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Thank you very much for your comment, the model is designed in 4 solid parts.
You could hollow it out with some design program. Greetings

Hi Diego. Great designs! Can I ask is the airwolf mostly made from 4 "quarters"? IE the faces of each main part are glued together? I'm just wondering if a hollow fuselage can be achieved? Hope that makes sense. Thanks. Tim.

Good morning friend, it is strange because the files I upload are not in zip format and are uploaded 2 years ago. The only thing I can think of is that you try the download again
you would not have to pay again

Bought a zip file from you, but I can't open it... Please help me.

i file che dicono x2

ty ! already purchased ! I have a question, are there any files we have to print twice ?

hello good morning, the thundercats tank model is printed in a total of approximately 9:30 hours all parts, and has a total weight of 98 grams. There are small pieces that do not need much filling, you are the one who knows your printer the most and you can use the parameters that suit you best.
happy printing friend

Hi again ! If you could tell me the weight of the piece would be very appreciatted as well !

Hello, thank you very much at the moment I am not in the office, but tomorrow I will gladly give you the information

Hi there ! Im thinking about purchasing your thundercats tank model but I need to know the time of print with the settings you left in the description. Can you give me a hand there ? Amazing .stl btw, looking forward to print it !

Gracias Jorge, la verdad no lo tengo y te aseguró que es más divertido de seis puestos, aunque también pueden jugar 4 personas sin problema.
Puedes buscar el modelo de 4 puestos en la colección de juegos de cults.

Diego genial trabajo me encanto el parques de 6 puestos pero una pregunta ese mismo modelo lo tendrás en 4 puestos?

good day friend, in what country are you?

Hi so i like the raven 3d model but i wanted to ask if you could 3d print it and paint it and how much would it cost if you can

whatsapp +57 3204602042

Hola Diego! ¿Hay manera de comunicarme contigo directamente? Compré tu modelo del tanque de los thundercats, me gustaría hacerte una pregunta respecto al modelo