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I like your flexi models. I especially like the multicolor. which firmament was used for this?

Which multicolor model? The Elephant I painted.

Can you think of any reason why your files would cause my Ender 3 V2 to pause the printing? I tried the Llamacorn and the scorpion. Both files make it to layer 3 then stop half way through. Bed stays hot but nozzle cools down. I try and resume and it does the same thing immediately. Tried multiple times last night and kept getting the same problem. Have printed since then, same method. Only change was filament, but i have printed with this filament before and it worked up to layer 3.

I am looking at coming a Patreon member. Would I have access to more files than are on here? I also print in resin, have these been tested in resin? Thanks

Many users have printed in resin and the models work. Please visit the Patreon page for more info. I do away an exclusive that will not be sold. 40% of older models, and early access to new other features.

Good morning. I have downloaded a few of your files, and when I load them to print I get error messages, pieces are missing from the print. Can you tell me what I need to do to correct this.

The files are complete, so I suggest to logout, back in and re-download. I speculate it's an issue with the server or computer making errors during the download.

Здравствуйте! можете отправить модель лисы, дракона и рыбки? на сайте не получается оплатить. куплю у вас переводом по карте

Hi i’m really new in 3D printing and i was wondering the elephant in the video did you paint the colors?

I did paint this one. I use spray paint filler and hand paint the rest, then matte polyurethane.

Hi there is the video of the flexi elephant the large one? How do I join the head and body if I decide to print the large one?
he looks so cute I can't wait to print him :)

Yes, the large one must be glued together.

Someone put it on Thingiverse:

Hey Flexi,
It has just come to my attention how you (and others) are able to monetise your prints via patreon subscriptions. If you would, please tell me how you are able to track commercial licencing this way and how many models do you have to produce monthly in order to keep your subscribers entertained?

I can't speak to everyone's business models, and I am pretty new to it. Each designer chooses their formula. In terms of checking for licensing...IP scans, monitoring and reporting unauthorized sellers. It takes time.

Thanks for the reply. So it seems there is no reliable way of monitoring commercial licencing.

Hi! Can this be printed with a Resin 3D Printer?

I do not have a resin printer, but many of my patrons have printed them successfully. I made one file to fit on a resin printing bed.

Hello and good morning, I have a question, could you design the BabyGroot figure into such a flexible figure for me???

Unfortunately no. I am not doing commissions due to the time it takes to operate my Flexi Factory business.

Hi there, I found the joints the hand pretty fragile, I posted a photo to what i mean in your discord. Was this ever an issue that was addressed?

The smaller prints will likely have issues with the joints. I did not find this to be an issue with the full size prints. I will be revisiting the model as time allows and also put out a redesign at some point.

Hello there, How much smaller can the ant be reduced? Thanks.

Can you plz add the elephant on cults plz

It will be up soon. working on marketing now :)

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Yes can’t wait

I am "patiently" waiting on this print to come on cults.

Can you plz put the elephant on cults

I can't find any other way to message you more privately so I'll do it here. I was wondering if this person has permission from you to sell these models. She is representing them as being her originals, and even submitted the imperial dragon to a "handmade" craft fair.

Thank you for letting me know. Looking into it! Patreons can sell prints but not share files EVER

where is the balancing elephant

Not for sell yet. Available to patreons though.

Question, I got this the day it was released for free. I've seen it updated a few times on the main page, but I never got a notice to download.
Is it because I got it for free that I don't get any updates..??

I am not sure if cults sends emails about updates...but the file has been updated. So if you go into your account, you can download the update version (the older one is no longer on there).

OK thanks, I have the update form the 13th now.
Were there any major changes, the 1st one I printed form the 6th looked great.

modèle très sympa, imprimable en résine sans problème à même le plateau

Pourra t on retrouver l’éléphant ici?

Pas encore à vendre. Disponible sur

Am I allowed to sell the printed version of this(not the stl)?

You must be a member of my to sell the prints. You will be an authorized dealer and receive the badge, plus other incentives.

hi my name is JOSH000 i was wondering if you can make a CRYSTAL DRAGON

I am certain I can...but it's not on my short list. Lots of other designs in the works.

it's okay i can wait

Thx. It has been reported. Don't hesitate to report anything you see that is stolen. I do this for other designers too. I appreciate you,.

hi my name is zerotwo and i was just curious that you can make a filament lamp

I am sure I can...but I'm the flexi guy for now. Lots of designs in the works.

Hi what colors did you use to make the sloth the brown one
My daughter loves this but now she wants the one like in your photo lol fun for me

Hi there! I printed in wood PLA and stained with minwax (mixed a couple colors). used white craft paint for the eyes.