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Hey, that Padme turned out awesome, I'm working on sanding and painting now and just purchased the 2 Leia's. Had a quick question, do you ever take like suggestions or requests for designs or do you already have like a list of things you already are working on?

I have a list that is longer than my life span . . I do take commissions, please contact me details on my profile . . dont forget to post a make , always have time to view how other modelers paint my designs

Hi there

I really admire your work and I have already bought and printed some of your models. Mainly I like classic pin ups like your Bettie Page and Marilyn renditions.
Many years ago, Andrea miniatures from Spain, produced a series of metal figures based on Gil Elvgren illustrations. . Would it be possible for you to create a rendition to any of these classic pin ups in your future projects? I have been trying to get one of them in particular representing a French maid putting dust under a carpet which I think is a classic.

Here is an image

Thank you and keep the great, great work

thank you for comments, I have no thoughts of more pin ups at moment, however I take commissions and offer shared commissions if I believe the model is saleable ...get in touch with me via email or FB . links on my bio to discuss possibility . .

hi ive downloaded this itam and eveything seems to b there apart from the heads can u please help thaank u

What item? please let me know which model

Hi its the lady robocop thanks

I have just downloaded and both heads are in zip file . . as the model is FREE try downloading again, if you still have a problem it could be what you are unzipping with, or your ISP provider . . but try downloading again . . files are JST no HelmetNFO.stl, JSTwith HelmetNFO.stl and top for HelmetNFO.stl

Ok no probs I have downloaded it 2 times it says heads r there but when I open it it doesn't appear on my plate thanks

I have just loaded the files into cura 4.13 and chitubox without a problem. Try 7zip to unzip the files again its free .

Hi, had a quick question. Are there any plans to have a full nude torso for the Star Girls 2 Padme model? I saw the one for Leia but I was curious if there would be one for Padme as well.

There is a full nude lower and a ripped topless upper for Padme model. there are no plans to do a Padme upper fully nude as it would invole a new set of arms also . .sorry

Oh, ok. Cool. That’s what I thought but I figured I’d just check. The models are amazing. I’m currently printing Padmé with the ripped torso and the details are top tier.

Thank you, so glad you liked it, please post a make when done . . for upcoming models visit my FB page click on link in bio and send a message request . . always something to see or update . . enjoy

Any plans in the future to do an nsfw smurfette?

The Smurf was a shared commission piece and I have just taken another commission to create further characters so early days but its quite possible that it will happen. . . watch this space.

Thank you for the free armor files. They look amazing. I'm new to 3d printing but plan to try some of these soon. I'm looking for a sylvanas armor set if you might have that or could let me know how much you would charge to make it. Thank you again.

ScarlettFoxx, please contact me via FB or email to discuss what you require . . or

great works! I really love the Bubblegum Crisis STL! I am hoping you q\will do more 80's-90's such as Dirty Pair if possible or Dangaioh!

Big fan of Dirty Pair , so who knows . .

Hello, in the Star Girls 3 - Good Morning Mr Solo file I think the Upper Nude Torso is missing. There are only 15 parts in the file.

Thank you for pointing that out to me . . its added now so you should be able to download again. Again sorry for that I'm on holiday from Monday so a bit mudled . .

It's all good, I just wanted to tell you. Now everything is right. Thanks for the quick response.

Great, thanks for letting me know . .

I dont understand what is it you are trying to do??? As I describe in the description it would be a lot of supports to print at 1/6th scale in one piece and most printers will be too small . . .your comment "files are in caos" its because they are ready orientated to print not to join back together.
Let me know what you are trying to do as I do not have a one piece figure as I cut/key as I sculpt the model, so a one piece does not exist.
I do still have the original orientated files but if they are joined the file will be too large for to slice without decimating and loosing some of the detail., another reason for cut/key models

Is that basically I usually measure with the assembled figures and scale it to the size I need (the pieces that I have bought come in the uncut version or by loading the pieces to, for example, meshmixer I can join it without problem).
only that, something as simple as being able to measure the entire piece using software is impossible

its in the description. . . The model is 1/6 scale and is approx. 170mm tall, 165 wide & 223 in length when both models assembled.
Princess is 83 x 144 x 223
Jabba is 170 x 165 x 137

also in the description of all of my models just to further explain why the cuts . . . .Why cut into many smaller parts I have been asked?
1. If you try and assemble this, then paint it . .it would be difficult to paint into hidden areas, less masking when painting separate parts.
2. Smaller parts not only allow for Resin print at full scale, but also allow individual parts to use less supports than one larger part on FDM printers
3. Please do not scale down

Hello, would you have the 3 versionsof the princess and the frog uncut? because I can't put the figure together with blender, meshmixer, 3d builder... the files are in chaos... I bought the figure a long time ago but I still can't print it for this reason... I've tried to put it together without success figure piece by piece but it is impossible

you are artiste, your models are IMPRESIONANTES

thank you, have you printed any of them?

ginius, awosomee, grat, how i come your modeles

thank you I think you like them?

Hey, 3d print noob here. I keep trying to add the supports, but the prints keep failing. Would you be able to send me presupported files? I'd keep trying, but I'm on a deadline... my sister's birthday is at the end of the month.

what model are you having trouble with?

