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Hi there! we reach to you with a friendly invitation to check some FREE SAMPLES of our work https://cults3d.com/en/users/lacalavera/creations you may find something you love to print, have a nice day friend, let's keep in touch!


I am interested in buying and producing this design in order to sell. How much would you charge for that?
Thank you,
Radu Cojocaru

Hi Radu,
Model didn't appear here in massage tap. Drop us a email, so we can discuss wich model you prefer!


I am interested in buying and producing this design in order to sell it. How much would you charge for that?

Thank you,
Radu Cojocaru

hello, excuse my English, but I like your designs, I would love it, a candle design in the same lines. I buy it thanks

Hi Javier,
Drop as a email, so we can discuss your needs!

hola como estas ? Podría solicitarte como hacer el panal de abejas del los spots curvos. compre el archivo pero no logro encontrarlo. gracias

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website.

Hi Andrzej,

Tell me more about it!
We would love to collaborate.


Here is our website :D https://sklep.spectrumfilaments.com/ We are looking for some projects to print them and put on our website as a promotion of filament. We have some already but we really liked your projects that's why we are asking. Of course we will mention you as an author

Drop me a email!


Hi Andrzej,

We made a company registration!


Hello, where does the yellow e27 power supply cord come from please?

From a local lighting supplier. We take a textile cable and cup for socket, then assembled it together?

New prusaslicer say zero first layer. Model is in the air .

Honestly, zero experience with prusaslicer.
Zero for z axis?

No and Yes . Czech langvage : Už vím kde je problém. Model má špatně vytvořenou první vrstvu , nutno zapnout detekci tenkých stěn . První vrstva obsahuje jeden tenký perimetr. Z důvodu nesprávně vytvořeného modelu není možné problém vyřešit jinak než podporami nebo odříznutím. Tisknout tento model s podporami je ale naprostý nesmysl takže zbývá jen první dvě vrstvy odžíznout ve sliceru.

Unfortunately after cut bad layers will remain only 2 full first layer.

When I open in a slicer the size of this is very small (14mm-15mm). Could you provide end dimension sizes? Based on the description I figured I just needed to scale times 10 on x/y axis but it didn't match the z-axis dimension provided.

Also could you provide the size of the e27 version hole size compared to overall width of the file just in case I need to adjust?


Scale it 100 times to all axis to much 140mm-150mm!

Stay safe

Thank you very much!

Hi there,

We make the path of nosle goes one circle per leyer with 0.8mm diameter.
Raft: Yes
Resolution: 0.2 mm
Temperature: 230 °C
Support: No
Infill: 0 %
Speed: 30 mm/s
Hope this will help!


Hi, I bought the light collection, I'd like to know the print parameters. I hope you don't mind, thank you very much. Vanina.

Hello there,

Which model you get from our creations?
Our models comes directly in STL format, no need to unzip!
If there is an issue with zip, try using another application.
Let us know when you solved the problem,

Best Regards,