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diseños 3d gratis Soporte para Dremel 200, BQ_3D
diseños 3d gratis Soporte para Dremel 200, BQ_3D
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Soporte para Dremel 200

Descripción del modelo 3D

Soporte para fijar un Dremel 200 a su mesa y usarlo sin manos.

Aquí para Dremel 4000:


  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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BQ is one of the leaders in European technology. Their objective is to help people understand technology, inspire them to use it and develop it. To do this they are committed to education in technology, a DIY philosophy, and Open Source. BQ applies this philosophy to its products (smartphones, 3D printers, and robotics, amongst others) as well as its software solutions, working towards making technology a tool that improves the world and the life of their users.

All the things and all the published material cannot be considered as a final product of BQ and BQ takes no responsibility of its use.

It must be considered as an experimental and early released product developed by the Innovation and Robotics Department staff with the intention to share it and test it as soon as possible within the community.

Final release of all products will be published on and



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Hi I'm a french journalist and I would like to ask you few questions about your different support for Dremel. How should I contact you ? @natharchi