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love your work it is amazing how you do it can you do me a favor if you can make it can you make a 3D Cyberchase the hacker I've been wanting one for so long and I kind of find one in 3D but I can't?

Tes modèles sont vraiment incroyables !


Congratulations on your work, it's fantastic.

I wanted to ask you something if possible.
Could you make Sam's lollipop, just the lollipop, thank you very much.

Is it permitted to print and sell your designs ?
What if I become a patron for $14 per month...could I print, paint and sell them ?
Thanks for your's very good. I will probably become a patron just for the miniatures.

OMG you best bro !

I love your mario minis, is it possible to compile them all into a set for ease of finding them all.

Hey, love your work. Do you sell on eBay? Asking because I bought a set of kobolds on there that are your design.

Hello! I absolutely love your minis but I’m having the hardest time finding a good profile to print them. I would absolutely love to have them in my dnd campaign.

Would you happen to know a good profile that could print these with an Ender 3? That would be so cool

Great work! I started using Zbrush and 3D printing about a year ago and absolutely love it. I have been training everyday and have increased my skills quickly. Recently I bought an SLA printer. Since i live in a tiny Osaka apartment I am hesitant to use it very much...seems a bit more toxic than my FDM printer. Your work is inspiring. Hopefully I can start making some minis soon.

Please send me any information regarding custom contract work you may do. I am interested in variants of your work and the creation of new designs.
How can I reach you outside of this forum?

Hello, i love the work you do. i was wondering if you do custom works for people?

nope, I have no no FDM printing experiences.

one questing regarding printing:
I think your models are more made for SLA print processes. But have you FDM printing experiences too with your kind of models ??

I wish you a lot of ideas for the future

Zinny (

Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I bought a resin printer not to long ago and enjoy using your work for my D&D hobby. I am utmost grateful for you posting your work for free!!

Hi, my process is basically the same like all artist, start rough and then build in more and more finer details. I found speed sculp videos on youtube helpful. I am using Zbrush for my work, but it is difficult if you just started. A free alternative would be Blender where you could either start with the box modelling technique or sculp your model.

Hi, I am completely blown away by your work. It's absolutely incredible!! I was wondering what your process in making such things as the Beblith is, and if you had any resources you would recommend to someone looking to get into digital sculpture.