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Hello. For the fallout armor...is it possible for you to cut or separate the legs from the torso for easy printing? I am interested in buying this model.

hi there, the parts are separated four parts, the head, body, arms , and hands. the leg is fused with body. i hope that answers your question my dude

Hi Dextraguy, I do not have a 3d printer but was wondering if I can make a purchase from you for several of the kits you offer. I am specifically looking for the Short Medium Frame 48mm, Hammer Tank 75mm, Warpig 50mm, Assault Drones 32mm, Defender Turrets and the Warpigs Combat Mech 67mm. The request is for several of each, larger units 4 each and 32mm drones qty of 12. If possible I would like to buy from you but if you are not able where can i find these? Thank you and regards

Hi. Steampowered Pistol sell?

Couple of quick questions. One, are these from an actual tabletop game? If not, and you simply designed these with the idea of them "looking cool", then you knocked it out of the park! The models look fantastic! Second, how broken down are the parts for this model? Can you print the arms, legs, torse etc and the guns separate? That last one seems like a silly question when I say it out loud, but I am planning on gifting it to someone when i print it and thought it would be cool to let them pick and choose how to put it together. Thank you for any input/reply. Again, very nice work on these.

Sorry, I realize now I should have specified the model. I was checking out the "heavy frame" print. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/warpig-class-heavy-frame-67mm-base-3dprintable

hi there. Thank you for your kind words. Not an actual tabletop but id wish someone can use it as a proxy. this model is separated into left arm, right arm, legs+hips, and torso. there are 3 poses for each parts for you to mix and match

i was wondering if any of your models would work with a filament printer. Also, if these are articulated action figures, or miniatures?

hi. As of the moment i dont have a filametn printer so i couldnt really say. These arent articulated per se. it just allows you to pose it before applying glue. Im really hoping to be like tecco toys in the future