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Black Evo Upgrade for Dagoma Ultimate and Discoeasy 200

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Last update 2021-01-24 08:05
Publication date 2018-03-20 20:20
Design number 22840
3D design format
PDF и STL Детали папки Закрыть
  • Assemblage Disco Ultimate Black Evo.pdf
  • Bouton Pause gauche.STL
  • Bouton pause droit.STL
  • Renfort et fixation support moteur droit et gauche profil motedis.STL
  • Renfort et fixation support moteur droit et gauche.STL
  • Support moteur droit.STL
  • Support moteur gauche.STL
  • angle arriere droit profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere droit ultimate plateau xl profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere droit ultimate plateau xl.STL
  • angle arriere droit ultimate profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere droit ultimate.STL
  • angle arriere droit.STL
  • angle arriere gauche profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere gauche ultimate plateau xl profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere gauche ultimate plateau xl.STL
  • angle arriere gauche ultimate profil motedis.STL
  • angle arriere gauche ultimate.STL
  • angle arriere gauche.STL
  • angle fixe avant droit profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant droit ultimate plateau xl profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant droit ultimate plateau xl.STL
  • angle fixe avant droit ultimate profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant droit ultimate.STL
  • angle fixe avant droite.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche ultimate plateau xl profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche ultimate plateau xl.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche ultimate profil motedis.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche ultimate.STL
  • angle fixe avant gauche.STL
  • angle haut droit profil motedis.STL
  • angle haut droit.STL
  • angle haut gauche profil motedis.STL
  • angle haut gauche.STL
  • boitier tft 35 arrière.STL
  • boitier tft 35 avant.STL
  • bouton extrudeur+ gauche.STL
  • bouton extrudeur+droit profil motedis.STL
  • bouton extrudeur+droit.STL
  • bouton extrudeur+gauche profil motedis.STL
  • cale paralelisme arriere.STL
  • cale paralelisme avant.STL
  • cale paralelisme chariot centrale.STL
  • cale paralelisme chariot pour tete origine.STL
  • cale paralelisme chariot pour tete z122.STL
  • cale paralelisme en z 120mm.STL
  • cale paralelisme pour z 89mm.STL
  • face arriere v2 profil motedis.STL
  • face arriere v2.STL
  • face avant dagoma v2 sans logo profil motedis.STL
  • face avant v2 dagoma sans logo.STL
  • fixation barre 0.8mm.STL
  • fixation ecran.STL
  • fixation mks 2eme version tournable profil motedis.STL
  • fixation mks 2eme version tournable.STL
  • jonction pour montant Z profil motedis.STL
  • jonction pour montant Z.STL
  • passe cable.STL
  • pied droit.STL
  • pied triangle.STL
  • support barre haut droit et gauche.STL
  • support connecteur de puissance v2.STL
  • support contacteur.STL
  • support ecran.STL
  • support led haut.STL
  • support led horizontal.STL
  • support écran profil motedis.STL
  • tendeur arriere v2 profil motedis.STL
  • tendeur arriere v2.STL
  • tendeur avant v2 profil motedis.STL
  • tendeur avant v2.STL
  • verrouillage 45mm profil motedis.STL
  • verrouillage 45mm.STL
  • verrouillage Z interieur profil motedis.STL
  • verrouillage Z interieur.STL
  • verrouillage Z profil motedis.STL
  • verrouillage Z.STL
  • verrouillage barre pour support haut droit.STL
  • verrouillage barre pour support haut gauche.STL
  • verrouillage pied profil motedis.STL
  • verrouillage pied.STL
  • verrouillage profil motedis.STL
  • verrouillage.STL

Узнайте больше о форматах


Информация о 3D файле

Описание 3D-модели

New black aluminium chassis for our Discoeasy 200. Robust chassis, elegant design true to the curve of our Easy.

Attention all STL we were studied and adapted for the alu black profile from systeal and motedis link below in the description.

The assembled disco, was assembled with black profiles from systeal.

Caution: You will need to lengthen some of the original electrical wires.

New supplier www.ratrig.com contact Miguel, he had made a quotation for a black profile kit for the standard version (not xl) including: black aluminium profiles + fixing bracket + shipping costs for a sum of 56 euro including postage, after other parts can be taken at home like rubber stamps for example.

Update of 29/04/2020

-Addition of the front and rear angles type Disco Ultimate for XL tray. For motedis and systeal profile

-Detail of the profile lengths(detail below)

Update of 26/04/2020

-Adding pdf file assembly Disco Ultimate Black Evo

Update of 24/04/2020

-Addition of the front and rear corners type Disco Ultimate


         -Now the rear angle can be removed without dropping the rear face and will allow the 65mm profile clamping to be adjusted more easily.

         - For the assembly of the rear corners, you will need 2 screws m3 of 10 and assemble them with 2 foot locks.

         - Stiffer front corner

Coming up:

           -Electronic card cover

Finally available on 08 12 2018, all files named v2 for the new improvements:

Rear panel v2 to have the two extruders for the two-colour kit

-v2 power connector to fit the new rear panel

-Front panel v2 so that it can be removed without dropping the front tensioner and minor dimension correction (provide 2 screws m3x10 and 2 additional nuts)

-Front tensioner v2 to adapt to the front panel v2

-Rear tensioner v2 top material removal

-Right and left button support for inter extruder+.

-You will not need any additional screws except the two screws and nuts mentioned above, on the other hand it is absolutely necessary to use the m4 or m5 screws (for motedis profile) located below because the screws go into the face and do not protrude to be able to install the extruder+ (see photo).

