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The other day I saw in your perfil a onager dunecrawler model, where is it? Do you had to delete by the new gw politic?


Not sure what you are talking about. I never made one of those.

hi there I was wondering if I could get a version go the legate walking tanks without heads and symbols lmk thx

I try to get the kastelan robot, that Garin did, but I can't find it. Do you know where I can download it?

They likely aren't available any longer.

Hello! I am a great fan of your work. You are doing such a nice job. Thank you so much for sharing it!

I also wanted to ask you, at this item ( you refer that its a remix and to check the other options. Can you perhaps point me to the right link for Garins Cataphractii Terminator Builder(if this is the correct one) as I've searched the whole internet and can't find it?

They likely aren't available any longer.


Would you be able to make some Thousand Sons styles objective markers?

I really enjoy the ones you have made for other factions.

Thank you.

Yes - I'm taking commissions to make other factions. They are very affordable, and would be happy to make others!

You can PM mere here if you would like to discuss this further.

Thank you I am humbled

I am asking if you can allow me to download very new at this

You can download anything.

If you want to make more wound markers, check some AoS factions. E.g. Ogor Mawtribes have only multi wound models and they certainly could use one of these designs. The Ogor Maw sign would certainly look good on the arrow like model of yours.

Yes - I'm taking commissions to make other factions. They are very affordable, and would be happy to make others!

You can PM mere here if you would like to discuss this further.

I was wondering if you had the files for the "Bumpers" for this model, they seem to be missing from the download?

The Dragsta was made by Tersus. You can find a supported version I did in the derivatives channel on Geargutz Patreon discord.

Hi! I was poking around the printed warhammer discord and someone mentioned your name and a dragsta model. I found your cults page, but I don't see it. Am I crazy?

Hi Mazer, i look for the body of your robot dread. You write is compatible with Sed s model?! Where is these body to find?
Sincerly Matthias

I have seen numerous files for Impulsor/Gladiator out there (yours are great, by the way). Do you know of any for Repulsor/Executioner, as versions of that chassis don't appear to be available on Cults or Thingiverse?

Helo Mazer! I would love for you to make a generic attackbike modle.
As you know there are no attackbike modles for 30k except the one u made.
Attackbikes are very good 30k miniature to have in the army, specially with that loadout. People dont play them because the gw modle is uggly. But a modle like this would be in high demand. I,ve recently baught a 3d printer and am able to 3d print minis here in sweden.
My plan is to print minis and bits for my gaming community here fo a decent price. I will be charging for the resin, and a small price for my work/ time. If you make me a generic 3d printable attackbike im willing to split the work fee earnings with you. What do you say?

Helo mazer! I would love if you could make a ganeric attackbike. As you probably know there are no 30k model for the attackbike besides the one u made. These are in high demand here in my gamin community. I have a 3d printer and i,m able to print the models and distribute them. My idea is to print for my game community, covering the material cost, and small fee for the work. I suggest a colaboracion, u make me a good generic 3d printable modle. And ill share the work fee of every bike i sell to my gaming community here in sweden?

I don't but if you go to ThatEvilOne's cults page he has the base bike if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

I printed your GLOOMY ANGELS ATTACK BIKE, and i have to say that i really love it.
I wanna convert it to make close combat bike, so i wanted to know if you have the same model but with one hand not on the bike ( free so) so we could easily connert it to add a close combat weapon.
Thank you in advance.

The Emperor of Mankind is found in the Maker's Cult patreon welcome pack. I'm unaffiliated.

Hey, do you happen to have the sword or arm with the sword on it from the "Emperor of Mankind ____" models as a 3d file? I need to replace one that is very similar. Thanks!

I don't have one of those, so no idea lol

Hi! I'm in the process of printing your mammoth jarhead transport (mastodon) and the file is missing the cover that goes over the siege melta array (main gun). Do you by chance have this piece?

Hi. Great designs. I would love to learn 3d modeling myself... can I ask which program do you use to make this great models

Hello there
Would you consider making Carcharadon objective markers?

THanks in advance