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Good day! i love your Mr Big dakka Orc warlord, but the backpack seems to be too big(or the body is too small?), do you have the proper sizes for it? trying to make it fit, thank you!

Hello, any chance you'd release versions of your chaos warriors with either blank shoulder pads or without shoulder pads at all? Thanks for everything, really love your work.

Hello I was wondering if you had the STL file for the flying alien tyrant?

Any chance you'll be uploading a Bat Lords Leviathan Tombnaut?

your works amazing i hope you continue make more orks and gw leaves you the hell alone.

Hey do you know where one can find a sweet ride to go with that disco lord?

Hey I don't know if you are even the creator but do you happen to have the sweet ride for that disco lord? I'll gladly tip you for it.

Hi I'm not sure if this is correct but your file only has the Left hand shoulder mount for the gun, I don't see a right shoulder mount.

The link you provided to the rest of the dreadnought isnt there anymore, can you update it?

I’m looking at getting a Mars 2 pro and want to build a tyranid army. Do you know if it’s big enough and if it’s a good choice for tyranids?

Hi, I was curious if you had the stl for the tyrant in your "xenos double bio-gun" model.
Many thanks.

Hi the mars wardog seems to be missing a fair few files, any chance i could get them

I found your model on Aliexpress to sell, your rocket smash captain...
Just to warn you.

€ 14,89 | 1/24 75mm 1/32 56mm Résine Modèle Smash Capitaine Fusée 40K Figure Unpaint Aucune Couleur RW-108

Hey, i downloaded the martian wardog variant from another site, it had you tagged as the maker, though its missing most of the files it seems, how would i go about getting the full version?

When printing at 100% scale, for the upper arms, what scale should I use since I noticed they are a bit smaller then the bottom arms?


Do you have a professional email on which you contact ?

Best regards

Jim, I am in the process of making all the Titans via print. So far I have completed the Warlord, your Warhound and a Mars Warhound. Working on a Reaver currently, but would love to get your Warbringer to add to your Warhound and the rest of my collection

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oh are there files for warlord and reaver? where can i find these

hi i downloaded the Barbed Tyrent high rule dude but it only hs the carapace and gun arms, is there another listing for the head arms legs tail etc?

Do you do commissions?

What ever happened to the awesome warbringer model? I saw it on reddit. super sweet, id like to add it to my collection :)
keep up the awesome 3d modeling man.

Hi I've come across your 40k model and would like to know if you do a commercial licence thanks

hello kind stranger. big fan of what your putting out. the leviathan blood angels dread is superbly sculpted. only problem is ive realized i only have part of the dread,. you were kind enough to link to where you could find the rest of the pieces, but that is now gone. I was wondering if you might happen to have the stls for the whole BA leviathan dread? thank you in advance.