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Hello, do you have any plans to make catachan infantry? The current GW models are pewter and frankly suck

Hi, any plans for an 'old empire shark tank' aka Carnodon or an 'old empire cattle transport' aka Aurox, at some point? Anyways, keep up the fantastic work your models are amazing.

Hi, great works you have got here, and I bought like 13 items from your collections :) one question though, and sorry being a nob, may I ask why sometimes there seems to be duplicate of files, behind the zip from the original zip I mean, is one of them more update? thank you, you rock!

Hello, do you have any STL's for infantry backpacks?

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Hi, looking to buy your Mommoth and Roar Eagle Kits, can i please ask how many files are in each.


could you do this as Print at 30% for approximately tabletop scale. already and also do a pre-surported version of this size too so know it will print


Hellos! Just picked up the new Corsica kit and it is beautiful! What should we do about heads and weapons though, will those be forthcoming kits? Thank you and please keep up terrific work.

Hello. Head, weapon and shoulder pads will be as upgrade kits.

I know there some stuff going on and you might not want to put new stuff out there, but how about a Salamander command vehicle?

Please consider making the solar aux artillery vehicles. I think you’re most of the way there with the bombard anyhow! Cheers

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I got issues with your Mammoth files of hull p1 right and left. Its failing after printing 2/3 on my mars3. Was trying different setting or positions and failed 4 times already :/ you got maybe those files split in half or other version?

You can split them in half using Windows 3D Building.

Hi! This fits on elegoo mars? Or mars pro ?

Greetings, I just found your stuff and it's amazing! Question: I have Solidworks, which doesn't like large STL files, and wanted to make some small changes to some of the models either to add magnet holes or fit the theme of my army slightly better (move or change weapons, etc). Any chance you can provide files in STEP or parasolid format for anyone who wants to make changes like this? Thanks!

It mentions in the comments that you need parts from another kit to fill in the green parts in the image; however, the link provided is dead.

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Hello. Try again the problem should be fixed.

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Dang, thought this was a new announcement for a new model.

shoot forgot to mention this is in reference to the

Would the parts for the "Roar Eagle" fit on the build plate of a smaller resin printer?

Hello. What sizes are we talking about? At least approximately.

Hi, I bought your vehicle crew but want a shoulder pad thats blank. Yours are perfect but could you do one without the skull please. Thanks

Hello. Added blank shoulderpad (Shoulderpad_blank.stl). Try to redownload.

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Amazing, thanks so much for this.

Hi, Just wanted to check scale on your 3d models are they 1:1 with the GW or FW models or do they need upscaling at all? I tried the Heavy weapons teams and they only match my officials at approx 120% was wondering if the same applied to tanks and such? Many thanks in advance

Usually all models are to scale, but all models for HWT for infantry are smaller due to inaccurate measurements at the time of creation.

Hi! You wouldn't be working on a 'bad weather eagle' aka storm eagle, would you?

Hello. I'll try to add some to the list.

The model you are talking about is no longer for sale.

For the "Broadsword Jetbike", the spear mounting is behind the rider and when the spear is placed in it's holder it goes through the rider's foot and the foot pedal. Is there anyway to move the mounting fo the spear to in front of the rider, (similar to the official model).
Otherwise great model and very much appreciate your work! Keep it up!

The spear rest is in place, in the second option, the spear is just suspended from the side in front of the rider.

hey mate any plans to do more of the hh aircraft proxies like the raptor or stom ? got your other birds but need more !!

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I know the feeling. Like that he includes a full canopy so I can print it with clear resin and make windows.

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Second this! Great work, I've got the 2 big birds, looking for proxy for a Fire Raptor Bird, any eta for it? Thx

There's a Fire Raptor bird, but it requires multiple downloads.

Hello. I'll try to add some to the list.

i just wondered if the roar eagle will fit on a photon mono?

Hello. If I remember correctly, it should fit, but there will be very little space.

Hey do you have a malcador?

Hello. Not now, but it's on my list.

Less Guard, more non-Guard.

Any plans for thudd guns. Artillery would be nice :)

Hello. Maybe later.

Very much I want to buy a model, but for Russia is not available any way to pay, perhaps there is a way to pay otherwise?

Hello. Write to my email.

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Love your work have you got any plans to make a thunderbolt or is it on your list.

Hello. Not yet, but maybe in the future.

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