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Bonjour, il n'y a que 10 jours que j'ai une imprimante, donc je suis encore novice. J'aimerais imprimer le che guevara (el che guevara cuba liberador cnc art ) mais lorsque je le mets dans Cura il me dit que le fichier n'est pas imprimable. J'ai vu qu'il était creux, mais je ne trouve pas de solution pour imprimer, si quelqu'un peut m'aider c'est très gentil. Merci d'avance

ciao,ma per contattarti come bisogna fare?

I need one mirror frame design

So many of your files are pieces that I sculpted and are illegally being given away or sold by you.They were from my company 3D model club in Hong Kong. Where did you get them and why are you offering them to the public?

Hola buenas a todos , estoy buscando , varias virgenes , Virgen del pilar ,virgen del rocio, virgen Maria , San judas tadeo, virgen Maria , si me podeis ayudar los agradeceria , envieme precios y fotos si tienen este tipo de articulos , Graciaas

i need your help pls.
Can you make me your 3D "Elephant frame" by custom size? Format STL is okay.
I need it for make mold for soap, ready soap will be 80x55x25mm. Edges should not be so sharp, need 2-3 pix softer.
What is your price for make me this one or other custom 3D drawings ?

hello my friend ,very nice collection ,can you tell me what software do you use for make the stl files ,thank you

Hello, I'm new to this whole 3d cnc etc world. I recently found out that I can have things carved out of styrofoam, like a prop. I'm curious that if I were to have say your priest bust model, is it hard to make the model larger, say it's a 4inch height model, would it be hard for someone to make it a 4ft model? By the way you made some cool models.

Vous avez toute mon admiration pour cet énorme travail, et nous ne pouvons que vous remercier grandement de mettre une telle variété à disposition.... Encore merci

bonjour, je suis en admiration devant vos creations et j aimerais imprimer la "MAGNIFIQUE STATUE D'ART BUSTE DE FILLE NUE". Pourriez vous, svp, m indiquer la couleur ou la marque du file que je dois prendre pour un meilleur rendu.Merci

Of the model elephant in africa missing part number 5, do you have it? regards

Hi. Congratulations for the wonderful collection. You have made some of the most amazing decorations. I would like to ask you a question. Are these optimized for CNC? When I imported the medieval dragon door into Cura, it seems that there are some entirely missing connections and spaces between various parts of the model and it doesn't look well after slicing. For example the back size is entirely "hollow" which shouldn't be a problem if the model is made by cutting material, but when the material should be added, this turns into a problem. Also the knots ornament in the most bottom part are not connected to the rest of the door frame, so the slicer adds support there, but not shell. This also seems ok for CNC carving, but not for printing. I just wanted to let you know about this. I don't know if the same issue is present at some of your other models. Maybe you might want to optimize it for printing as well. Keep the great work!!!

hello , very nice colection , i have download some , when i get to print it i will give the credits :)