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ADKS - Ender 3 Fan Duct v3


Thank you for this wonderful work.

I made an adaptation piece for ender 3 V2.

This adapter is made for an official Bltouch.

I will be happy to send it to you.



Hi, this Flower Pot looking like a Minion Figure is a Remix, a modified 3D Model, of this Model from Thingiverse:
The only Thing i made are the Holes in the Body. Feel free to contact the original Creator of the Minion Figure via Thingiverse:

Dear Sir,
We are based in Italy and we are interested in your great models such as Minion flower pot. We would like to buy it to be able to print and sell it on Etsy where we have a shop for 3D printed items, Skipdesign3D.
We can add your name as the owner of the copyright and will not in any way mass-produce it, please let us know if it is possible or not. Thank you a lot,
Stefania De Corrado e Andrea Maiarelli