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Hello, you have really stylish designs, I will follow you closely and wish you continued success.

Thanks you vert much

good morning. yes, but that's not the way to do it. I wanted 6% per sale as I explained at the start. you understand ?

I stated the 6% sale was not good for me, I wanted a license deal, and you offered 6.00 USD for license and gave me your PayPal.. I sent money now now it's different.

6% for each sale is not much. 6
USD for everything it's the objects it's impossible

So do you agree to allow me to print and sell your whole catalog now and future items on cult for 6% of the profits on any platform I choose to sell on as long as you also have your name posted as designer of these items correct??

just the key doors that I make for free on the CULT3D site please

No ..sorry not interested in percentages on such small items..if I sold item for 6.00 the most and you take 6 percent after I add keychain and and ring to connect to for example the panda, I wouldvmake .50 the most..andcat craft fairs they wont spend 8.00 for a keychain.

Small calculation:
You sell 1 keychain at $5.
The manufacturing cost price:
Plastic filament = 10 grams = 0.35$
Key chain = 0.50$.
For me 6% of $5 = $0.30 for each sale
$5 - ($0.35 + $0.50 + $0.30) = $3.85
You have $3.85 left for you with each sale. Where is the problem.
Please tell me how you calculate.

Ok we have an agreement but I need your next reply to state what we both agreed on and the money i sent you as a legal binding contract, because peple will.point fingers and when they do I can just show them your reply especially at the craft fairs.. I will tally and update you on all sales from fairs and website with copies of invoices as well as transfer to paypal..thanks.

okay. do you have an email please?
I will write you a text to be clean

Ok. Compagny.
Attractive 3D Printing

So the agreement would be I can print and sell keychains dor a one time fee of 6 USD through PAYPal..if yes I can send now

ok to agree. I count on your honesty and trust. I wish you good business. See you soon and good luck.

You can write Conception Made in France. it is a good reference.

Ok so we are clear I will pay you 6.00 USD to be able to print and sell your keychain files on Cults 3d and I will have a license to sell as long as I put Designed by PLP Conception Made In France?

Ol how do I send money to you what is the email on paypal?? And yes I never cheat thats why I ask permission first, I believe in honesty..thankyou

Ok the money has been sent to you..did you receive?

Can i buy a license from you ? Or you do not want anyone else making your designs and selling elsewhere?

how do you want to do it and for what object please

I wanted to use just the keychains and sell them at local craft fairs in long island in NY US and on my website.

Want to chat for a percentage on your sales and mention my attractive.3D.printing brand every time?

Percentage of my sales on keychains at craft fairs at 5 or 7 usd a piece is a bit extreme for me. If you had a license in place for a fee would be more feasible.

Ok. For 6 USD. but I don't have an official license yet. payment by PAYPAL. What do you think?

Are you still there?


So the agreement would be I can print and sell keychains dor a one time fee of 6 USD through PAYPal..if yes I can send now

Great stuff can I print items to sell on my website??

Sorry. I'm already selling my items.

You are creating realy cool things!
Good luck ))

Hi) how you get so many folowers likes downloads?))) you are so cool

Thank. A lot of time

Love and respect for your designs and I appreciate the like on my own first published design. La passion et l'innovation sont liées comme les papillons de nuit sont à la flamme. Mais la brûlure est si brillante.

Yes. Belle citation

I love your designs fantastic job!

Thank you very much

moin markus hier sag mal was wurde bei dir so bis jetzt am meisten gekauft


Thank you very much for following us on Cults!

We are STLFLIX and we have the ambitious plan to become the Netflix of 3D printing! So I'm here to invite you to get to know our project!

By subscribing you get weekly new STL drops, access to STLFLIX's FULL LIBRARY while a member, access to our own Discord Exclusive server and early access to new 3D files.

Thank you for your like! I really like your work!All the best!

Thanks have a good day

Bonjour, j'adore ce que vous proposé.
Est-ce possible de vous faire une commande de dessins personnalisés ?

Bonjour, Oui si c'est dans mes cordes.

Bonjour, Dites-moi le prix pour vos gants de boxe avec inscrit B.A.A ?
Pourriez-vous les faire en deux parties de manière a ne pas avoir de support d'impression ?
Merci d'avance,

Bonjour. Je les imprimes sans aucun spport

Pour B.A.A je l'offre.

Bonjour, OK merci à vous.
Quand puis-je avoir le fichier ?

gracias por seguirme , quiero felicitarte por tus creaciones son fantasticas ojala pudiera aprender algo de to do lo que sabes hacer , sigo cada una de tus publicaciones y diseños , saludos desde argentina

Bonjour, bientôt des nouveautés !
Possibilités de fabrication à la demande

Hi do you allow the seal of 3d prints from your designs?

Vous pouvez préciser pour quelle fonction ?

I would like to sell the 3d prints (not the file)

sorry I can not accept, I already sell them myself

Merci beaucoup pour votre LIKE le modèle : MATE PELOTA BASKETBALL !!! Nous vous invitons à visiter nos autres modèles qui pourraient vous intéresser. Cordialement ME3D

Merci pour le suivi

Salut ! J'ai une petite question ? Tout les modèles 3D que tu as sur ton compte c'est toi qui les modélises ? Sinon tu les prends où ?

Bonjour. Je modélise moi même.

  • 1 j’aime

Salut ! J'ai une petite question ? Tout les modèles 3D que tu as sur ton compte c'est toi qui les modélises ? Sinon tu les prends où ?

bonjour, merci pour cette boite à frissons. Pouvez-vous me dire comment le couvercle peut tenir ?

Bonjour, Il est juste posé comme ça. A l'occasion je vais l'améliorer.

  • 1 j’aime

Merci pour ça, s'il était possible d'avoir un message lorsque l'amélioration sera effectuée. Je trouve l'idée tres bonne

Oui, bien sur


I'm new here, for a while I wanted to start selling through this site.
Do you have any advice on prices or more or less relevant stuff ?
And in general how i got downloads and Followers ?
Thank you for your time
Love Omer

j'ai besoin d'aide svp pour le porte essuie tout.
Mon rouleau mesure 210 MM.
Quel longueur de balcon et de barre dois-je imprimer svp ?
Et comment dois-je faire pour imprimer le balcon et le crochet en symétrie ?
D'avance grand merci pour votre aide.
Cordialement Fred

Vous pouvez imprimer tout en dimensions 240. (Il y aura simplement un peu plus de place de chaque coté du rouleau)
Pour les symétries, vous importez vos .STL dans votre logiciel d'impression et puis vous cherchez la commande symétrie. (Il y en a dans tout les softs normalement)
Contactez moi si vous avez des difficultés. Bonne impression et à bientôt.