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Hi paxromani I haven't had a chance to put together the full video for assembly for those yet. But you can email me or hit me up on Instagram and I will get you anything you need to help you finish your project. I'll take some pictures and upload them for you

Watched a few videos on assembly of different types of claws, but after getting the cosplay paws I am still having a hard time understanding what attaches to where when it comes to getting the movement mechanisms put in place right. Mind sharing close up attachment pictures or possibly a video?

Please email me I will help you the best I can.

Loving the robot claws. Assembly video was good, but it doesn't explain the wrist/palm/knuckles connections. I feel an instruction sheet on that would be beneficial. Again, thanks for the wonderful design. Now to find a techno-scythe.

есть возможность купить модель (BONE FINGER UPDATED) другим путем? сайт блокирует покупку в России

Hello how are you? How much would you charge to model other Megaman bosses?

Hi there! we reach to you with a friendly invitation to check our work, you may find something you love to print, have a nice day friend, let's keep in touch !

for your mimic dice box, do the teeth hold the box closed, or is there away yo add a small recess so i can put some magnets in?

Hey so I bought your robot mechanical claws, and the way I print, it really works better if I just work from the loose parts, not the pre-positioned on a plate...anyway I can get the parts(I can show my proof of purchase) loose just as individual STL's like you have done on your Bone and Steampunk claws?

I e-mailed you.

hi there is there a chance you can make a collection of all carebear horror ones?

Bonjour j ai telecharge il n y a que le couvercle ?

Please redownload

I'm not sure which version you have but these two video should cover it

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to assemble the fingers. Is there a YouTube video you recommend to put this together?

Tesla wallet has no back cover. Can you share that part?

Do you ever do commission work?

Not yet. email me

Fuente de inspiracion esta gran labor. Felicito

Would it be possible to make an arrangement where I could print and sell your dragon finger models?

On your bone fingers, how many hours did it take you to print these at .1?

i downloaded the Golden Ax characters, thank you very much.


Do you sell finished products?

Would you ever do a blank plain bear that we can paint our own picture on the stomach?

Hey, i wanted to ask you something

First I have to say I LOVE these Care Bear collection. I have the one with Pennywise (which I'm finishing now). I was also wondering if you mind if I could sell the actual models I print and paint.

hit me up here

Hello. Awesome Hotdog! Do you have any for gyro man from MM5? I have NEVER seen one. Thanks.

I'll see what I can do

Hello, I bought the articulated dragon claws can you tell me what files I should print for a full set? I love the look of these, and I cant wait to use them!

i was wondering if i can have your permission to create and sell please