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I absolutely love your work. I resized Henry head to fit Msd size and take 8mm eyes. if you would like to share the dimensions for this I have them.

Thank You, as the heads are very high poly count, scaling is not a problem, although scaling to 1/6th on some heads will cause problems around eyes depending on the resolution of the printer . . I have scaled my head down to 1/6th and it printed very well to take 2mm eyes. post some makes so we can all see your work . . I love to seee how others paint my designs.

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I printed him in grey to see if he would work. He came out awesome so still need to do a skin tone.

look fwd to seeing the make

Buenas tardes, quisiera descargarme varios archivos pero tengo el problema de que las partes que tienen soportes creo que lo hago mal el soporte porque se construye igual de duro que la propia pieza como si fuera la misma pieza con lo cual a la hora de sacarlos es casi imposible o se rompe la pieza, he visto que los soportes son más frágiles que la pieza y se sacan con facilidad, como podría hacerlos así para que no sean tan duros por favor?

You have tghe wrong artist I am afraid, NONE OF MY MODELS ARE WITH SUPPORTS??????

If you are asking what supports to use or how to make your supports removable, then this is a question for your printer supplier, software you are using, material, etc.etc. try looking via google or youtube for assistance as every printer/material is different and check FB groups for advice. My models print well on both SLA and FDM as you can see from the photo's . . . .sorry I could not be any further assistance.

Muchas Gracias

Hi Sparx,
I have a question for you regarding the female armor you made. I am hobbyist photographer and am doing a shoot with a model where the model is cosplaying Sienna from Terrifier 2. I am considering buying a 3d printer but am wondering if paying you to create the armor is something you would be interested in?

Yes I hae made quite a few armour and cosplay props via private commissions . . send me an email or message me on facebook to discuss further click on FB or email link here

Hi Sparx,

I purchased the Red Fox Bath Buddies but it seems that the only legs are for Trexi. Even the _RX legs are the same as the _TX legs. Did I miss something? Thank you. - Dean

I have just downloaded the files, Redfox legs are RX Left Leg2 and RX Right Leg2, the files are correct. I have noticed that the right leg is showing the print raft so have removed it. Try downloading again from your downloads it will not cost you . . let me know

Did you find them?

Hi Sparx,

I had purchased several of your bjd heads, and wondered if I could download them again? I lost my copies somehow. Orders were on 2-25-21 and 6-26-21.
BJD- 1/3 Toddler, BJD - 1/3 Head 22v2 Elf, BJD- 1/3 Head 2004 orc, YOSD 60 mm Dollfie head, and 1/3 Head 2001 Stargirl. I would really appreciate it. Thank you! Michelle Clemen

it is very easy, click on your own profile icon in top right, the down arrow should show; DOWNLOADS, click on this and it will take you to all of your previous downloads . . find the model and download button allows you to download again free . . any problems let me know

hello is it possible to buy a ripleys pet 3d print from you.. I do not own a 3d printer..

I have answered your email . .

hey im eric, I like to see about discuss a seperate commission for Ada and Jill together like the Chamber of Dreams you did.

Hello Eric, you can email me on or if you have Facebook message meusing the FB link in my bio

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Iron Girl was sculpted some 4-5 year ago when I was just starting to release my sculpts. Unfortunatly it was uploaded in the print orientation not to allow joining the model as a single print too easily . . I have over the years modified faults on the model and updated, but no longer use the base mesh as moved to different sofware. . . so there are no plans to make a full armour suit I am afraid. The model will still have to be manipulated in a modellling software to align parts ..sorry.

Drop me an email or FB message and I will look at your request . .

Never mind, many thanks.

Can you please make a Tarzan figure. 😀

not on the list I am afraid, loads out there to print . .

Ok, Hope you make a male head with long hair and No beard someday 😀

no plans at present

Hello, I was curious if you have BJD head 22 available anywhere, or when abouts the head will be released?

head22 is already available . . hope this is the one you mean, if not email or FB message me . .

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Thank you, I didn't realize it was there!

Your welcome, enjoy the head

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Good evening, I apologize for yesterday. I tried to download something and encountered an error, but I didn't realize that my hard drive was full, so the download couldn't complete. However, I have resolved the issue and thank you again.

Great glad your sorted ..

Good evening! I understand that you purchased the file for the goddess Bastet, but you are having trouble downloading some of the files because they are too large. You mentioned that you are only able to download the files for the legs and bases. Is that correct?

????? dont understand the message, No I am not having problems as if its this model . . then I would not have a problem as its mine! . . I think you have the wrong person.

OK looking at my sales, I see you have purchased this file . . 46 other downloads and no otherproblems . . must be your IP provider in Brazil. Drop me an email and I will load the files seperatly onto a google drive for you . .

Hello, The model could be scaled up or down as the polycount is high of the model but be aware it will make eye sockets and neck sockets a different size and may be a strange size then to fit your doll. Scaling down of any model reduces the clearance on the skull cap and will be too tight. Alas I only produce 1/3rd for BJD general market place, so I do not have such a file . . sorry,
Best thing to do is try it and use epoxy glue or body filler to make the model fit your doll . .

Can't ask for more than that. :D
Thanks for the response!

I second the suggestion of Gabrielle Drake as Lt. Gay Ellis from Gerry Anderson UFO!!!

I'm dling several of your models as I type. WOW the Chamber of Dreams set looks GREAT! Mind suggestions? You might do wide-eyed Barbarella talking to her Athena statue phone (needs two right arms!) both with and without an armload of weapons concealing her...
I also suggest Xev from Lexx (two different lengths of hair), and Chiana from Farscape. Lt. Gay Ellis looks fiiiine... And of course Emma Peel in her BW-season leather togs... I suggest the grape-press scene (just the press top) from "A Surfeit of H2O" or the railroad-tracks scene from The Gravediggers!

