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Hello my friend and take it easy, I want to buy these products and sell 3D printing on the internet. What problem would that be for you?

Hola, ¿cómo puedo contactarte en relación a tus diseños para uso comercial?

Hello ,
I want to do like you, but something completely different, can you help me, teach me, or a video that shows how you do it !!

Hi there ! Browing ur coollection you done some amazing work, Wondering if u would make a great Dane wall art for me please? would purchase ASAP!

Hi! I love your work and will be purchasing more files in the future. I have a question about commercial use. Is there a way to pay you for that? I printed one of your designs I found on Thingiverse. I showed it to someone I work with a non-profit and they loved it. I don’t want to do anything illegal and I want to ensure you get full credit for your work. Is this something I could do?
I am sorry if that doesn’t make sense

I would like to print some of these and sell them at my small town music festival. How do I go about getting permission to sell these?

hola que tal como se pegan en la pared?????


We are a average size 3D print farm looking for other ways to expand our business. Would it be possible to buy and use your designs to sell in our stores?

Kind regards,

hoi een vraagje hoe maak je van een foto zon mooie lijk wallart welk programma gebruikt u er voor hoor graag van u mvg ashley

Bonjours monsieur je serait intéressez pour vous achetez plusieurs œuvre mais si je vous les acheter j aimerais en faire pour les revendre .
Mais pour cela il me faut votre accord .
Merci d'avance

Hi, do you have any tutorial how glue them together 1 by 1? thanks

is it ok if i pay for the file and print it to to sell the finished product ?

Hello I was wondering if i could use one of your wolf design for my logo I have a 3d printed version of it from my friend and i fell in love with the design! Thank you for reading this

Hi there, I would like to know if it is possible to buy your projects and sell the printed product here in Brazil.

I will be waiting your answer, please send me an email:

Best Regards,


I run a 3D printed products business and I was wondering if you would be interested in working together on a royalty percentage to use some of your designs?


Hi! I would like to print the Owl to sell it to a friend (in Argentina) Could I do it? Thank you in advance!

Hi There, I recently printed one of your 2d prints and love it, I was wondering if I could have permission to sell some in the U.S? Thank you in advance !

Good afternoon,

Thank you very much for your designs, they are impressive! I bought a few and they look great on the wall. I would like to talk to you about increasing your sales so that your design reaches a lot of people in Spain. My email is:

And my phone number is: +34 664 15 26 76

Best regards,

I am wanting to 3d print and frame two of your prints and sell them at local flee markets here in the US.
I was wondering if that is possible and what would I need to pay.
I can send you photo's of how I will display your work.

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I absolutely love your designs. I was hoping to 3D print and frame to sell. Would you consider allowing me to do this and give you a cut of the profits, I would also list you as the artist. I live in the UK.

Many thanks,


petite fille ravi merci pour tout superbe

Howdy, would it be possible to purchase your designs, print, and resell them? I could offer a small commission per sale. Say $1 per sale. The sale would probably be $8 or $9. Thank you!

I don't know if you speak Spanish sorry, I was wondering if you accept BTC as payment?

Hola, acceptas BTC en pago por los modelos?

Hello, how are you?
I would like to know if it is possible for me to buy your models and resell the printed parts?
If so, how do I pay for items? Thankful.

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