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my son is a fan of DD, for Xmas i want to make some figurines in secret. could you please give me the name of 4/5 best because i'm looooooost! please!

Excuuuuuuuse me sir, you dont seem to have any avians in your repertoire. you have cats with bird wings but no actual birds :P

Hey, I am trying to make a horror-based board game, and was wondering if I could use some of your models. I don't have the money now, but if allowed to, I will give a large portion via patreon

sure, i am ok with that

Hey, we are a new shop that will sell printed 3d models, and we want to use some of yours, do you have any step on your patronite that will give us some kind of business license to sell them?

Hey, I have agreements with other Sellers and they would send me 10% of the earnings with paypal. If that is Ok with you than i have no problem about selling.

I’m planning on doing giveaways on my tiktok and I’d like to print and paint one of your models for a once a month giveaway. I’d be happy to include links to your patreon and on cults where people can find the model and more like it. Could I have your permission to do that?

My tiktok is @grymwaldwyvernjack


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Thank you so much. I'll be sure to share a copy of the post and such when I do it.

Do you have any plans on making a darknut/ironknuckle from Zelda?

I LOVE the metroid stuff. Minis I never knew I needed, will be happy too paint them up and post them :)

Im working on a Mini's game that uses cards for stats. Cards have stats like speed, weapons, and abilities, etc, the model has. Each card has a QR code on it that sends people to a Cults3d page to buy the mini to play with. I feel like your models would fit my concept, and I wanted to know if I could use some of your models to make stats for this game?

Here is an example card. If you allow me to link to your Cults models, the cards will look like this but with a picture of a painted model and not a 3D render. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/810196172307824661/967484740678594580/WarGame_Tarot_Card_-_Worm.png

Sure, go ahead

Sure, go ahead.

I'm starting with 3d printing (wire printer) and I wanted to make a dragon from your collection, I don't know if it could be done with this type of printer because I'm having problems printing because without putting reinforcements it won't do it for me.
I would need your advice.
Are your creations more thought to be made with a resin printer?

Dude your designs are sick! Is there anyway i can follow you work like a facebook page or instagram?

I absolutely love the things you have created!

It would be amazing if you made the monsters from the Little Nightmares series. You might have heard of it, but I feel like those monsters would fit the overall vibes of this account amazingly well (and I'd download every single one of them, just as I've done with a LOT of your models so far). I whatever you do with them would be really cool. Thanks!

Hello, I am carrying out a campaign to sell axolotl products, printed in 3D. I loved your design and I'm interested in selling it in print. How much would the business license cost?

I have agreements with other Sellers and they would send me 10% of the earnings with paypal. If that is Ok with you than i have no problem about selling.

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Perfect, could you send me your paypal?

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ok, month after month they deposit 10% of the sales of the axolotl figure in your account

I am fairly new to 3D printing, but I have been testing and fine tuning the FDM process on your models and wanted to ask if there was any possibility we could work something out for selling permission. Since I'm doing FDM and not resin, the purpose would be more for artistic adaptations and combinations moreso than just as miniatures for tabletops. Let me know if that is a possibility! I absolutely love your work!

Hey, I have agreements with other Sellers and they would send me 10% of the earnings with paypal. I am not sure how much it would apply to what you want to do, so i am ok with whatever comes out in the end.

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I think that would be fine. I don't really expect to be earning a ton, but I would gladly set aside 10% of any earnings for the permission.

thank you for your work !

bonjour je vient de faire un tours sur votre travaille ! magnifique.

Hi! Could you make creatures from Guild Wars 2 like the ice wurm, flesh, wurm, jungle wurm, cave wurm, and desert wurm, the devourers and siege devourers, and just lots of creatures in general since they're cool? Also, when will more of the demons, mutants, and eldritch abominations from your Patreon be finished? Thanks!

Can you do a Flying version of you Predator and Martian Wasps :)

u are the best ! thx for all ur job u are amazing , i have already DL a lot of ur stuff ! thx u a lot <3

i wish one day u realese a thunder ou eletrical elemental ;) ;) ;) ;)

You have great model files just wanted to stop by and say ur files are awesome

I just spent a whole day DLing 425 .stl files that you have uploaded here. You have changed my game, brother thankyou.

J'adore ton boulot ! on aime ou pas le style, mais personnellement j'aime vraiment tout ! Excellent travail, continue comme ça! un très très très gros MERCI :

Thank you for all your hard work! Often is the case that you've made exactly what's needed when nobody else has, and so many of your other designs are amazing and I look forward to working them into my work queue!

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love your work it is amazing how you do it can you do me a favor if you can make it can you make a 3D Cyberchase the hacker I've been wanting one for so long and I kind of find one in 3D but I can't?