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Good morning,

Are your scenery files compatible with PLA printing?
I'm interested in several of them but I only have a Prusa mks3+


Good morning. Almost all terrain pieces except some very small are printed on Stock Fdm printers (Ender 3 for example) to ensure to be printable in PLA home printers.

Hi i am a first time printer and I chose your ogre as my first print. The lower legs and feet are not printing. All other parts are spot on. I tried both ogre files corrected and supported. Each time model fails. I have a anycubic photon mono 6k. Any help would be appreciated.

How do we go about getting permission to sell prints of your files?

Hello, can your 3d models be used as 3d animated characters (encrypted/file can't be reached or sold) in a commercial video game (not for printing use but commercial video game use, the models only appear in the game, as 3d characters moving around; only the video game itself is sold)? Thank you in both cases.

Thanks for reaching out.
We do not offer such a license for our 3D files. It is prohibited to replicate and use our 3D files in any way other than 3d printing for personal use.
Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding out products.
CGF Team


Does your haghouse come in pieces tobe assembled or does it need to be printed as one solid piece?



Greetings! yes the hag house is in pieces and can fit both in resin and fdm printers. Happy printing!

Thanks for your reply, printed fdm but I’m new to resin, as in just got the printer new.

Do I need to add supports? In chitbox I’m questioning how it is going to print with no supports. Ex curve in a whip, over hangs in detail I wouldn’t even attempt using fdm without supports.

Almost all our models come with resin presupported files for easier printing. You can check it in the model description.
Because you are new to 3D printing, I would suggest to watch some Youtube tutorials!

good evening . all our models are designed for most of the resin printers that are sold. most of our parts fit on phrozen shuffle 2018. whats your build volume? Printing Volume: 120mm x 68mm x 200mm. of shuffle is this. if its the same or larger ( 200 mm is the Z so you just need to meet the 120mmX68mm XY)

as far as i see both the 2k and k proxima are bigger so you will have no problem.

It was the rat king u you iI did.

I was wondering if split for resin printers. I have a small bed, voxelAb proxima…

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes you can print the rat king in a small volume printer without an issue!

Is this in parts so I can print on a resin printer?

Good morning. I cant see the item you are refering to. can you sent me the link please?
this is your model selling on etsy i think.

Thank you very much for the information. Propably is on of our authorised sellers to print and sell some of our models, but we will check it out.

I was wanting to purchase the club stl from your Cave Troll model. Separate from the body of the troll. Thanks.

Unfortunately we do not offer the club separately from the Troll Model.
Thank you very much for your interest.
We wish you a great day!
John P
CGF Team

Where is the club file to be found? Thanks. Jeff

Can you tell us about what design that has the club, you are referring to?

Would it be possible to purchase an stl of the club only? Thanks.

Can you give us more information regarding the club you mention?

i bought the abyssal waters package (mostly for the ship and bases) but the presupported files are not included it seems, at least for the ship, and the base for the ship is missing. Please advise :)

Greetings! We will look into this and will get back to you in the morning!

Hello! We have uploaded the missing files for the ship. You will find them in two additional zip folders.
Have fun!

I just downloaded the ship but I'm not seeing the presupported files, are they in a separate zip archive or in the original?