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since these are modelled for an fdm printer, how would it work if printed with resin?

you are great man!

do you have a resin version of your "WINDUP AUTOMATED MAUSOLEUM"? the FDM one is fantastic but looks odd after printing on resin. Thanks in advance!!

hey the front half of the monowheel podracer isn't the folder its just 2 versions of the back and the whole thing presupported.

Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. I have now added the file.

Hey man, I love your work!! Do you ever take suggestions? If so, would it be possible to do some Kroot style "drones" that are winged Pteradon type creatures, with guns strapped to their bodies? Maybe separate heads for variability?? It would make it a lot easier to proxy a full Tau army with Kroot if we had a cool replacement for Drones. :)

I expect that I will do kroothawks in the future, so those might work. Otherwise you can see some of my earlier kroot/tau models and I did some krooted drones.

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I love your work and it made me want to go up and paint a kroot force. However, would you have created basic kroot soldier body models as well?
Thank you

I have no plans to ever release a basic kroot carnivores. GW has to see that we still love kroot and want more. Please buy official kroot carnivore kits.

Hello, greqat job and creativity ! I am desperatly looking for chicken bodies, any chance you have some loying around ? Thank yu so much

Thanks! If you are asking for basic kroot carnivores, I won't be releasing those ever. I'd prefer if people bought the kits from GW, so that they know we still want kroot love.

Thank you for your reply ! I do understand that very well. Take care and keep up the good work !

Hey man I hope you get your new kidney. I love your models and creativity.

Hey! Your looted models are amazing. Do you happen to have any build guides or a blog that follows the build process?? Thanks in advance.

Not really, but if you go back on my Instagram there are some rotation vids that might help.

any chance i can get a zip of all your designs you have up great work

Hundreds of files across dozens of folders? It'd be easier to just DL the posting here.

did u ever do the Ares ver of your giant floor vac?

No, but someone else did, I believe.

i wanted to ask if you sell your models of the kroot companions to bestiarum miniatures or gave the permission because today i came across the and they look alot like yours.

@WONDER_FLOFLO I think this is who made that Riptide model, he might be able to share them.

@REFICROCKS Sorry, it's just not something I want to work on.

Hi Felix, I really want to print your 'Interstellar Janitor's Rockin' and Rollin' Dual Hoovering Flying Floor Vac' model. Its fantastic, however, the two fuselage pieces are too large for standard resin printers. I'd happily tip you on the files page if you were to update them with smaller pieces.
Love your work and kind regards.

Hello, I was wondering if you plan to create any kroot bodies. The GW ones appear to be special order only now and I'd love to expand my kroot. I'd happily buy the files.

Thanks and God bless.

Hi, I saw that you sculpted some great knarlock files but I can't manage to find a download link. They look awesome and I was wondering if you would upload them someday.
In any case, thank you for your exceptional work.

Hello. I saw your item “ INFERIOR ARMAMENTS FOR FLYING FLOOR VAC” and was wondering where you found the flyer stem? Or did you make it? I’ve been looking for a stem like that to print.

Damn shame, your models are stunning. thanks for all your stuff.

Sorry, no plans on revisiting an Custodes work. I had seen someone working on an Ares remix, but I'm not sure where that project is or it's status.

Hey Wondering if you would ever consider making a model of a Custodes Aries Gunship? I see you already have an Orion. I'd love to commission one.

Hi Bud! Would you happen to have the files for the Looted Gnashing Fish but without the pilot?

hello! i was wondering if you had the STL for the armor bearer still. It seems to not be available on this site, but is there somewhere else we can download it from?

Hi mate, would you ever consider doing the other mechanicus infantry weapons with arms?