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Your istagram page is no longer there that I can find. Are you still open to commissions?

I fixed the link. I do take commissions from time to time, however I'm only taking on very simple projects like objective markers / wound markers.

You’re deathwing master Does come with without a plain robe and shoulders pads ?

I don't do requests. What you see is what you get.

can you do Death Guard wound markers?

theres an error when you try to extract the files from the pilum v2 folder. it wont let you extract those files. for the pilum assault hovercraft stl you created

Try using a non-shit zip tool like the free 7zip.

Hi, the first photo shows both a left-handed and right-handed khopesh, but there's only a left-handed one in the files. Do you have the file for a right-handed one as well?

With 3d printing if you have a right handed version anyone can make a left handed version with just one click! Just open up your favorite slicer or 3d builder and hit the mirror button :wink:

Haha thanks...still learning ;)

Hello there. I want to sell physycal copies of your bases in my store there is any option to do it so? Thank you!

Hey the rought rider with the lance is that version available please

Hey there love the model is there any chance you could make a gunner with blank shoulder pads please?

Hello friend! I just downloaded your chicken warriors but alas they do not have supports. Is this something you can upload?

Did you look inside the included zip file? Because they are there ;)

Hello, I have downloaded your chaos rhino model. I was wondering if you have the ram bar/rake as a stand alone (not supported)

Hi, just a heads up the presupported lychee file in the kroot pack can't be unpacked for some reason. windows gives an unknown error when extracting it

It works fine, just tested it. Did you try 7zip?

7-zip did work, sorry to bother you apparently it's windows basic extraction tools that gave it problems

Hey, is there any plans to make anymore of Emang files print ready for resin printers? looking at the troll hag specifically


Hola puedo contactarte por otro medio ?

I only speak English. You can reach me here.

I don't, sorry.

No I tend to just right click and extract

Hi, i tried to download your gloomy angels bike kit (the one with the attack bike) for some reason every time i try to extract the gloomy-angels-bikes and attack bikes or Non-1st Legion Mazer Attack Bike Remix i get and error, specifically error 0x80004005. can anyone help me fix this? i wanted to make a ravenwing bike captain from this but cant because of the error.

Have you tried using 7zip to unzip it?

No I have not I just tend to right click and extract it. Thx for the recommendation

Bonjour Mazer bonne année.
Je vous contacte car j'adore votre travai. Je voulais savoir si vous comptez réaliser le fire raptor des space marine.

Do you have any version of the DEATHWING TERMINATOR BUILDER without the heads or Dark Angels Icons? Was hoping to put Red Wardens Terminator helmets on


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Guessing there is no way to remove the heads?

Regarding the starry space hover AVF, where are the treads.

Hi there,
thx for those wound markers, they are just what I need. Would it be possible to get Death Guard markers?


Yes - I take on very affordable commissions for creating markers/trackers I haven't yet done. If you are interested reach out to me on my Instagram.

Good afternoon.
Could somehow transfer the castellan files. At the moment, it has been removed from all portals.

pertaining to the attack bikes, trying to unzip the second folders and keep getting errors saying all the files are invalid. please advise

use 7zip

Hi. Thanks a lot for sharing these.