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Hello. Would it be possible to make a dog/wolf cassette? I would be very personal to me. Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion - will think about it~

I had my dog pass away about two days ago. This will help me remember him. Thank You

also can you make a matrix of leadership for the earthrise optimus because the one he came with is small but it does fit into his chest, the one im thinking of is where is big enough for him and hotrod and rodimus, and it can open

Sounds interesting , will give it a thought

awesome thank you

hey do you think you could make the medical bed that optimus prime was on in the 1986 animated movie for the earthrise alternate universe optimus prime

is the SPACE BRIDGE mini-ship for BUMBLEBEE not available on 3D CULTS ??

Hmmm... not sure which model you are referring to?

the little blue ship = you put BUMBLEE inside - but Megatron did not fit.

THX -- alot

what's the best settings for printing the proton stream on a fdm printer? i can't seem to get the thinner parts to print correctly.

Is it possible to pay to have this printed?

Hi, you can reach out to (US) as they help with 3d printing them. =)

Siege jetfire has a port in his alt mode for a flight stand, maybe we could get a large flight stand for him?

Yeah, hmmm maybe we could get some more cassettes. Maybe like a jet or tank to buff out the ranks

Ah, that's an interesting notion - will give it a thought! =)

Okay, thanks! I also just had an idea, how about a repair-bay area that allows bot stuck in their alt modes to be fixed. Maybe there could be something that lifts the bots off the ground so they could be worked on… just a thought

That did appear in G1 which was used by Ratchet - it's somewhere on our (long) pipeline ... :)

Another Idea, Barrage and Heave micromasters that can combine to pull Astroworks in his trailer mode! What do you think?

Other idea, Daniel Witwicky’s hoverboard from the 86 movie!

That's an interesting idea - will ponder it!

That's probably more straightforward to kit-bash using an existing figure.

Can we get a mid-disintegration Starscream?

Thank you! =)
For that piece, we just used standard orange PLA which we had on hand. Technically, any 3d printed plastic should take paint fairly well, otherwise you could try priming it before painting. Don't really have a color code for you as we didn't paint that one, and it's just in its raw plastic color :)

Hi. Awesome work bravo!question before buying the big transformer octopus squid. What is the suggested material for printing? Also what type of paint can we use for this one? If you have CMYK or RGB color codes it would be awesome

Yeah, but now that I think about it, you probably already have the tray and cups in the stuff you have made already.

Always open to suggestions though it may take a while to get to them! Grimlock's Waiter outfit would more likely be easier done in fabric though, to be frank.

1: Do you take suggestions?
2: If you do, what do you think of Grimlocks Waiter outfit from “Madman’s Paradise”?

Whoops, thanks for spotting it and it has been fixed :)

ur SS hot rod fishing rod file is using the SS hot rod bow file.

Oh we did it printing with thrusters down, and it works ok enough ;)

Thank you so much for the response. for the Ark style ship from the movie that separates I couldnt be sure but do you suggest it facing upwards with the thrusters down on the bed or the other way. as neither seemed too good a choice over the other? Again thanks so much

Hi Bynt-matrix, thanks for all the support and hope you have fun printing these!

For the ships, we normally use a 0.15mm layer height and print them facing vertically upwards. All the other settings are not as key as long as they give you good and consistent prints. :)

Hello, we purchased a bunch of your ships, first we wanted to say how amazing all your designs are. We were just curious what the suggested print settings would be? Like fill settings and supports? Thank you

Thanks! For these spare parts like magnets, brass rods and others, you can probably find them on Amazon, Aliexpress or your local hobby shop.

Hey! First, I just want to say that your designs look AMAZING. But I do have a question, some of your designs require brass rods or magnets, could you possibly give me a link to where you get that kind of stuff? Thanks!