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Jarrón de filamentos

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Este jarrón permite una personalización simple, simplemente insertando filamentos de su filamento favorito en las ranuras del jarrón para añadir un aspecto impresionante a cualquier arreglo floral.

Actualización: El nuevo archivo es de menor tamaño para facilitar el corte según las solicitudes

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Impresora: Prusa i3 MKS

Cortadora de Prusa: Imprime con "Modo jarrón en espiral"

Cura slicer: Imprimir usando "contorno exterior espiralado"

  • Formato de archivo 3D: STL
  • Tamaño del modelo 3D: X 100 × Y 200 × Z 100 mm
  • Última actualización: 2021/01/07 03:19
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/06/04 05:17



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For prusa slicer to have a water tight print you should increase the line width to 0.7mm for a 0.4mm nozzle. You can increase the flow to 1.1 (110%) and increase the PETG temperature for printing. This will help push more filament and fuse the layers together much better.

Hope this helps


What settings should be sett in Prusa Slicer so that water does not flow out of the vase?
I used PETG with Vase mode, nozzle 0.4, layer hight 0.2, 4 bottom layer and water flow out the vase :(

when i load the file into my slicer it doesnt have any openings?????

@3DVINNIPEG ohh thanks I got you..!

@NATASACYRUS no, it just has the vase model

Is this model also available with a test version?

@NBROWN thank you for the feedback, as per requests a smaller file has been uploaded! We hope this finds you all well. Happy printing! :)

Is the "Spiral Vase" option in the Print Settings in PrusaSlicer the same as "Vase Mode"?

The file is ridiculously big - in other words has excessive tiny granularity of the triangles - no printer can take advantage of this resolution, so it is very wasteful. I have a relatively well specced 2018 machine, but sketchup failed to load it after 20 mins of running the CPUs and fans fully, same story with Cura. Yes, one could fix it using some other apps to load and save it (at a lower resolution), but it would be nice if it would be provided here as a much smaller file so not everyone has to go through that process.

@RIEDLMICHAEL As per the other comments on this thread, To print the model as a hollow vase you can use the "vase mode" setting (prusa) or spiralzed outer contour (cura), alternatively you can select 0% infill and no top layers and you should get the same result.
Hope this helps.
- 3D Winnipeg Team

The received stl. File has a cover on top, is there a way to remove it with Cura or something else? Or how did you do it?

it should be possible to print with any nozzle (the ones in the images were printed with 0.8mm nozzle) so yes horizontal expansion may be the issue there as well as % flow and line width?

If you're using Cura, check your Horizontal Expansion settings.

Sera porque he usado boquilla de 0,6

it must be something to do with either your print settings or filament being used, the vase works with 1.75mm filament

Hola buenas, he comprado el stl, lo acabo de imprimir, y me es imposible conseguir meter el filamento por el rail marcado.

dimensions of vase

Here's what I did to make it load: I just opened the model with Windows 10 3D Builder app and saved it again to a new file. This one opens normally in Cura and I'm printing it right now. Anyway, thanks for the attention. :D

Not 100% sure why it may be crashing in your slicer, just tried loading it using prusa slicer and everything was working as normal. Possibly computing power issue?

Cura (4.4 and 4.6) is crashing when loading this model. MeshMixer also crashes, as I tried to load on it to reduce the size. What can I do? Thanks!

@3DWinnipeg cool that helps than you a lot. ;)

@tsw5000spl To print the model as a hollow vase you can use the "vase mode" setting, alternatively you can select 0% infill and no top layers and you should get the same result.
Hope this helps.
- 3D Winnipeg Team

Hey, I just bought .stl but it looks like model is full. It looks like it's not finished model or maybe I got wrong file during download.
Please help
See pic here:

Our vase is NOT printed in PLA and is printed in PETG which does make it watertight, its pretty common 3D printing knowledge to know that PLA is not watertight. It is also common for people in the 3D printing community to put a glass insert into the vase if they do not own PEtG. So yes it is a "real" vase :)

no me entra el filamento en su lugar, entran unos 15mm y no pasa mas... probé con pico 0.4 con 0.7 d ancho d linea y pico 0.6 con 0.8 de ancho de linea... cual seras mi problema

un vase en pla n'est pas étanche, donc jamais on ne pourra mettre de fleurs dedans sans post traitement, ce qui n'est pas mentionné ! donc même si le modèle est magnifique, je trouve dommage de demander de l'argent pour ce qui n'est pas un "vrai" vase.

i need the model free or i will make for free.

i need the model free or i will make for free.

Excellent, and with an honest price ! ;)
Printed and works great!

@cedrica1 The model is solid so that it can be printed in vase mode, another option is to print it in 0% infill with no top layer so that it can be printed hollow, this can also allow you to dictate a number of perimeters you wish to use.

Hope this helps!

3D Winnipeg Team

C'est bien beau de vendre un vase qui est pas vide. me voila avec un beau model de vase qui n'est pas un vase au final.

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