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Soap holder

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+LAB is the new 3Dprinting lab of Politecnico of Milan. Our team is composed by designers and engineers conducting academic research on this amazing technology!



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I printed this today and it worked great.

I've tried to print this twice (v2) and after it gets down with the bottom (approximately) my printer kind of goes nuts and tries to over-adjust and then essentially, it is offset by about 2 inches and tries to continue printing, but obviously it can't because it is not continuing where it left off and is basically printing over open air, so strings are going everywhere and don't have anywhere to connect. I've never had this issue on other prints.

@ClaudeJanz @nhabbott You're right, sorry for this problem. There is now the good file and a V2 of the Box, you can download the creation again to get them.

Same comment as nhabbott: the plate hase no holes in it.

Could you send me the plate with the pattern .stl files?