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Hi! I was intrigued by your variety of 3D printed creations, and was wondering if you may be interested in having a brief video chat about your experiences with 3D printing and inspirations for your creations? We, TOMO, are a 3D print studio that also makes creations that range from functional to experimental (like a fully 3D-printed book!), while mixing in aspects of artwork. I'm trying to learn more about the desires and any concerns of 3D printing experts in making their creations.

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I'm glad there's interest in my creations.
At the beginning, I was looking to reproduce vegetal forms, but on the other hand I liked science-fiction universes...
To make it simple, each project is a learning experience and a challenge.
The motivation is to make it a viable activity on the long term.
Unfortunately, I'm not very comfortable with English and it could be complicated for a video interview...

Reproduction fidèle du 1er pas sur la lune ? sérieusement ?!
je suis très déçt pat cette "reproduction" qui n'a rien de fidèle, pas de traces d'empreinte cassé à l'extrémité, pas de profondeur marqué sur le talon . bref rien de fidèle du tout :(

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Do you have the specific print setting for the Three Wizards Cup? I am having trouble printing it. How should it lay on the baseplate and should I use supports? I am excited to see the final print.

Yes, indeed it is better to use supports and possibly a raft to get a good grip on the printer plate.
Then, for the speed it is according to your machine, but the model contains overhangs. They are studied for a filament of 0.4 mm.
The model is finely detailed, I hope it will meet your expectations.

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also, the model must be placed in the normal direction (the foot on the plate).

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Hola! tienes algun video mostrando o explicando como imprimirlo? Gracias! saludos.

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Hola! Personalmente, no tengo un vídeo explicativo. Al fin y al cabo, depende del tipo de máquina (de filamento o de resina) y del tipo de modelo 3D que se vaya a realizar.

Hola, gracias por seguirme, genial su trabajo.

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gran trabajo también.

Hi there Jean, I just purchase your Ghost in the shell model and is great but I need it to render out images no for print. Can you please send me via email the low poly version with nice topology. The STL file is extremely heavy for renders. Cheers

Hi, I'm working on it immediately. I'm improving the topology and reducing the file size. but there might be a loss of details.

It is fine as long as the geometry is more like a normal low poly mesh than can be used for renders. I will make sure to buy again in the future. Thanks...

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I'm down to 600,000 points (3,480,000 to start with) maybe that's still too much?

I have reduced in two versions, 13 and 68 Mb..

Thank you so much that is great. I think you have my email if not let me know. Thanks again.

I don't have your email.

Great, I'm sending this now (my rmail:

Got it and thanks again. YOU ROCK... I will buy again...

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That would be great, grave separate, gence separate ect

@cranekick ,i have to work on the model to cut out the parts you're talking about.
I come back to you as soon as it's done

Purchased your Tomb Halloween Model. I just really need the dirt pile and hand separated from model for printing

Faut étudier la question. Si c'est pour de la pièce détachée, il me faut des dimensions précises.

bonsoir pourriez vous me faire un stl de pieces twingo svp merci d avance

Hi joy,

I would be happy to share with you.
What is this important thing you want to tell me about?

God bless you