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43 commentaires

G'Day, Just wanted to say thank you. I love your work.

Hi, I would like to answer... how do you achieved so many subscribers on cults? Did you made something special or just worked with new models without some thoughts about marketing?

Is it possible you still have that sci-fi Goliath tank stl available (the mini bomb tank)

Would it be okay to sell printed versions of your models? (Not the file but the physical print)

Hi bud. Love your stuff. Signed up to the pyre on for makers cult. I saw you had made a demolitions vehicle. Any chance you could send me the file please.

Hey guy, I bought your headless army a while back, I have no idea what site or how to find it again. Any help?

building a retributors army, love this!

just getting into Warhammer, painting and the lore, was wondering what mk armor the 11 sets of legs download is as id like to put together my first space marine and match the parts as best I can, the models look awesome by the way.

Do you have Predator upgrades for your Rhinoceris

SPACE MARINE TORSO -- do you make arms to go along with these torsos?

Just wanted to say, Your Sculpts are amazing! do you think you will ever do a LoV style set similar to your space fighters?

Hello, I am writing to advise you that I have found your Queen Elizabeth model for sale on Etsy: I have reported it and suggest you do the same as the content creator. Kind Regards, Douglas

Love the Napoleon, however is the gas mask for the horse missing the end? DKoK Death Rider models have the extra attachment on the end, and this seems to be missing it. Is there any way to provide this separately please?

Hi, i've printed your SCI FI NAPOLEON ON HORSE and the supports worked out great. Are you willing to share your support settings?

Hi. I was just wondering if you'd care to increase your dog soldier range with sword/pistol dogs. All I can see so far is a couple of command armed like that.

Thank you. Love you work though. I've got probably 80% of your Feudal Guard too via the Makers Cult!

Hello is there a file for just the guard dog head?

any progress on the builder? love the torso and the legs...missing the arms tho

Hey, I have a question in regards of Astartes Tribute files. We have a large tournament in my country soon, and I was wondering If I could print 3-4 of those as a prizes for winners and random ppl. I won't charge anything, just wanted to give it away as a reward.
Best Regards,

Hello Im reaching out with a question (new to printing). I'm having issues with the files for the Scifi Trensh Fighter, will not open file saying "invalid file" in chitchubox. Is there any tips to get it to show up?

the War Dogs are great but i search for a Dog without mask, have you this file without a msk ?


I have an off the wall question. I have about 50 of the 2nd edition rough riders... I am looking for, of all things a masked horse head to possibly "update" my models with. Is there a way to get a model of the horse head and neck?



Hi, are you gonna make some rough rider of krieg someday?
Love your modele !

Just want to know if the napoleon comes presupported ?

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