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Hey, would you be able to make a low poly version of mimikyu? My friend is obsessed and I need to gift it to her lol

Hello! We plan to create Mimikyu, but it will take us a month or two to get to it. If you want to print it for your friend sooner, we can make it as a commission for you. In this case, contact us at info@3d-mon.com

Do you sell only the leg part of the Uraraka prop files?

Hello! Sure, let me know via email, please! info@3d-mon.com

Hi, on the Baylan Skoll Armor, what was the size of human used for the 100% scale size?

Hello! Here is the sizing of our 3D models: https://3d-mon.com/sizing-a-3d-printable-model-for-cosplay/

Hello i wanna say thanks the model is amazing and im so ready to assemble it
One small issue. I found 2 of the pin files to be oversized. When i load them all 2 pins are bigger than the entire cr10 build plate and i dont think thats right. Was wondering if anyone else was having this issue or knew the dimentions needed for the square pis and the hex pins for connecting the chainsaw to the mask. Or wondering if this has already been made known and if there are updated files?
Any info would be greatly appriciated.

Hello, this has been already updated in the files. The pins are supposed to be 14mm, not 14cm.

hello, is there anyway i could have you shoot me an email? im looking to discuss possibly purchasing the boots stl for OCHAKO URARAKA , my friend had already purchased the rest of it but did not purchase one with the boot patterns. my email is pstforrezwy@gmail.com just trying to help her finish her cosplay

Hi! Sending the email!

Hola, hace tiempo adquirí el casco del motosierra.
Los pines que hacen presión entre la parte naranja y la parte negra no son muy fuertes, el casco se terminó rompiendo debido a que los mismos fallaron.

hola quizas lei mal o fue problema de traduccion.. pero compre la mascara de darth vindican. y entendi que ademas de las piezas sueltas venia un archivo donde la mascara esta armada ...1 parte full*.stl (detalle completo) es posible obtenerlo??

Hello! Files are updated!


Hello, have a few questions to the Chainsaw man helmet. I wrote you a message on Instagram. I hope that was okay. If not, I'll ask the question here again. I hope you can help me :)

Hello! When scaling, you have to scale all the pieces the same way otherwise they won’t fit.

how large should the printing plate be? what is the print height that the printer must reach? For ODM gear and sword attak on titan?

It is cut into pieces, each piece fits 250 × 210 × 210 mm printer beds.

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Hello, I would like to have a commercial license for the GOT lamp. Would it be possible?

Hi. You can sell the physical printed props as long as you use your own photos and link to our STL.

Hello, I have purchased your magnetic magic forest pack, and the wings, cape, and archery equipment are shown attached to the torso. The pack they are not attached to anything and there is no torso. How to I get the torso so that I can complete the pack?

Hey! The pack is meant as an accessory pack for your own figure, but you can download our free figure of a mage which includes the torso.

Hi there! I'm wondering if it's possible to purchase just the belt and the wrist gauntlets from your Uraraka set. Thanks!!

Hello! Sure, contact us via email, please! info@3d-mon.com

Buenas tardes, hemos tenido un problema con su diseño del casco de juego de trono. La oonamentacion , parte exterior del casco no se ajusta y queda muy levantada de la superficie. Es imposible pegar ninguna de las piezas exteriores y que se vea bien. Esperamos una respuesta, ya que nos ha costado muy caro el diseño como para tener estos problemos. GRacias.

Hello! Do you mean the UNSULLIED HELMET? Can you send us images and names of the files which are causing problems? info@3d-mon.com

Si claro, les mando un correo electronico

I'm looking for just the shoulder armor in THE BAD BATCH TECH ARMOR set. Would you be willing to sell just that file? Thanks!

Hello! Sure, contact us via email, please! info@3d-mon.com

bonjour, peut ont utiliser votre fichier pour une fabrication en série au vue d'une commercialisation?

Hi. You can sell the physical printed props as long as you use your own photos and link to our STL.

okay thank you so much

hey I bought the armor for Ahsoka. Would it be possible to get the files completely? So the uncut versions, then I would not have so much to paste later?

Hi! Which one? :) I'll check if there's OBJ with the uncut files.

Rebel armour without the headpiece. ☺️

The OBJ file is included, it features also a body. You can measure the body, scale all the files to fit your size and then ungroup and save each part of the armor as STL. You'll end up having all the uncut pieces. I recommend a free 3D builder program or Meshmixer for this.

Oh... I didn't see the file. Sorry. 😂😅🙈

Hello! I purchased your horn pack and I am working on printing the 3 set dragon horns you have included, however, the smallest horn you have provided only sits on the right side of the head, the files are switched (so the left side is actually under the right and vice versa) but the smallest horn doesn't switch directions so if I tried putting it on the left side it would be upside down. Do you have the file for the left side small horn so I can print it like I purchased? Thank you in advance for your time!

Hello! I have mirrored the horn, the files are updated now. :)

you are a rockstar! thank you so very much for your help here!!

Hi there, on purchase of the model "MJOLNIR HAMMER (LOVE AND THUNDER)" would you be able to supply a solid/full version with no splits?


Hello! Solid uncut files are in the OBJ folder. It contains both V1 (clar) and V2 (cracked) versions. We don't have an uncut V3 (large cracks) version as this one was created as a hollow LED case and cut from the beginning of the work.

Bonjour 3D mon
Avant toute chose je tenais à vous féliciter de la qualité de vos modèles 3d !
J'ai acheté ce fichier pour le faire sur une elegoo mars 3 , auriez vous des idées pour aider à découper le fichier pour qu'il soit imprimable en résine ? Merci

Hello! Thank you! Which file, please? :)

Hello im trying to size the chainsaw man denji helmet, is the "OBJ_Chainsawman_static_uncut_whole_OBJ" the same size of the movable parts or a different scale. what im trying to do is measure the whole model in cura then scale up the movable parts that are split up.

Hello! Movable OBJ is the same size as movable STL.


It looks like squirtle is also missing a body--it's just two arms and a leg included in the package. Do you have the whole thing?

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Hi, I don't know how that happened either, sorry. I've reuploaded it now. Let me know if you notice anything else. I hope you enjoy printing them :)


I was coming to ask for squirtle and found this message. I am in the number 54 and until now, squirtle it's the only one that I noticed a problem.

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!


I can't seem to find Jolteon in the 151 Pokemon file. Is there a special filename somewhere? I purchased the set.

Hey! It seems he slipped us! Added!

No harm done--thank you! He looks great!

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Hi, if I buy the file can I send 3d printed model?

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You can sell physical printouts of our 3D models as long as you link to our STL and use your own photos.

Hi - I purchased your johnny 5 model and it is absolutely great! I wondered if you would be able to customise the head slightly similar to the saint model when in combat mode (eye lids closed over - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/639440847064740793/) and change the angle of the lower and upper body to a more attack position?

Hello! If you could send an image of the attack position to julie@3d.mon.com, we'll be able to tell you the quote for the adjustments. Thank you!

Hi, What do you use to glue the parts together? Like venasaurs leaves and pettles? Thanks in advance

Hello, superglue.