The Jareth (Goblin King) one

FDM or SLA? . . what part is causing the issue?

this would go a lot quicker if you could use FB messenger or even email . . I would like to help you but 43hrs later from original question and I still do not know the issue . . and only a week until sisters birthday . .

What a coincidence! I just did 2 versions of ASSASSIN TYPE01/02/03(NSFW) with the Punisher theme. Once with a tank top and Punisher logo and topless with Punisher body art like Finn Balor WWE wrestler. Can't post the pics here since Cults won't let you upload Makes that are NSFW. Keep up the good work!

cool. .

Hello. Would it be possible to even try to print the Resident Claire files at 32mm?

My model is designed at 300mm approx height, so thickness of walls, detail etc is added at this scale to enable 1/6th scale and above. As with designs increasing size is never a problem to print but to reduce ANY model my answer is always NO, however depending on how thin a wall your printer can handle and at 32mm its not a lot of material to waste if it does not.

Thank you. Would you consider designing a 32mm version?

Yes not a problem, FB message or email can be found on my Bio, send me a message and we can discuss . .

hi, i have your Resident Evil Jill Ada and Claire with and without clothes (i never imagine that i would have them!!! i really have no words..... awesome job)

but i cant see anywhere the extra half stand that you have in the photos for Jill and Ada, i have the half stand for the Claire

also, do you have Jill lower body without the skirt and without the pants like you have for Ada and Claire?
i was gonna try to make clothes for all and now with Jill i cant

Thanks for the kind words and appreciation of my work, This has happened before with Cults but I have checked and correct the missing torso stands they are in the main file(not add ons) . . and I have tested the download again, all is good.
You can download again for free the Jill - and the ADA - models.
Go to your account, click on the DOWNLOADS header, find the models and click on VIEW button on right side . . now you can download your purchase again for FREE.
I have looked on my backups/archives and unfortunately I do not have the body sculpt of Jill nude to create a nude lower torso . . so must have forgotten to save that part . . as I never intended to release that pose . . .
again sorry I can not help but thank you for letting me know about missing files. . . any problems and you can email or FB Messenger via my profile links.

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thanks for checking, i downloaded again and it is there..... i cant understand it but if it works it works :D
same that you cant help with Jill lower parts but its ok, i think its time to try some sculpting myself, hope it will be easier than i think i will try to cut and paste Ada or Claire and go from there

again thanks for the fast help, have fun

Excelente archivo, esta super!!!, me encanto mucho!!!, espero y siga realizando buenos diseños como este, mis FELICITACIONES!!! Saludos!!!

thank you . .

No historically-accurate bare bottom on Marilyn? Who even are you anymore, Sparky?!

sorry just not going to do that to such an iconic figure/pose :-)

Huh. I'd previously read that she was surprised in the first take, and hadn't been wearing any underwear, but now I read that the shoot was not only meticulously planned, it was announced, and thousands of fans were on-hand to watch the 14 takes they did... and that they had to reshoot in California weeks later, because the fans made so much noise. So apparently, the "first take naked" story is apocryphal.

Yep . .

Ah, well. A little work with a hobby knife and paint, and she'll be as bare-bottomed as I've imagined her all these years.

where would we be without imagination ..

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was wanting a custom head designed where can i contact you, thank you.

on my bio, f
click on the Facebook icon and send friend request, or click on email icon and send email . .I prefer if we can discuss via messenger/Facebook ..

Hi. just purchased the knight rider guys Michael and Devan. Thanks for making your work affordable. How about some Starsky and Hutch, the Dukes of Hazzard figures if possible. Thanks again

Thanks for your feedback its always important, Never was a fan of Starsky & Hutch, but loved the Dukes . . My friend Simon Walker has full set of Dukes models sculpted he may sell the files FB search Simon Walker

Thanks for your help. I tried to see if Simon would sell the stl but he won't. Oh I printed the Hoff and Devon and they came out perfect thanks again

sorry bout that, but thanks for your support/sale . .

yes looks very similar, but if you check out her left hand it is a different pose, the hair and face is slightly different . . .but all of the files on his site are from other artists, some of them friends of mine . . .I will report this to Cults to investigate. Thanks for the message.

Hello, I have seen that you have more bjd heads available but they do not appear in your profile to be able to buy them, where can I get them?

the heads are just sculpts to show what can be be sculpted into heads and are not actual head sculpts. I can create any head any size any face . .. send me an email or FB message . . links on my profile.

Can the Michael Knight be scaled to 28 mm miniature scale?

As in the description it is not a good idea to scale down. A lot of the detail at 28mm will be lost and some of the parts like hands edge of jkt will be too thin . . but at 28mm try it as its not a lot of time or material. Normally when creating sculpts I work in the scale required to ensure no thin walls. . . .good luck

What, no NSFW version for the Goblin King?!

apparently he was well gifted as well.. but alas no..

Hi, Let me start off by saying that I love your work! You are an amazing artist. I am interested in some of your other heads with expressions if you are interested?! The heads I was thinking about are 4, 9, 10, 13, and 14. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thank You!

always happy to help, can you send me an email or better FB message contacts on my bio to discuss your needs.