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Do you have the other shoulder for Warhound

Hi this sounds only has one shoulder pad we’re do I get the other one

hey man killer work on all of these any chance you have a reaver titan around ?

I don't know if you've answered anyone but do you still have the strife herald files?

you should see about doing a model like a harpy or hive crone. that would be amazing. I cant find a comparable model.

you should see about doing a model like a harpy or hive crone. that would be amazing. I cant find a comparable model.

Hello, I've noticed your models are all tagged "noncommercial", would you be amenable to having a license/contract to sell the prints through a storefront?

Hey pal, Amazing job on the Wardog titan. I have seen on the Warp(internet) you had a more offical looking GW warhound titan
Do you still have that STL?

I just Downloaded your Lucius Pattern Wardog titan and it is missing one of the torso sections. I believe it is the right side where the arm mounts. Is there anyway I can get that .stl file from you?

Hi Jimbeanz the mars wardog is missing files, any chance I can get them?

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I am looking for missing parts of the Leviathan Dread you have - do you have them, by chance?

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Printed of this guy to use as a HQ and came out great. What would it take to just get the pauldrons as their own items? I love the look and would like to make a unit of these guys :) Let me know what it would take to make it happen.


Someone asked about the arms on the blood angels dreds you have. I didn't see an answer, so i am asking where you got those and if they are available?

Any chance you still have the Strife Herald files laying around somewhere? Really wanting to view those files.

  • 2 j’aimes

Do you still have the file for the "Warbringer Titan"? I don't have a printer large enough to print it yet but plan on buying one in the future. Also, your wardog is excellent! I printed it on my Mono

Hello good friend. Could you share the DREADNOUGHT - MARK LIV?

Can this file be used for a resin printer?

hello mate, i downloaded your mars pattern warhound but found most of the files are missing. did i miss something?


I'm looking for missing parts for ORNATE VAMPIRE DREADNOUGHT - MARK LIV
can you point me in the right direction to find them?


I am also looking for the remaining files for the ornate vampire levi

Hi could i have a link to the remaining files for the ornate vampire dread please?

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Ornate vampire dreadnought, could i please have the other files?

What percent should the Biovore be to make it look like it's the same?

Any chance that this dreadnought file is still available? DREADNOUGHT - MARK LIV