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Hey there! I bought the 16 in 1 DS/3DS cube and it is fantastic, however, I don't have that many :/ If I bought one of the Nintendo switch storage cubes, could I mix and match the smaller storage chain with the switch cartridge ones?

Hi. The switch and 3DS cubes are not of the same size, so they will not match as is.
If you would buy both of them and are ready to rework the models, you can try to make them match together, but for your personal use only. I insist: for your personal use only.
And of course I would not be responsible for any problems you would encounter.
That being said, I wish you the best of luck 🤞.
And thank you for your interest.

Okay, I will consider doing that, thank you for your help!

That's the piece that keeps breaking I have a flash forge adventure 3 light printer and it uses on flash print so if you could let me know what the infill should be or what you know the other parameters should be that'd be great cuz I printed it five six times it just keeps breaking

Ok, I perfectly know which part you're talking about. I don't ask pictures to identify the part (which is the button), I need them to see the layers orientation. The picture you sent is not clear. But once again I suspect you did not print this specific part with the right orientation. It has to be printed on its slice (side).

Did you try to print it again with the original orientation ? I don't know flash print but I made some requests about orientation in this slicer. It seems it happens often that it changes the original orientation for some parts. And I read that just after you imported the part, you have to press CTRL -Z to come back to the original orientation. Tell me if you did that and if it solved your problems.

Okay if you look at your cube you have a orange piece that is like I'm triangle and it's used to close the cube that's the piece that keeps breaking

It's the one piece basically that you put in near the end of the cube and it just basically supposed to close the cube it just keeps breaking basically I have a flash forge adventure 3 and I use you know flash print but if you could let me know what the infill should be or what the you know I'm diameter should be there be fine because every time I print it it breaks it's the one pyramid piece you know you put in in the last cube to close it that

Ok, I will try to guess, without pictures. What you described make me think you or your slicer changed the original orientation of the button before printing. The button should be printed on its slice. Of course, there are 2 slices, I let you find in your slicer which one is the good one. Tell me if this solution addresses your issue. Otherwise, I really need a picture.

Yeah I bought your cube by the way the one that has the Nintendo switch folding and the only piece I'm having issue with is basically the closing that little piece that goes inside every time I make it and printed it which I printed this thing maybe 10 times it keeps breaking when I'm trying to open it so is there any way that you could tell me how to make that stronger or something so I can close it because every time I do it it just keeps breaking

Hi. Can you send me a photo of the button please? Or a screenshot of the button in your slicer? You can find my email address in my profile.

Ok, I will try to guess, without pictures. What you described make me think you or your slicer changed the original orientation of the button before printing. The button should be printed on its slice. Of course, there are 2 slices, I let you find in your slicer which one is the good one. Tell me if this solution addresses your issue. Otherwise, I really need a picture.

Would it be possible to buy the rights to sell a single print or would it have to be the patreon for all of the prints?

Hi. Only the Patreon subscription allows to sell prints , whatever the numbers, whatever the designs. You can sell as long as you stay subscribed. There is no other offers. This is the way to keep things simple.

Bonjour, pouvez-vous me donner les paramètres d'impression que vous recommandez, merci d'avance.

Bonjour, de quel design s'agit-il ? Je n'ai pas l'info.

bonjour, dsl le design est le Chat trop Kawaii super mignon et rigolo [tirelire, boîte, pot, personnage décoratif] .

surtout le remplissage svp

Bonjour. 15-20% en cubic pour le remplissage. Je recommande aussi d'imprimer à relativement basse vitesse quand il y a un assemblage sans quoi on perd en précision. Le plus important : vitesse des murs extérieurs 20 mm/s, vitesse des murs intérieurs 30 mm/s. 50/60 mm/s pou le remplissage où vous pouvez monter à 80 voire 100 mm/s. Perso, j'imprime la première couche en 20 mm/s mais un peu plus vite doit être possible.
J'espère avoir répondu à votre attente.
Bonne impression.

Il y a eu un problème. 50/60 mm/s pour le reste sauf pour le remplissage etc...

Merci à vous

Donnez de vos nouvelles quand vous avez imprimé. Ça permettra à tout le monde de profiter de votre expérience. Un petit make ça serait idéal :-). Bonne continuation.