-You will also need to replace the right feet with anti-vibration rubber pads. The goal is to raise the chassis to put the nema 17 connector down (see picture) and at the same time make the printer quieter. You can leave the triangle feet on to strengthen the angle. You will need 12 pads available there:


New as of 26.09.2018: MKS TFT 35 display case

NEW: STL for MOTEDIS aluminium profile available since 31.03.2018.

New as of 13 04 2018: detail of the screws per element and detail of the profile measurement

Detail of the evolution.

-Same centre distance in X and Y, therefore compatible with all original or upgraded table tops and carriages.

Adjustable Y-spacing thanks to the micro oval, you can switch to IGUS without any constraint.

-Front and back side no longer participate in tightening the belt thanks to the aluminium bar in the centre which are there for its.

-Adjustable gantry position to be compatible with the original head or Z122 head

-Printing capacity for the z122 head: 196 in X, 203 in Y and 210 in Z

-Print capacity for the original head: 210 in X, 210 in Y and 210 in Z

Good impression to all

Detail of the attached documents

Detail of the screws:

M3 screw

length M3x 6: quantity 18

length M3x 8: quantity 37

length M3x 10: quantity 14

length M3x 12: quantity 14

length M3x 14: quantity 2

length M3x 16: quantity 10

length M3x 18: quantity 13

length M3x 22: quantity 2

M3 nylstop nut: quantity 30

you'll find it all here:


Screw M4 length 20 for system profile: quantity32

M5 screw length 20 for motedis profile: quantity32 (a small hole at 4.5 may be necessary for motedis aluminium profiles, otherwise the thread will be tapped by inserting the screw).

you'll find it all here:


Detail of the aluminium profile in the classic version (210x210 top):

2 bar of 104

2 bar of 65

2 bar of 360

2 bar of 133

2 bar of 340

1 bar of 400

Detail of the aluminium profiles for XL tray (we add 6cm more on each side than the classic version)

2 bar of 164

2 bars of 125

2 bar of 360

2 bar of 133

2 bar of 340

1 bar of 520

You'll find it all here in black at systeal:


or in grey:


or here at Motedis in grey:


12 brackets

you'll find it all here:


or here: on the other hand you'll need 4 like this one


Plus 10 more like this one:


For a shot at the 15 04 2020 in a classic version of:

-96.32 euros including shipping for a black chassis at systeal

-88 euros including shipping at systeal for a grey chassis

-61 euros including shipping at motedis for a grey chassis

New supplier under negotiation on 29 04 2020, for a black profile kit around 56 euro including port.

All other parts are available at dagoma.


inductive sensor, 24mm motor, extruder spring, plate, gear wheel, switch, buildgrip, pneumatic connector, mks.......ect.... card here:


assembly videos





The adjustable tray here:


The USB adapter:


-Think about changing your bearings with shoulder bearings to guide your belt. Put F623ZZ

-Case for mks tft 35 screen with support for installation on the Black Evo evolution. Two versions of brackets are available, for system and motedis profiles.

-At the firmware level, I had no programming to do, the screen is plug and play, plugged on a mks base v1.5 with the firmware of jjj for head z122

Links below

-Firmware head z122




Настройки 3D-печати

-Minimal or no media for ease of printing

-Layer of 0.2 or less

-Filling 33% Filling 33

-Parts in print position

Compatible original stem but to be cross-referenced in the Z axis.

Compatible X-axis original X-axis pin when mounting an original head, and in case you want to enlarge the printing area, such as a z122 head, you will need larger X-axis pins about 275mm

Original 360mm Y-axis rod compatible

STL details

You will find the stl marked motedis because these will be specially for the aluminium profiles of their brand, otherwise the others are common or for systeal.

-Example 1: the common right foot file for the aluminium profile from systeal and motedis.

-Example 2: the file 'rear tensioner' is for the systeal aluminium profile and the file 'motedis profile rear tensioner' is for the motedis aluminium profile.

All the stl's are to be printed one time except for one:

-Triangle foot x2

-Right foot x8

Connection for Z-pillar x4

-Fixing mks x2 mandatory (see more to attach the wires, it's up to you)

-Foot lock x 23 (14 for the feet, 6 for fixing the leds, 1 for fixing the screen and 2 for fixing the rear corners)

-Locking 45mm x4 (this is the part that holds the engine mount)

Inner Z-lock x4 (foot holding the Z-lock)

-Locking Z x4

-Locking x2 (part that holds the top right and left bar support)

-0.8mm x4" bar mount

-Reinforcement and fixing for right and left motor support x2

-Top right and left bar support x2

-High led support x2

-Horizontal led support x2

For tools

-Carriage parallelism wedge for original head x2

-Carriage parallelism wedge for head z122 x2

-For the front and rear parallel chocks you will have to make x2, but the second one, you will have to do it mirror under cura, so that it is reversed.

The parallel z-bar spacers 89mm and 120mm you need two of each and are simply used to wedge the x-bars so that the bars are parallel to the tray.

-Assembly board:

The low sides should be assembled and put in place first, but not tightened, then the front and back sides. Then use shims to assemble the front and rear sides with the 360 profiles which already contain the side assembly. Then you will have to wedge the sides at the right distance, so use the wedge (be careful to use the right one according to your original head configuration or z122) and tighten everything. Then put the bars of 340 and assemble the top.

-For the top 8mm diameter bar, you will need to recover one of the two 360 mm bars that you will have in excess of the Y axis (on your disco you need 4 bars of 360 mm on the Y axis and therefore with the evolution you only need 2) and cut it at 320 mm.

-For the top bar in the XL version, you will need a 400mm long bar with a diameter of 8. You don't have to take a special bearing bar, you can take an aluminium or scrap bar diameter 8mm in any leroy merlin style material shop.

You will also need to buy 12 anti-vibration pads. This will help to raise the height of the wires underneath.



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