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oops, just noticed you have published your e-mail. was so blind :p


I saw your animal sculpture scans which are very beautiful! I made a little donation for you. Would you mind mailing me verskivaa@gmail.com to allow a direct reply possibility? I would like to share you an idea about an animal toy which i saw as a kid and still remember after decades. I dont want to tell it here as it might contain a business idea for you.

ps. my designs are naughty like hell, please forgive, but i have no naughty intentions for you :P


Hola buen dia ,mi nombre es Omar, me interesa tu diseño que se llama Biblia , podrias hacer el mismo diseño pero con un texto en español Gracias

Hi friend, like the design but is scared to download and try to print due to not knowing if this has to print with supports and on which axis or angle the print would work best?? And also does it need bed adhesion support like a raft or something? Would like to try and use your design with permission, maybe edit a bit if I can also

Hey There,

My name is Max Stein and I’m a designer in Portland, Oregon. I’m creating a fun, goofy, adult-themed book and would love to use your 3D model as part of the design for one of the pages.

Your model will appear as part of a derivative abstract composition.

I purchased your model from CULTS-3D and see that it is copyright protected. I am reaching out to politely request for your permission to non exclusively use your design in my book. Would that be something you would be open to?

Please let me know if you’d be open to this or have any questions.

Really love your work and thanks for your time.


Hey There,

Just following up.

All the best,


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