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Hi there,
the hex tiles are named wood, but the diagonal stipes do not look like wood. Do you have the wood shaped hex tiles at hand?
Thank you

i would love to turn the Secret Lock Book into a deck box for mtg are there any ways to expanded the dimensions of the box? L 4" x W 2" 11/16 x H 3"

Hi! how are you? i want to ask you where did you obtain the models of the hexagon for catan that you published in the sea expansion

have you designed a scoop that is used in underground coal mining currently working on printing the miner roof bolter and shuttle car

Not going to lie... I forgot I had a cults account and am now going through over 8,000 notifications. Here's the scoop:

also having seen that you do a batman figure so is it possible to have a 2000ad rogue trooper figure in say 32mm such as the one made in 70mm by dark world creations or is that infringing on copytrights and is a no go thing ?

have sent you a small donation as my son currently doing a 28mm scale continuous miner for me from your files

Hello there I work in a coal mine where there is a continuous miner and shuttle cars in use and I am trying to model a mockup of part of the mine, I do not have 3d printer but my son has and so far done a test print of continuous miner from you for me in small 1/72 size and now going on to do larger 28mm version and also the shuttle car and roof bolter, I would love to see more mining machines becoming available such as disco mk 2 or 3, eimco shovel loader, fsv flatbed loader, dinner excavator, 12BU loader, double drum shearer, all these are machines that I have worked with over many yrs in mining and yet to see them readily available as models, yours so far a good start and I hope to see more

Dosco not disco

Hi! I absolutely love your robo dog that you did! I am looking to use it for my artificers companion. I was just wondering if there was a way you could add a small base to it for extra stability. If not, this will still work great!


Love the look of your minimalist flooring. Can you design grass and water versions?

I completely forgot I had a cults account and am just now seeing this message. You probably don't need them any more but I'll see what I can do :)

Do you charge for your downloads