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Hi im printing the train set and i was wondering what settings you use on the axles and plugs at their ends. I'm using cura at .2 and they aren't coming out very clean like yours in the video. Any tips?

Hi there,
My printer is an ender 3 pro. Generally, when I need to print small parts, I lower the speed, especially the walls speed. I use 20mm/s for outer walls, 30mm/s for the inner walls.
Now the fact that they're not very clean is not really an issue as long as they snap together.
I hope it helps.
Thank you for buying this product anyway.

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Hello, I wondered if you had thought about making a caboose for your original train set? It would really complete the train. :)

Hello. Well, it might be a good idea, but really not my priority right now. But your suggestion is noticed. Thank you


there is only one part the the wheel of the snake train

Hi. Yes the wheel is in one part. Did you expect 2 parts because of the two colours you see in the video? I just changed filament during the print (at layer 17 if I remember)

  • 1 j’aime

ok thank you, i see now, great stl

You're welcome. Happy printing. If you can, post a make, I would like to see your result.

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twin grand boys are going to lov it :)

My son loves it (them) too. He is my chief tester. Everything that resist to him is good to be sold :-)

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Hi, If In buy this design, can I print and GIFT it to two friends for christmas? They are both professional photografers and us a lot of SD-Cards. might print one for myself aswell :)

the 16 in 1 Nintendo DS / 3DS Cardridge storage Cube that is

Take care the 16 in 1 is a cube for video games. There is a cube for SD memory cards but it's not this one. Find the right one among my designs. And yes you can make some gifts of course, if a gift is (in your universe as in mine) free :-). And if you don't have thousands of friends. As long as you're reasonable, yes you can.

Ahh, Will find the one for SD cards then. and yes, a gift in my world, is something I give to someone else, for free :) Thank you for a fast reply :)

You're the second one mixing up SD and DS/3DS. I will write an alert in the product sheet. Happy Holidays.

Hi LabLabStudio,

I deleted the Nintendo cube, because i wanted the SD storage cube, and somehow it didint save. Is there something I can do? I dont even own a Nintendo…

Thanks in advance,

What do you mean by "somehow it didnt save" ? Anyway I asked cults3d to give your money back. Now you can buy the SD cube (or wait for the refund if you prefer). Thank you for your interest

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with how much infil does it have to be printed? thanks
German: MIt wieveile Infil muss es gedruckt werden ?

Hi. Which design are you talking about?




It depends on the infill pattern. With cubic pattern, 20% is good. With giroïd, 12% is enough. You can try less if you want, more is pointless.


I'm sorry, I have was able to delete all my files, clear my cache and I have now been able to print all the versions of the cases both SD and switch. Thank you for your time and again I'm sorry for the trouble

No problems, you're welcome.

Hello, I bought the first version bundle, is there a possility i got the last update ?

Thank you

Hello. Of course. For each design you purchased, every updates are free. You just have to download it again. Maybe there is something special to do but I 'm not sure. What I'm sure about is that all updates for what you already purchased are free .

Ok, thank's !

Hello, I purchased the Nintendo Switch cartridge boxes. So far so good. I printed it and it works great.

There is a small problem that I have everytime and I was wondering if it was possible to slighlty alter the design. The button to open the box is super fragile and it usually bends a little too much when I press it to open the box. The result is that I broke 4 or 5 buttons already and I don't see why it would stop.

I was thinking of either making the button thicker or moving the stop so that it wouldn't go as far.

Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello, I answered 3 days ago but I don't see anything. Did you see something? Anyway, I will do it again. Could you send me by email some pictures of your broken button (a close up) and a screen capture of it in your slicer. Your problem is not due to a thin button. If I should guess before I receive the pictures, I would say that you rotated the button in your slicer to put its base against the bed (which is a very bad idea - but it's a guess). My email address is in my profile.

Yeah I was just wondering how hard this is to print cuz I have a flash forge adventure 3 light and the print bed is 150 by 150x150 so if you could please let me know I'd appreciate it you know how hard this is to print cuz I'm interested in buying it cuz I tried to look on your site to buy one from you that's already printed but you didn't have any so could you let me know please

Which design/product ? Your message is on my profile page, so I don't have any clue. A lot of my designs are easily printable on a 150mm printer, but some are not. So I need to know what you are talking about so I can give you a reliable answer. Thank you.

