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Fichier imprimante 3D gratuit 3DK Launcher - - Print & Play, Quincy_of_3DKitbash

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3DK Launcher - - Print & Play

Description du modèle 3D

This 'Print & Play' kit from features a Launcher that can be printed in about 35 mins, Support-Free. Just print, load, and you'll be able to harass your pets from many feet away. ...Wayward antics complete, please checkout our 'GRAPHICA' kit that features 12 additional Print & Play models! Graphica and other fun kits can be found at!

Paramètres d'impression 3D

NOTE: there are 2 notches built into the Projectile. Slide projectile into launcher. ...You can store the projectile in launcher by holding at the first notch that will reach the button. ...To launch, push the projectile further into launcher (compressing spring) and engage the button with the 2nd notch. Once locked you are ready to fire. ...Do not store in 'Ready to Fire' position as it will damage the springs.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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We're toy industry pros creating the world's best 3D-printable toys and 3D printer test kits! Our support-free, articulated .STLs are designed to be fun-to-print and fun to pose for pics on social media! Check out our collection that includes Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll; Boon, The Tiny T-Rex; SKULL WARS, Skull Inspired By The Creatures Of Star Wars; and so many more at



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Will PLA work for this print or is too brittle?