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Hi there, I was wondering if the roar eagle is cut up enough to be printed on an elegoo saturn?

I have the same printer, looks like everything fits comfortably.

Hi, i wanted to ask for your permission to offer this model in my printing services, I'm from Mexico, my customer handed me the file (he paid for it). but more people are asking me for the same model. Please contact me to know your answer.

Sorry if my message sounds to aggressive or inappropriate, i don't handle English very well.

Hey Solutionlesn, i bought the roar eagle. Is there a part list what i have to print how often and what has to be mirrored?

Would appriciate help.


Is it scaled right?

Hey Solutionlesn, do you have any plans to tackle the Thunderbolt? The few models I could find are pretty low poly, and there's a big fan codex for Elyisans dropping - could be a good time to put one together or talk to the community about it.

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a few people on a fb page are offering your model to print claiming they are a printing service....

The Tanks and APC's for the Guards, do the weapons come printed as part of the hull or are you able to print the weapons separately and maganatize? Thanks for your answer :D

Hey man, really like the heavy weapons teams! By any chance do you have, or could you cut up, an STL with just the grips?

I recently Purchased The Venator model, and when I sliced the file, there appeared to be a phantom area of the model that is just kind of a brick. I am not having this problem with any other models, are you aware of this?

Would it be possible to make a Hell Hound upgrade pack?

first i love your Baneblade Constructor, but i am missing Heavy Flamers for the sponsons.
Could it be possible to include the heavy flamers?


Unfortunatley the upgrade pack is missing a number of weapons. chainsword, melta etc

Search for Assault trops upgrade in you download folder.

Cheers bud. Downloaded it again. It extracted to a random folder. All sorted. Loving your work.

Downloaded all your birdies and Reginlief. You've inspired me to create insides for everything I can as well as make a transport ship big enough to fit a Land Raider, which I'll also have to make an inside for.

sorry to bother you, but i have a question, what kind of 3d printer do you recommend be used with your miniatures, i really want to get into the hobby but dont want to make a mistake with a printer, thank you in advance

I'd recommend larger printer like Anycubic Photon Mono X. Having a build plate that you don't have to rebalance every time you do a print is so anxiety relieving. It has the same XY resoultion of 50 um, Z 10 um. It's also 3x faster than a normal small, entry level like the Elegoo Mars.


I bought your "blast birdie" and "roar eagle" files a while back and finally got around to slicing them. They appear to be too large for the Elegoo Mars 2 build area. Do you have suggestions on how to adjust the files so that they fit or will it be necessary to cut them into small portions?


I'm plating it right now on my Photon Mono X, I have the space but know it wouldn't fit my old Mars 1.

No presupported files right?

do you perhaps also sell the legs for the scimitar jetbike?

I modified/remixed the canopy for the "Reginleif" to be open so whoever printed it could use a clear material for the glass. I wanted to let you know since there's currently no proper way to link the remix to you on Cults. As soon as I verify with a print, I will upload it. Btw, great work on the STLs. Everything printed without issue. I did have to cut the tail booms to fit on my printer but everything else was perfect. Im also trying to figure out a clever way to edit the "Solar Lord Vulcan Tank" Hull to be printable on an Anycubic Photon Mono SE. I cut the tracks no problem but, the hull's geometry is complex and might require more ingenuity.

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For stormlord try constructor model.

first of all: you do amazing work, I have bought part of your files and plan to buy the rest. thank you so much for all you do!
Second: do you have, or plan to do a stormlord variant of the scourge cutlass?

Hey Solu, Will you eventually be making the Executioner and Demolisher Turrets as well?

I didn't Specify but, just incase I was referring to the "Main Battle Tank"

Hello, do you do commissions?

Im sorry I didnt find a fire raptor gunship aka blasting rector hawk. If you dont have it - I think its a great model to go for. :)

Would there be any chance of an aiming pose for the assault troop hotshot arms? Thanks!

Hi, I've bought your lovely 4th martian battle tank. I wondered if you'd be able to make a multilaser to replace the lascannon on the hull as that's an option for my army?

Hey, I bought the SOLAR LORD VULCAN TANK and it looks like the zip file is missing some stl files. On the back of the turret it looks like there should be some items hanging but there is no file. I also saw a print of this on reddit and it had a tank commander model on it along with some additional decorative items.