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26 Kommentare

thank you for your work !

bonjour je vient de faire un tours sur votre travaille ! magnifique.

Hi! Could you make creatures from Guild Wars 2 like the ice wurm, flesh, wurm, jungle wurm, cave wurm, and desert wurm, the devourers and siege devourers, and just lots of creatures in general since they're cool? Also, when will more of the demons, mutants, and eldritch abominations from your Patreon be finished? Thanks!

Can you do a Flying version of you Predator and Martian Wasps :)

u are the best ! thx for all ur job u are amazing , i have already DL a lot of ur stuff ! thx u a lot <3

i wish one day u realese a thunder ou eletrical elemental ;) ;) ;) ;)

You have great model files just wanted to stop by and say ur files are awesome

I just spent a whole day DLing 425 .stl files that you have uploaded here. You have changed my game, brother thankyou.

J'adore ton boulot ! on aime ou pas le style, mais personnellement j'aime vraiment tout ! Excellent travail, continue comme ça! un très très très gros MERCI :

Thank you for all your hard work! Often is the case that you've made exactly what's needed when nobody else has, and so many of your other designs are amazing and I look forward to working them into my work queue!

love your work it is amazing how you do it can you do me a favor if you can make it can you make a 3D Cyberchase the hacker I've been wanting one for so long and I kind of find one in 3D but I can't?

Tes modèles sont vraiment incroyables !


Congratulations on your work, it's fantastic.

I wanted to ask you something if possible.
Could you make Sam's lollipop, just the lollipop, thank you very much.

Is it permitted to print and sell your designs ?
What if I become a patron for $14 per month...could I print, paint and sell them ?
Thanks for your work...it's very good. I will probably become a patron just for the miniatures.

OMG you best bro !

I love your mario minis, is it possible to compile them all into a set for ease of finding them all.

Hey, love your work. Do you sell on eBay? Asking because I bought a set of kobolds on there that are your design.

Hello! I absolutely love your minis but I’m having the hardest time finding a good profile to print them. I would absolutely love to have them in my dnd campaign.

Would you happen to know a good profile that could print these with an Ender 3? That would be so cool

Great work! I started using Zbrush and 3D printing about a year ago and absolutely love it. I have been training everyday and have increased my skills quickly. Recently I bought an SLA printer. Since i live in a tiny Osaka apartment I am hesitant to use it very much...seems a bit more toxic than my FDM printer. Your work is inspiring. Hopefully I can start making some minis soon.

Please send me any information regarding custom contract work you may do. I am interested in variants of your work and the creation of new designs.
How can I reach you outside of this forum?

Hello, i love the work you do. i was wondering if you do custom works for people?

nope, I have no no FDM printing experiences.

one questing regarding printing:
I think your models are more made for SLA print processes. But have you FDM printing experiences too with your kind of models ??

I wish you a lot of ideas for the future

Zinny (www.lbzinnfiguren.de)

Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I bought a resin printer not to long ago and enjoy using your work for my D&D hobby. I am utmost grateful for you posting your work for free!!

Hi, my process is basically the same like all artist, start rough and then build in more and more finer details. I found speed sculp videos on youtube helpful. I am using Zbrush for my work, but it is difficult if you just started. A free alternative would be Blender where you could either start with the box modelling technique or sculp your model.