is it to put together?

SAJA please keep in mind they do fit on the build plate on the photon but that is not the only obstacle I have print them out on my photon to make sure it work or someone else but you would still need fastening pins as they're meant to be made out of pla or abs and melted to hinge everything together. You cannot use the resin 3D printed pins. I did it this way because the fingers are made for my very large hands and I wanted people to be able to scale them down set their hands. so the pins Scale down with the fingers to fit perfectly. I personally have never assembled them in resin. If you have any further questions feel free to email me it's LinkedIn my profile. Thank you by the way if you do print them for yourself I would recommend starting at 80% scale. It's a good starting point size-wise for normal sized hands

So sorry...I just started clicking on the photos to see the other types and saw the "...resin friendly..." comment. My bad. :(

I haven't seen yet a reply as to whether or not it is possible to print this using a resin printer. Is it possible? I have an ANYCUBIC Photon S...with a build size of 4.53"(L) x 2.56"(W) x 6.49"(H). it going to be possible? I would LOVE to support you and your designs.

Hi Evelinstrange I'm aware other people now have similar designs on there but I didn't see any that directly copied my design. But I'm hoping people will find Value in my designs. It takes a lot of time and effort to designed and sculpt these gloves from the ground up, countless hours of test fitting and printing to make sure that there easily assembled with 3D printed Parts no extra stuff like pins bolts. I tried to make them DIY friendly as much as possible, along with producing how to build diagrams and videos. Thanks

Something exactly like this (If not exactly this) is free on thingiverse.

Just saying...

Hello Alisea969
A good place to start is to figure out which style you like to print out. I have the different styles labeled in the picture above the original is just labeled fingers because that is the first one I designed. The 2.0 labeled ones have textured skins. From there and move on to the fact that if you have the ability to print a full plate I would strongly suggest you do this. The full plates are set up the correct orientation along with the fact if you need to scale for your fingers which I recommend. I would probably scale them down to 80% for a good starting position I have very large fingers and they were made for me. I would also add supports and a Brim. As far as how to assemble them they are basically the same parts that I used in my bone fingers which you can find an assembly video on my Instagram which will guide you in assembling them. If you need further help please don't hesitate to email me directly.

hello; I have buied this stl, but don't understand what should I print and the build after printing, can you help me plz ? thanks

Yes it's steampunk versions in the works.

Hello, this is awesome, I printed it, scaling it to feet my finger, it look so cool.

Do you think you can make a bio-meca/steampunk version with some gears, pipe... ?

ALZORL Please see the third picture below the main picture to see the different styles .The originals fingers are labeled just finger or thumb because they were the first files uploaded. sorry for the confusion . But the rest should be labeled according to the picture. hope this helps.

Looking at the files, it's very confusing on which fingers are which. None of them are labeled which finger they are except for the thumb. So how do I know which files to print for which fingers, assuming I don't want to do the 2.0 versions?

I just bought this looks amazing but what files are just for the original files

Hi SKAMPP thanks for downloading. To help you out with assembling. They assemble the same way as the bone fingers you can check out the numbered step diagram under bone fingers and just apply to the dragon fingers. I hope that helps also when printing the finer Parts I find it's always better to use a Brim accompanied by supports helps hold the finer stuff in position on a delegate printing I usually use a 4 millimeter Brim with concentric or zigzag supports. Hopefully that will cut down on the failure rate. Happy printing

These are very cool! For under $7 I got an amazing design and a logic puzzle too! A little puzzling to start with on figuring how to put them together. Also the finger and thumb split base is the single most difficult thing I've ever tried to print, honestly, I get one good print out of three attempts. BUT IT'S WORTH IT!!! Thanks LittleTup!

Downloaded the file, it is damaged,can you send a working file?

Is there a video on how to assemble it?

Just finished printing a 2.0 thumb, cant wait, gonna be a lot of printing for 2 hands worth!

also another idea you should edit it and put a variety of sizes from kids to literally big handed adults

just a idea this would be a great start to working on assistive prosthetics , though i do not have a medical license because i spend my recreation in 3dprinting and shooting targets as a way to relax in peace without bothering anyone

I recommend printing a full plate setups they have all the parts you need for each finger. Also there's diagram pictures of assembly under my bone fingers you could use for reference. Any further difficulties please email me directly so I can help.

hi there !! First off i want to Thank you For what looks to be an awesome accessory to my cosplay hobby but i have one slight quibble,
In the description it states ....." As for assembly I provided. A few pictures to help guide you."..... could you please tell me how to make them visible as i cant see jack !! and im lost as F.....! without any instructions....
ive just paid 7 quid for a lot of stls which looks like one hell of a jigsaw puzzle!! and ta try put this togetha without any instructions is a bit of a bummer dude :( could you put up some pics to help ...:: ALSO FOLLOWING!! ;)

Sorry they're meant to be one size only. You could try scaling them down but remember the arms and pins would have to be scaled down to and I'm sure there's only a certain amount you can go before failure of the mechanical parts. That's why I suggested downsizing the holes to fit your fingers with a sticky foam in layers on the inside please check the pictures above.

how do i scale them for my hand? is there any instructions?

Check out my bone fingers it has a full diagram. same rules apply.

an assembly diagram would be super helpful or an exploded view so there is a tad more detail to put it together.

The longest print piece are 111mm x43 mm x 36mm . All the pre-configured full bed plates files are made to fit on a 220 mm x 220mm bed with a little room to spare. I hope that helps CAPTAINSTEAMFOX

How wide are the prints? I don't want to buy this super cool looking print and find out that my printer is too small to make it.

I designed The first one the three knuckle finger with . 2 mm in mind for a faster print. Seeing how people are going to print out. Five or ten of these . Also the dragon skin update 2 knuckle. Looks cleaner at .1mm.

What layer height resolution did you design this for? .1mm, .2mm? curious

It's there in the download; you may have to download it again to get the most up-to-date zip file, but in the one I grabbed there's "Dragon Skin Full Plate a.stl"
Print it five times and you've got a dragon hand :D

Also, it says Dragon Skin update, but there is no Dragon Skin version in the download.

I just bought this. Looks great, but I noticed only split versions of the files are included. I would like to print it on a resin printer for better detail and flexibility. Any chance of getting the uncut versions of the pieces?

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