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i have purchased many files from you am i able to sell some off the print

Hi, yes. Just give us the credits on social media. Free files are not allowed to be sold

Quick question for you, would you be able to model a Ford 427 FE dual quad intake manifold in 1/16 for the MPC/AMT Cobra

Please, send me pictures on Instagram

I want to use your Mustang GT500 widebody kit on my Revell 1/12 GT500 and was wondering what the scale ratio would be for 1/12. I would also like to know if you could make a separate file of the truck bed from the FULL KIT: F-100 INSPIRED TOW TRUCK

Hi! 0.833 (83%)

There's already a file with just the bed separated. It's beside the GT500 Widebody.
I'm sorry, I have to update the picture.

Awesome thank you

Hi there, if i were to purchase the hood scoop pack from you, would you allow permission for me to print and sell some
copies to another person?

No problem. I just ask you to give the credits

that is great, thank you.

Hello, Can i scale the spoiler down to 1/64 scale and how is the ratio to your recommendation ? Thanks.



1/16 = Scale to 0.62 (62%)
1/18 = Scale to 0.55 (55%)
1/20 = Scale to 0.50 (50%)
1/24 = Scale to 0.416 (41.6%)
1/25 = Scale to 0.40 (40%)
1/30 = Scale to 0.33 (33%)
1/32 = Scale to 0.312 (31.2%)
1/48 = Scale to 0.21 (21%)
1/64 = Scale to 0.156 (15.6%)**

Please, check out the other new items released!

Thanks for your note. After sending the message I recalled having trouble unpacking the rar file and had also just downloaded WinRar but not installed it yet. As an aside, I have purchased about 30 jobs from Cults and this is the first rar file I have encountered. Thanks

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I bought the 14M-R1 drag wheel pack and the only file in the download is for one wheel centre, and no rims or anything else. Please explain????? I would hardly call one wheel centre a "Pack"

Hi,I just unpacked the .rar file (extension recommended by Cults). There are 17 files on the common pack. Not just the center wheel.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for he feedback!

Also, I recommend to use the WinRar program when you find old releases in .rar extension.
Due to that problem, I won't use .rar anymore in new releases.

Thank you!

Hola, llantas modelo Rinjani de Peugeot 408?

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I think about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

suzuki jb23 jimny,1993 toyota landcruiser hzj78 Can't you make stl data of troop carrier?

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I think about it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi, on the printing program, scale to 0.156 (15.5%)

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hello, I bought the LOWRIDER CUSTOM WHEELS PACK - 5F-1A model, but i got a problem with the 1A (B+C+T) - prt2 part. the center hole is missing. I'm using a sonic mini 4k. trying to print at 1:64 scale.

Hi! Sorry, please try again now. I adjusted the stl mesh from the covers and tires

Hola que tal ? los alerones se pueden escalar 1/64 ? o pierden mucho la definicion ? gracias saludos (tengo impresora resina)

Hi! Yes, they're ok for 1/64. If you have any problem, just tell me

Hola que tal ? los alerones se pueden escalar 1/64 ? o pierden mucho la definicion ? gracias saludos (tengo impresora resina)

Bought the set of 3 figures, I need help. I have a Photon mono any cubic printer
Which settings should be for 1:64 like mm X: Y: and Z:
Thank you in advanced.

Hi! Sorry for the delay! The X and Y axis are variable according to each figure. Use Z as reference: 27mm tall.

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I purchased some rims from you in the pass, I have a question can you make a set of rims for me from a picture ? please let me know thanks.

Hi, please contact me by Instagram.

I received the updated files. Thanks for your quick response and fix

Moparman, please try again. If you still have a problem, send me a message on Instagram.

Thank you!

Hi, so I downloaded a custom truck rim, tire and brake package, but all that came in the zip was the rim. the rim didn't even have a center cap. I was hoping to could add the missing files.

Hi! For 1:14,5 scale it to 0,69 (69%). But in the case of the wheel flare, as it must be adapted according to your model, you have to scale it up or down. I used as reference a BMW E36.

Hello, Insulinadiecast!

Please could you contact me on Instagram to give me more details?

Hello beautiful design on the tow truck everything printed so nice, but I’m having an issue with the bed of the tow truck in the front bottom part of it , it seems odd the way it it came out , I’m not sure if it’s the file itself , would you be able to take a look at the bed file ?


Please, use Winrar program to unzip .rar files. If it doesn't work, I'll upload the new files

thanks for the subs