And when you make a comment please don't write it like it like you are with the others I can't read it I'm sorry I need it to be written like mine

I don't understand your message. How do I write my messages to the others ? How do you write yours ?

How hard is this to print I mean I have a flash forge avenger 3 light which has a 150 bed ratio so would this be big enough to fit on it and how hard is this to print

Hi, I didn't find any avenger 3 with Google. Are you talking about the adventurer 3 ? Are the dimensions 150x150x150 ? If so, all depends on which design you are talking about. Is it hard to print ? If your printer is set properly and if you use PLA, it is not difficult to print whatever my design you may choose.

Hi, I just purchased the SD card charry and I feel like I've done something wrong

Ive used PETG filament in 0.4 nozzel with raft as the filament that I'm using needs a raft to keep the models in place

I'm still new at the whole 3d printing thing

Which filaments did you use?? And any tips??

Hi and thank you for purchasing one of my designs.
First of all, did something to wrong, on which part, or are you afraid to try ?
If something went wrong, what did happen, on which part ? You will find my email address in my profil page. There you can describe your problem, and send some pictures. It will be better to understand and find a solution.

In any case, if you're new in 3D printing, PLA is the best filament to start with. PETG can be interesting but only if you look for very specific mechanical characteristics. For my designs, and almost for all the ones you'll find on Cults, PLA is the best. Cheap, easy to print, very good results. But you will have some fails (not a lot) and this is the way you will learn. Whatever the filament you use, the printer you bought, you will have some fails. And it's not a big deal. Don't be afraid to try. A lot of people around will help you if you ask. I will help you if I can.

I'm waiting for your answer.

Hi, I just purchased the SD card charry and I feel like I've done something wrong

Ive used PETG filament in 0.4 nozzel with raft as the filament that I'm using needs a raft to keep the models in place

I'm still new at the whole 3d printing thing

Which filaments did you use?? And any tips??

Model super sympa à faire. J ai utilisé un remplissage de 14 % et le model rend bien. Assemblage facile juste faire attention pour l ordre d assemblage pour les supports micro SD.

Bonjour. Merci pour ce gentil message. Ça fait forcément plaisir. J'aimerais bien voir ce que vous avez fait. Un make serait possible éventuellement ? Sans que ça ne vous soit pénible.
Quand vous dîtes qu'il faut faire attention à l'ordre de montage des emplacements MicroSD, considérez-vous que la documentation et la vidéo YouTube ne sont pas assez explicite sur ce sujet précis ? Devrais-je ajouter quelque chose ?
Merci en tout cas.

Hello, Can you make this same part and at the same price (lol) for the creality CR-X dual extruder, without BLTouch
Thank you for your reply,

Hello. No I can't, for many reasons. If you want details, just email me. The main reason is I don't have myself a dual extruder, so I wouldn't be able to test my designs. I never publish anything I cannot test. If you want different colours for different layers, it's a good thing to learn how to change filament. The advantage is that you will decide by yourself which colour you want for which layer. One day, I will publish a tutorial with a part to train. Good luck to you

Ok thank

Bonjour, et merci d'avoir téléchargé ces boîtes. Il n'y a pas de boîte mixte in-place. J'ai dû en faire une ou deux en faisant une boîte toute SD in-place et une toute microSD in-place. J'ai ensuite desassemblé les boîtes pour les réassembler en mixant. Dans votre cas il faut prendre les versions à assembler et n'imprimer qu'une face SD et l'autre face microSD. Part1 de l'une, part2 de l'autre. En n'oubliant pas 2x part3. L'assemblage est extrêmement simple. Le gros avantage, c'est que vous avez une fermeture de la boîte de bien meilleure qualité que la version in-place. Autre avantage, avec la version in-place, si votre imprimante n'a pas les axes X et Y parfaitement perpendiculaires, l'alignement des deux battants fermés ne sera pas parfait non plus. Si vous imprimez part1 dans un sens et part2 perpendiculaire, vous aurez une boîte parfaite.
Voilà, j'espère que ces explications détaillées vous aideront.

Bonjour, merci de vos explications, excellente journée, cdt