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Bought the set of 3 figures, I need help. I have a Photon mono any cubic printer
Which settings should be for 1:64 like mm X: Y: and Z:
Thank you in advanced.

Hi! Sorry for the delay! The X and Y axis are variable according to each figure. Use Z as reference: 27mm tall.

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I purchased some rims from you in the pass, I have a question can you make a set of rims for me from a picture ? please let me know thanks.

Hi, please contact me by Instagram.

I received the updated files. Thanks for your quick response and fix

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Moparman, please try again. If you still have a problem, send me a message on Instagram.

Thank you!

Hi, so I downloaded a custom truck rim, tire and brake package, but all that came in the zip was the rim. the rim didn't even have a center cap. I was hoping to could add the missing files.

Hi! For 1:14,5 scale it to 0,69 (69%). But in the case of the wheel flare, as it must be adapted according to your model, you have to scale it up or down. I used as reference a BMW E36.

Hello, Insulinadiecast!

Please could you contact me on Instagram to give me more details?

Hello beautiful design on the tow truck everything printed so nice, but I’m having an issue with the bed of the tow truck in the front bottom part of it , it seems odd the way it it came out , I’m not sure if it’s the file itself , would you be able to take a look at the bed file ?


Please, use Winrar program to unzip .rar files. If it doesn't work, I'll upload the new files

thanks for the subs

Sure, I'll upload them, please contact me on Instagram. I need to know some more details.


I recently purchased the drag wheel pack 15m - r3. is there any way to increase the thickness of the wheel face and bead lock? both are so thin very difficult to print and support with out breaking

I purchased your vintage bucket seats with rails, it says it is scaled to 1/10, however it will not fit my 300x300x400 build plate, can i get the right measurements please

If you need some help, I can slice it for you.

Hi, there!

Yes it is. The only thing you have to pay attention is if it fit in your 3d printer. You'll probably have to slice it.


Hi. Do you think its possible to print the Oshkosh Body bigger to fit on 1:10 or 1:12 ?

Hi there!

I have the Oshkosh Truck with the trailer available! It is very nice in 1/64 scale.

Check it out!
Best regarda

Hi I am new to all of this and my mother had gotten me a 3D printer for Christmas. I just downloaded your wide load trailer. and i was wondering if you are able to make a car hauler that is realistic and in 1/64 scale. I would be unable to pay for it but if have to would find a way to. thank you

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