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Hello! A few months ago I bought the complete collection of the first gen of low poly pokémon. Today I just read on your website about the stretch goals. Where can I find the customizable stand that is mentioned in the second goal? I can't find it in the files I download from cults. Thanks in advance.

Hi, we are still working on the stand. We ran into a problem where when assembling it into a larger area the surface gradually started to bend the more pieces we attached to it. So we have to fix that. Everyone who bought the pokemon collection will get a notification when it's ready to download.

great!, thank you very much for answering. your models are pretty cool so i'll definitely keep buying :D

My grandson wants to build a drag race car with a jet engine. I'm on a pension and would like to get the Star Wars Anakin pod racer model from you just for one of the engines that we could print together. Would you sell just the engine? Thank you for your time. Keven

Hello, yes we can sell you just the engine. Write me an email at michael@3d-mon.com :)

Email sent

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hello, je tenais à te dire que j'admire le boulot qui a été fournie pour tes pokémon imprimables, félicitation

We're glad, thank you!

The horn package says there are mounting pins available however there are none to be found. I went to your website and attempted to download them but there were no files to download

Hello, write me an email at michael@3d-mon.com, and you need to tell me which model you have in mind, so I can send you the pins.

hi, where is the best place to buy gen one all 151 pokemon? would it be cults3d? would i get the Color separation, Customizable stand to display the Pokémon, Male-Female variations that have visible changes, Additional poses for 20 Pokémon, Mega Evolutions?
if not where would i get them as advertised here https://3d-mon.com/3d-model/groupe/unisex3dprintmodel/pokemon/
3Demon - 3D print models download
Pokémon | 3Demon - 3D print models download
i will be buying the full collection of all 151

Hello, the best is to buy the collection from our website. For now, you will get it with 3 of the stretch goals reached: color separation, customizable stand to display the Pokémon and Male/Female versions. Other goals still waiting to be reached.

Hello, I'm looking at your Narsil model, and I want to print it on a CR-30 and am wondering if you have an un-cut version of the sword already prepared?

Thank you

Hello, we have the sword as a one-piece .OBJ file, and also the cut parts if you want to print a real-size replica.

buenas tardes
quiero saber si tienes a la pricesa en el lomo del dragon en vez del rey

Hello, I don't know what dragon do you mean. Can you please ask a question in English?

Hi, I'm interested in the Cad Bane - Clone Wars model. Its is a wearable helmet/mask? Should I print it with flexible materials such as TPU or flexible resin?

Hello, yes it is! We usually print from PLA (solid). There is no need for the mask to be from a flexible material :)

Hola. Imprimi la parte donde va el foco y no pasa la luz. con 0% de relleno :/

Hello, unfortunately, I don't know what model you talking about. You can write me an email at michael@3D-mon.com in English, please. :)

What is the size of the models (not the base)? I'm curious if the models will fit on my resin printer.

Hello, which models do you have in mind? Usually, you can find measurements in the description of the product.

Hey, I purchased the ginny Weasley wand. The files for the split version of the wand are not correct. They are for a different wand. The whole wand is correct. Is there any way I could get the split version of the wand? Thanks!

I looked through the wands in the collection and it appears the split version is for Cho Chang's wand.

Hello, thank you very much for notifying us. I'll assign the correct files to the correct products. Write me an email at michael@3D-mon.com so I can send you the right files for Ginny's wand.
Have a good day


I ordered already 3 rc 1:10 cars, can i get the 2 other rc cars now for free?

I already orderd:

Jaquar ss100,  ordered 7 oct 2021, order 23645605
Delage 15, ordered 31 dec 2020, order 13799317
Bugatti 35, ordered 3 dec 2020, order 12819034

Best regards,


Hello, you should buy it all together and you would get a discount. I can't give you two cars for free, but if you buy one more, I think I can add one for you because if you would buy all four, you would get a $25 discount.
Write me an email at michael@3D-mon.com

Hello Michael,

i ordered today the Austin Martin DB5 using your site 3d-mon wirh ordernumber WC-76637, can I now receive 2 models free as you promised?

Best 3dPrint Regards,

Theo Huilmand


Hello, I'm sorry for the complication, but it seems that it's just a bad scale. You can contact me at my e-mail: michael@3d-mon.com, and I can do the refund, or send you the files at the correct scale.

hi im in the process of building a sith acolyte armor set i have finished everything but the belt and was wondering if i could purchase just the 3d print files for the belt and elbow armor from you as i cant find anywhere that sells those files had i known your set came with those i would have bought from you first but i ended up getting my files from another site that was recommended to me from a friend i didnt even know about this site but didnt know if youd be able to sell just those files or not but figured id ask

meant to say everything was done but the belt and elbow armor not just the belt

Hello, we can sell you just the parts of the armor.
I think we did already communicated through e-mail :)

Hi, i came from ur website and ordered the wand collection, but I noticed that there are a few wands missing, like the ones from the founders (Goddric Griffyndor, Rowena Ravenclaw...) Credence, Nicolas Flamel....

Hello, we have the wands as a separate product, and also you can find them in our collection here: https://3d-mon.com/3d-model/groupe/unisex3dprintmodel/harry-potter-wands-collection/

Well, when I asked, the full collection had 80 wands more or less in a cost of 50$. So I asked if I could buy it here since I think it was more safe and I ended paying 48 euros, wich is a lot more expensive than dollars and I received less wands than If I had bought then directly from your website paying less. And I was told I would receive the full collection. If that's the case, I would like a refund, so I can buy it directly at your website, cause a lot of especific wands that I wanted it's not in this file.


Is it possible to buy only one car?
I'm interested in Bugatti 35.


hola,crean archivos stl de personas atraves de una foto?

Hi, not usually, but we can make it as a commission. Send an email to filip@3d-mon.com and we'll send you a quote.

Quick question for the stormbreaker, what size rod did you use and how long?

Hello, the rod you can see in the pictures has 1350mm in length. You can print just a blade and hammer part and let willow grow and hug it all together.

Hello. I need only decalc front helmet.its posible?..thanks

Hello, I sent you an email.

Do you have time to make a design of the toy car by my requirements...?
I am using .stl or obj file format for my 3D printer.

Hi, yes we do, send me some reference photos and your specific requirements to michael@3d-mon.com.

Hi there, I bought one of your files, Fennec sniper to be specific, would it be possible for you to remove the hex pins from some of the parts? it is a bit of a problem to print them with them in it. Parts that I speak of are , Part4 and part1 and part cover.

Thank you

Hello, of course, it would be possible. Send me an e-mail to michael@3d-mon.com and I will send you the files to your e-mail address.

Hi there, I bought one of your files, Fennec sniper to be specific, would it be possible for you to remove the hex pins from some of the parts? it is a bit of a problem to print them with them in it. Parts that I speak of are , Part4 and part1 and part cover.

Thank you

salve, l'articolo assassin's è possibile stamparlo e venderlo? grazie mille

que increíble lampara excelente trabajo, estaria genial poder venderla, pero ya impresa y funcional pero solo en Colombia y con la mension respectiva de ustedes como creadores si me lo permiten. muchas gracias!