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This is not our fault. We will fix all prices, thank you for the notice.

What's up with the 53.79€ price?!

Thanks, Nik! Appreciated :)

Hi Joro,

I was very busy lately, I am sorry for the delay.

Well done for your project! We do not mind if you want to use our 3D models for the purpose of your fundraising campaign. With respect to the Bowie coffee stencil, the original design is not ours. You can find it here: I do not know if there is any conflict on that.

Good luck with your project!

Best regards,

Hey Nik, laying it down here since I haven't received an email from you yet :)

Together with a couple of friends, we run a sci-fi web fanzine called ShadowDance, in our home country of Bulgaria. We've been around for about 20 years already and we do a lot of writing, events, giveaways, etc. More about us on: and some interviews we have done with genre authors are also available in English (e.g. Brandon Sanderson -

We are currently working on publishing our first paper-based book, which will be dedicated to the Cyberpunk genre (being 2019 and all). We have a lot of content and great stuff already written and prepared but we struggle to find the means necessary to print it in good quality. This is why we will be running a crowdfunding campaign and we want to make it well :) So we will be offering some 3D prints in cyberpunk themes as perks for the campaign.

We came across your Bowie coffee stencil model at and it seems like a good match for us. Since it is CC-licensed however, I am reaching out to ask you whether it's OK to use it for our campaign in order to fundraise for our printing :)

Best regards and keep up the great work!

Hey Nik, just to mention that it's a bit urgent so would be happy to connect when possible :)
Best, Joro

Awesome! You can contact me at

Thank you for your email! Please send me your email address and I will contact you.

Best regards

Dear Horizonlab, how can I contact you by email to discuss potential use of one of your models? :) Thanks!