I was wondering if you are my long lost twin! great ideas and all are heroins of mine . . . a couple added to project list but will have to wait . . thanks for the support.

Hi bro, theres a mistake too on the right flexed leg the genitelia one. The shoe on that one hasn't got the key part like the one in the dress. Is only the shoe. And in other parta like the left wrist with the left arm there isn't a key to join them

thanks, have added foot pin to lower torso pose1 GENS2v2.stl, however I cannot see any problems with upper torso's. Pose 1 for rifle does not have any pin connections for rifles. If you could let me know the actual file name it would make it easier to identify the problem. . . .apreciated

I bought both the regular and NSFW models of Resident Jill and Clair. I see the regular version of Ada out there, but I don't see the add-ons. Am I just missing it?

Thanks. Excellent work, BTW!

no its still there . .
also if you can see the non adult ADA, there is a link in description.
If you like my work please upload some of your makes it makes me happy to see other models made from my sculpts . . enjoy

Got it! Thanks! Wasn't seeing it, but I may be going blind! LOL

Thanks again and take care!

I will, when I'm done. I'm just printing them now. Trying to decide on the size. 304mm is a little large for the area I want to put them in. I'm looking at 75% right now. That should work great. :)

Great enjoy, if you reduce the model size the joints clearance will also reduce possibly pins will be too tight . . that is why I advise people not to reduce my models . . but the mesh is of high polycount and will reduce . . be prepared to get your file out!

Okay, good to know. I'm reducing everything by the same % so maybe it won't be so bad, but if it is, I'll print again at the normal size and just find another place to display them. Thanks for the advice!!

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And, if you're taking recommendations...I'd grab Elecktra in a second if it was based on Jennifer Garner. LOL :)

Hi again,
I noticed that there's a flat spot on Ada's elbow on the "slipped" pose which, of course, is the one I want to use. I might be able to fix it with the other arm and slicing it, but figured I would ask you first.

Thank you.

I have repaired the slipped torso and you should be able to download the whole file again without payment from your downloads tag. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I will move the Elektra up the project list now

ok Elektra moved up list, got a bit done if you want to view progress

They both look great! Can't wait until she's done! :) And thanks so much for fixing Ada's arm. It's perfect!

So far, printing is doing excellent! We'll see when I start putting parts together. :)

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Any chance you'll do a Red Sonja figure?

Sonja has been on the list for a while now but there are lots out there wanted to wait till I get inspired! but I do not own a Sonja model so it will happen . .

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Bonjour. J'ai l'intension de faire l'impression de "TERMINATOR - ARRIVÉE - PAR SPARX" Mais avant tout j'aimerais savoir ou trouver la sphère en verre. Merci de me renseigner sur cette pièce. Cordialement.

The size of the model needs a 250mm globe, I use a plexiglass outdoor globe with a 110mm opening, as I didn't want actual glass, since then I have had people use glass goldfish bowls . . search google for 250mm clear light globe" you will find plenty

hello friend, I invite you to follow my page where I post great stls at an equally great value

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

None of the models for sale are licenced to sell STL or models made from them (see description) I do offer commissions and comercial licences ,contact me for details.

I love your creations, especially the elves! How do I get started in 3D printing? Sorry for such a n00b question!

Can any 3D printer give the same results?
What does it cost? How do you get different colours within a single model?

Thank you for sharing your work for free!

too many questions to answer here, but lots of youtube and Facebook groups out there all offering advice (sometimes offence so be prepared) . . FDM is still popular, then SLA or resin . . little bit messier but very high quality . colour . . = Paint or a bank loan for the machine! drop me an FB message and I will point you in the direction of a couple of good groups . .

Hello. I just bought "Brothers – FandF".
At 1/6 scale they are too big for me. Please, could you make them in 1/18 scale? Thanks

If you look through my messages and read my descriptions I get asked a lot to reduce files or create a one piece model . . my answer is the same, scaling down models reduces wall thickness e.g. clothing etc. to the point that it is too thin to print. Creating one piece models that are at a file size thaat will load into a slicer or printer will create a file that is too large to slice . . the description of my models is very clear . . as in the case of this one . . .send me an email of FB message links on my Bio and I will see what I can do


I just bought your Monica Makie head model and was wondering if you could tell me approximately how long it takes to print both pieces? I am new to 3D printing. Thank you!

so how long is a piece of string? . . it all depends on the type of printer the quality of the print etc. When loaded into your slicer software for FDM I use Cura and for SLA I use Chitubox. Both of tghese slicers will give you an estimated time once it is sliced.
I loaded head into Chituboz and its about 7hrs for head and 5 hrs for head cap.

Hello Sparx, I recently purchased and printed The element Water print with Penelope Cruz. I'm test fitting parts and am slightly confused as to where her left foot rests on the top part of the rock base. For her right foot, I see where it's supposed to go on the treasure chest, but on the rock base there's a section where I believe the platform from the boot rests but it is does not seem wide enough to sit there.

Is there a reference or a 3D model I can take a look at to see if maybe I need to sand the gap to make it wider, or at least see where her foot is supposed to rest on the model? Thank you.

There are 2 photo's on the model page of her feet. One lit up showing that just the front of her boot is fixed to "Top Rock Pool.stl" and another not lit showing a slightly different angle pics 12 and 14. I have added another picture at 15 to show the 3d model highlighted for foot positions. Any further assist drop me anFB message or email.

Thank you for reply. Those pictures should give me all the information I need but if I have other questions I'll ask.

Your welcome . . post a make when your done, let me see your work as I am always interested what peoples visions are of my models.

I finished up painting and putting together the figure today and I'd like to post my make of it but Cults does not allow me to choose your figure as an option when posting pictures of a make. Would you know why this is?

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